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    Scam LiteForex
    very stupid broker

    spread is very higher in time (day change and weekend ) .This is a lie. It is an abuse of trust. I can not continue. It is not honest.

    Moesaw Lawe Published in Myanmar
    Unable to withdraw S.A.M. Trade
    please help i cant Withdraw

    i can't make withdrawals with no information for how long. Samtrade FX have stopped all operations for now. Please help. Referring to a media release dated 3 January 2022 by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police and the Singapore Monetary Authority (collectively the "Authorities") in connection with investigations into Samtrade FX.

    dewiyulianti Published in Indonesia
    Scam Chancellor Precious
    Chancellor with Kinross, Scam my Capital.

    my investment with this company already finish since dec 26 2021, and this company using Chancellor precious metal ( CPM ) as their appointed broker to scam lot of investors money. until now , my initial capital haven't yet refunded by this kinross or from chancellor even i already terminate my contract. investor must be very careful, all costumers services are no responses and email support also not respond.

    Tjandra Gozali Published in Indonesia
    Trade binary

    My trade accounts is it okay but there my profits i can not to withdraw

    FXMLOwmt2701 Published in Philippines
    Severe Slippage BSE
    delay order

    They delay the order for so long

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Kinross
    Kinross don't pay user capital

    my contract with KINROSS already finish long time ago 26 December 2021, and after i choose to terminate my contract and try to withdrawal my capital, until now they haven't returned the capital, still pending! live chat is no response, email no response, system is very manual, no costumers services are respond. all is cover-up.

    james Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage BCT

    Beware of it l, they have a very high slippage. irregularities in the slippage. it goes high day by day. do not be cheated

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage FQ Market
    high slippages

    there’s high slippage between the hour of 21:00-23:00 be careful when you trade with them

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage Trade-options

    I made a call to the customer service to report the issue, but they said it a normal thing, after checking other platforms, I see it wasn’t the same. it was different. they tend to increase their own.

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Winoteror
    Quantitative trade that unable to withdraw deception

    I invested in Winoteror platform of quantitative trading in mid-December. When I was about to withdraw money on January 24, I did find the message that withdrawals were prohibited. At that time, I asked the staff at Lanxi Investment Consultant, and he said that I would be able to withdraw money on the 27th. As a result, on the 26th, I was kicked out from the group and being banned, I was shocked to realize that there was a problem. Today, on the 27th, I still can't withdraw money and can't find the staff.

    謝和豈 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw UNITED
    Withdrawals have not been possible since December of last year, when UNITED was told that it was acquired and merged with TECHNOLOGY.

    There are three TECHNOLOGY companies. When I emailed an English-speaking person, I received such a reply and an answer as if I contacted the manager. Withdrawal conditions are about 360,000 yen remaining in the FX account and about 100,000 yen tax, analyst data analysis fee is about 70,000 yen. No withdrawal even if the conditions are met. If you pay an overseas remittance fee of about 90,000 yen as an additional fee, you will be informed that you will withdraw.

    藤肥弘悦 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw CFD
    To withdraw funds, you must first pay the deposit, unfreeze funds, taxes and other fees, and you cannot see the end of the withdrawal. Stop being deceived.

    When you apply for a withdrawal, the customer service will say that the risk control department requires a margin, and then the government-related thawed funds, and then there is the difference in remittance fees (as long as she says there is a difference in remittance fees, no matter what the exchange rate is, it has to be paid anyway). In short, after the payment, there will be a new problem for you to pay the money, and they will give you a little hope that the money will be withdrawn for you immediately after the payment is completed. Don't be stupid, she is just coaxing you. You don't get a penny of the money you put in.

    FXSUWdwv6213 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved Small Universe
    Maliciously lock the position for no reason and cannot withdraw money

    Induce deposit and maliciously lock the position for no reason. Ask for deposit to unlock the position, and there is customer service to induce fraud

    田发旺(广东方钉,软管) Published in China
    Scam KONANO
    Unable to withdraw, fraud website

    Cinda Investment Consultants and konano cheated together and could not withdraw the money. They required to deposit a margin to withdraw the money, but the website disappeared after the payment.

    maymay Published in Taiwan
    The email of Silvercrest platform is also shutted down

    The email of Wall Street platform is shutted down. The money cannot be retrieved and the staffs are absconded.

    PAUSE Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Vipotor
    Typo, problem withdrawing money has not been resolved.

    I can't type right will say that the evidence has been added about this company that it is still cheating. Haven't corrected it yet. Just came to add withdrawal rules in order to cheat money, he added that we have to transfer to create credit so we can withdraw money

    FXRVYyuv8401 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Fancy Group Ltd
    Do not withdraw without any reason

    The application has been rejected many times, I was kicked out of the group, and the assistant lost contact without any action. I just want to get the principal back. It is really difficult

    張雅青 Published in Taiwan
    Others SIMPLE
    There are two simple FX

    There are two simple FX. The first is the introduction from the romance scam https://www.simpfxp.com. The image is the screen of the site introduced from this romance scam. The second is simple FX https://simplefx.com that appears when you search the web. When you compare the URLs, there are the following two differences: -www exists-there is an alphabet at the end-the first romance The features of simple FX used by fraud are the following two points ・ Characters cannot be read Initially displayed in English version, then can be changed to Japanese, but it is not completely converted and it is an appropriate list of characters・ When trading with investment, buying and selling transactions are usually required, but there are only two choices, "buy more" with the red button and "buy short" with the green button.

    FXDOUnfp3790 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw BANK OF AMERICA
    Bank of America

    There is a person from LINE named Acheng, said in investment group that people who need to invest in crude oil can find him. After adding LINE, he posted the profit bill of his investment in crude oil with a teacher, and told me that the market is very good and work with the teacher quickly. He recommended his own platform. After thinking that it can't withdraw money after this deposit, the teacher who invested is called Jingchengzhizhi, and he is also a liar. You can only enter his group operation if you deposit for a bottom position of at least 300,000. Saying that if you deposit too little is too risky and you lose money, it will damage his reputation. A total of more than 1,800 Tether has been deposited, and the customer service on the platform is also uncompromising liars. They said that they need 5 times the turnover at first, and then they said that the channel of Tether did not match. Finally, said that they were hacked after winning. In short, they cannot withdraw money. I don’t want you to be fooled

    賴佳慶 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ALTMAN FINANCE
    I can't withdraw money.

    I can't withdraw money. I asked for a withdrawal, but it was totally ignored and blocked.

    MASAYUKI Published in Japan
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