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    Others ANCHGO
    account deactivated from anchgo

    i deposit money and trade from anchgo . i earn some money. at now suddenly they deactivated my account and said pay 2% fee and your account is activated and i pay fee. but now ask pay extra fee. if you not pay fee your account is bloce permanently. dont believe anchgo.

    FX3638223293 Published in Nepal
    Others HotForex
    about exposing hf market business to Iran

    HF markets Date of sending the complaint to hf markets: March 12th, 2021 Date Today : Jun 24th,2022 Dear hf markets: I'm sending you this email to complain about exposing your business to Iran and against Iran imposed sanctions, that resulted your weird behaviors. The misconducting that caused me and my client' heavy losses. The parts that you are held liable for my losses are : 1 - By suddenly increasing the commissions and spreads , you made my account solely for the purpose of maximizing your commissions, which is a serious fraud. 2- You failed several times to provide me with the real-time securities prices, and to the worse, you sold some of my holdings/positions based on your unreal estimated prices which then found out to be far from the real prices. As those stocks were never reached at the prices that you made the transactions upon. You are definitely liable for the losses that resulted. 3 - By not allowing to hedge my positions, you took away all the tools that you had to make available to me to stop the losses. If you were complying with the regulations on sanctions against Iran, you didn't have to cut us off in the middle of our active transactions, and to make us huge losses. Sanctions and restrictions are imposed by authorities in the US, EU and elsewhere. The penalties for breaching sanctions are severe. All companies which trade with Iran or which make or receive payments to or from natural persons in Iran are subject to those penalties. I'm entitled to receive all the money that That you have harmed me and my client by not following the rules The exact amount that I expect to get back is ..... After a very long time, no action was taken against my protest Hereby I notify you, if you do not resolve this I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies , as well as with FINRA , with authorities in the US, EU , with your base country and consider my legal alternatives My hf :977447

    FX1582243687 Published in Iran
    Others Kraemfx Trading
    Beware of Kraemfx

    i had a horrible experience with Kraemfx because unilaterally closed profitable positions before they get too profitable for the customer - they call this a “profit call”. On numerous occasions I made a correct assessment of market movements but when I logged in to see how the CFD was going it had been closed without any reason given other than “profit call”. Beware of this company

    FX4216541651 Published in United States
    Others GoldLionFX
    The platform can no longer be traded, the website cannot be opened, and the personnel are disconnected

    The platform can no longer be traded, the website cannot be opened, and the personnel cannot be contacted.

    AAA Published in China
    Others Saxo
    Change profit and loss arbitrarily

    I trade and buy USDJPY at 135.098 for 0.2 lots. The market reached 135.2, I actually lost 25 dollars, and it fell to 135.07, but I only lost 3 dollars, and I closed the position.

    FX3780744405 Published in China
    Others BX
    BX Global has lost contact, the website cannot be logged in, and the customer service cannot be contacted

    BX Global has lost contact, the website cannot be logged in, and the customer service cannot be contacted. I have been trading on this platform for several years. It is not using MT4, but a platform developed by himself. Lost more than 40,000 before and after, often slipped, and now has lost contact.

    Published in China
    Others Acetop
    Igold is often disconnected, the chart is different from other traders, and all orders are lost.

    The Igold MT5 platform is often disconnected. Charts with the same parameters set are different from other traders. If the order is called, it will be a total loss. If the order is called a contrarian order or a reversal order, the entire loss will be made by copying the order. Starting from January 2022, with a loss of $1,117, the deposit will be lost and never made a profit. I can still make money on other platforms, this one has never been profitable. I thought it was my technical problem, but recently I found out that it was a platform fraud. The charts with the same parameters are different from other traders. The operation of viewing the chart is all wrong, and the operation of listening to the order is also wrong.

    Published in China
    Others Xinhao International
    The system is insane, and it automatically places two orders on Friday night, and won't let you close the position.

    On June 25, 2022, at 8:32 and 8:31 in the evening, two orders of 5 lots appeared in the system, gold and pound. The majority of netizens keep their eyes open and stay away from this fraud platform

    半世逍遥 Published in China
    Kong Jie, Jiang Kaijing, Li Sen, Liu Yong, and assistant Hanhan are a scam group to induce the opening of the FITBELA Epro account, and cooperate with platform to maliciously slipped and liquidated the position to steal investor's principal, and the remaining principal of the account could not be withdrawn.

    Around April 20, 2022, Hanhan, who claimed to be Kong Jie's assistant, added QQ to QQ, and joined a stock recommendation group. They first recommended stocks to Xiaoen Xiaohui to gain the trust of investors. Create a mysterious triple bull stock Xuetian Salt Industry, let investors take orders at a high level, and then induce investors to open a FITBELA Epro account to buy and sell Bitcoin by judging that the risk of falling in the market is high. The early fraud gang combined with the FITBELA Epro MT4 Terminal platform to allow investors to follow After earning trust, Shannon encourages investors to deposit funds, and when investors are paralyzed and careless, the classroom brings the malicious slippage of the single joint platform to black out all the investors' principal. If investors make a loss with others at will, Kong Jie can help designate a profit plan to return the capital to induce investors to borrow money and invest. The self-proclaimed Hongchuang Fund in the early stage is actually a lie. There is no Hongchuang Private Equity Investment Co., Ltd. in mainland China. The so-called T+1 withdrawal is also a scam. The web server for the live class is also in the United States. Once investors find out the scam and question them, they will kick the investor out of the live class, QQ contact group, and CC group, making it impossible for investors to find it.

    FX1174124843 Published in China
    Others Opsontechfx
    Fraudsters Jin Ming's Weibo and Line have all changed...Maybe he's ready to abscond I'll wait for his retribution!

    I hope police can find him asap. The liar keep scamming! If you do a lot of bad things, you are not afraid of retribution on your children and family members, what will happen someday! He is the eternal sinner of their Chen family! No matter what you say, donate to do good deeds! The good deeds defrauding others of their hard-earned money only deepens his guilt! Might be ready to flee now! Weibo changed its name, but Lai still has no members... Do you think the police can't find it? ! Even if the name is changed, the IP can still be found! ….

    感恩有你 Published in Taiwan
    Others UZFX
    Can't access my account

    I traded on the UZFX platform and lost $90,000 in a year, since last year, it was easy to become a user and I made some money at first, but it quickly turned into a nightmare, more and more violations appeared, when I received the notification of extra margin is required, I can't access my account

    FX2861636451 Published in United Arab Emirates
    Others WF
    The service attitude is very poor, and the deposit and withdrawal are not been responded

    The attitude of all the customer service staff in the company is poor. They never repeat their answer for more than two times when I ask questions. They are vary impatience, and making customer feel embarrassed about their inquiry, as they should apologize to him. No one answer for Wechat customer service. There is no reply for three hours about withdrawal and deposit. Even the attitude of customer service in all aspects really needs to reconsider whether Yongfeng is a formal trading place.

    FX1932236045 Published in China
    Others Huash Invest
    Can't operate

    The account cannot be logged in and cannot be operated. Luckily there was no money in it. The software is updated frequently, and it used to be the Hengxin Precious Metal platform. Can I get my lost money back?

    FX6805868562 Published in China
    Others FOREX.com
    When there is an agency for investigation, they agree to unlock the account in the evening, not to withdraw.

    Deceived into making a large deposit and then told me that they are eligible to pay tax. I must pay tax in order to withdraw money.

    FX3513563303 Published in Thailand
    Manipulation from backstage and malicious money laundering

    At first, I suddenly received a phone call, which said that it was from a securities company. Now they are setting up an insider information stock, saying that they will add my WeChat and invite me in to discuss stocks together. At that time, I was pulled into a stock speculation group. There were several teachers in the group who were usually busy with lectures and analysis. The assistants gave orders and let the investors follow. After listening to it for a long time, I felt that what the teachers said was very reasonable, so I followed the instructions in the live broadcast room, and I did not expect to make a lot of profit. Later, the teacher said that if I found a good platform to make money, I would make money together with Sujiang Kaijing. I have never been in contact with this, but the teacher brought me to trade stocks and made a profit. The teacher promised me that I could make money even several times a week, so I agreed. Now, the teacher urged me to open an account quickly. Later, the teacher called the order in the group. That was the first time I made an order and followed the teacher's team to invest in an order. As a result, I immediately earned 20,000 yuan. The teacher asked me to add money at this time, saying that the bigger the fund, the greater the profit, so I added an additional 400,000 to the platform. Later, the teacher kept asking me to increase the capital investment. I had no funds to invest, so I rejected the teacher's proposal. Request, the backstage control dropped by more than 4,000 pips the next day, and it suddenly blew my position. Bitcoin did not fluctuate so much that day, serious malicious money laundering

    FX1519720172 Published in China
    Deceived by Kong Jie, Jiang Kaijing, Liu Yong, Li Sen

    These four people are a group of fraudsters, gangs commit crimes. If you see a friend who can withdraw, you should quickly withdraw the money, or it will be too late. My two withdrawals have been maliciously slipped. Then I will ask you to enter the warehouse to You make up all kinds of cakes. The following picture is the malicious slippage chart. Compared with other btc comparison charts, there is a huge difference in time points. One is at 8 pm on 6.12, and the other is at 10 pm on 6. 20.

    fang Published in China
    Others TR
    Slow withdrawal

    70 days after the click to cancel the custody, the funds have been withdrawn. It is a Ponzi Scheme. Everyone should stay away

    FX3405045347 Published in China
    Others Bold Prime
    please help.. i just made 1700 usd profit,

    my balance was reset by Bold Prime. Rven though I already made 1700 usd profit... please help

    FX3705164338 Published in Indonesia
    Others BTL
    The home page of the platform cannot be entered. Cannot contact the administrator

    I can't get through on the phone, I'm not allowed to enter the platform, my account is frozen, I can't get my money back, I can't log in on the home page, and I can't get in touch with them

    FX3311005372 Published in China
    Others IDFPOWER
    They say that they will withdraw for me, but they launder all my money. This is my second complain.

    He helped me to mediate before and asked me to contact the manager. Originally, 30% of the principle was required. Later, the manager took the initiative to reduce the price to only 50,000. After my account remitted it to him at 9:00 a.m. on June 14, he told me that I could withdraw it. When I waited until noon on the 15th, I think they cancelled the complaint with sincerity. I couldn't see whether my funds were traded or not, so I asked the assistant, she asked me to download the APP and taught me enthusiastically, and it was already 2 pm. It was too late. At night, I opened my account and found that all the money had been laundered. They said that it was a normal transaction, but I had withdrawn about 250,000 Taiwan dollars. This was already requested. The account was only 5,000usd. They told me that 5,000 could only be As a Taiwan stock, why did I use the fake platform to account for my money, I originally had 13981.91 usd, I withdrew 8980usd, and they lost it all using the fake platform before I opened it, but they didn't give me the money, I I still foolishly think they are so nice. That’s why I can’t be a good person. If I wait for them to transfer the money to me and then cancel the lawsuit, it may be different. I publicly want others not to be fooled again, and I am the same I was cheated twice on a website. The photo below is of an assistant and a man who invited people to join a group on the Internet. There is no photo of the manager. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I hope everyone should be careful and not to be cheated like me.

    FX1227942487 Published in Taiwan
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