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    Unable to withdraw TR
    Withdrawal is limited

    Withdrawal is limited. The precursor of financial shuttle. Quit now! Do not be deceived.

    FX3698076374 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FXTM
    Unable to withdraw nor contact the customer service

    Deny the withdrawal for various reasons before. The attitude of customer service is extremely perfunctory. The withdrawal request suddenly passed in 26th, but cannot receive the fund for a long time

    FX2878825992 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw XPro Markets
    All principal has been lost and cannot be withdrawn

    I invested excessively in addition to the money I had originally. It guarantees a certain profit. I invested because I needed a lot of money, but even the principal is lost now and it is impossible to withdraw. Originally, the principal was guaranteed.

    FX2353162780 Published in South Korea
    Unable to withdraw SafeGoldBullion
    Safegoldsf is unable to trade

    Complain the Safegoldsf, the member of Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange. This is a totally fraud company. My withdrawal on April 1 has not yet arrived, and the official website homepage has basically been unable to contact the staff of Dingzhan Golden Pages, and even the most basic financial security cannot be guaranteed. I suggest that everyone do not make orders in Safegoldsf, Fraud platform that is unreliable.

    FX3190982185 Published in China
    Scam Onderson
    Immediately freeze trading accounts and trading activities, fail to participate the activities after lending money, investment and profits is approximately $15,000

    I keep all the history etc. I will prove it with some of the pictures below.

    FX2008927314 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw Wealth Sailing
    Unable to withdraw

    Induce deposit and cannot withdraw. Kick out of the group and suspend the account, and blocked me.

    FX6223962782 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw HDG MARKETS
    I have a problem? It's a problem for you

    I deposited 150 dollars and traded with them And I made about $400 of revenue, but they complained to me and they didn't even acknowledge the revenue and eventually just returned the original. They said there was a problem with my order. nope, It's the opposite and l used hedge also It's HDG broker problem Don't waste your time trading with them. They don't like to lose money, whether you're earning less or more than any broker

    RealHopeFX Published in South Korea
    Unable to withdraw TOPIATO
    Fraud platform that induce fraud and do not withdraw

    Induce to deposit with bonus event and scam for the non-exsited traidng tax. Suspend th account and kicked me out of group. The service staffs are gone and no withdrawal/ This is what a fraud platform usually do.

    FX2048620523 Published in Taiwan
    Cheat brokers and close accounts

    The broker closes the trader's account and withdraws the profit without notice. and not correct it. The broker closes all MT4 accounts and account dashboards and removes the profit and the funds gained from trading from the system. and unable to log into the account

    FX1057609620 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw hiifx
    HIIFX is a Ponzi Scheme that cannot withdraw. Eveyone does not be deceived any more

    Because of the relationship between the old classmates and trust, I entered this market, it is still the same sentence, don't trust acquaintances, acquaintances specialize in deceiving acquaintances, it is easy to gain trust. They are a bit like MLM organizations relying on people to enter the game to make commissions, and constantly attract new people to enter. The early withdrawals are still stable, and they will not be able to withdraw funds from December 2020! Their routine is to use what insurance mechanism to settle claims for losses, and let them escrow to give some pocket money every month! All kinds of successful cases share their hearts and brains, and they say that they should not post on Moments because they are afraid that others will find out and expose them! It is also often used to send little hens to tempt you to increase your investment to maintain their financial scam of bridging the east and the west. Up to now, there have been many times when thunder and gold have been withdrawn. If the reason is unsuccessful, it means that there is no money! All the advertisements in the broker's circle of friends have also been deleted, that is, they also know that there is a problem, but they continue to fool you in queuing up to withdraw money! They think that others are foolish!

    FX2332904210 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Price Markets
    Do not allow to withdraw

    Do not allow to withdraw. Withdrawal is limited. It will crushed soon. All teams are left. Leave now.

    FX3698076374 Published in China
    Others Wealth Sailing
    Unable to wihdraw and maliciously forbid the account

    I only withdraw once on the day when I deposit. Then, I cannot withdraw anymore. All the fund are inside and suspend my account.

    FX6223962782 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Spreadco
    Unable to withdraw and induce fraud

    Keep asking me to pay until the end...The financial department does not reply the message. I paid so much money, but cannot withdraw. Are you kidding me? I paid so much money...what should I do now? Even the agent does not reply anymore...Is reporting to police will be worked? Is it possible to trace the account?

    FX4228906308 Published in Taiwan
    Others DRCFX
    This is a fraud platform

    This is a fraud platform. From October 2021, it is impossible to withdraw funds. So many people across the country have been deceived. Now, many people are still crazily to open accounts and attract people. The name is that the hedge has dropped from 6.53 to 0.8-0.9. It is a good opportunity to increase positions. But those who go in cannot come out at all, they will only wait for a slow death inside. Please take action from the relevant departments and shut down this platform. The platform's Chinese website members.drcfx.com advises the masses who want to become brokers to stop pulling people and harming people. Those who want to enter the market must not invest, this is a black platform, and it will make you bankrupt! ! !

    FX2833090200 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FOXCEL FX
    Can't WD

    Hello min..I want to try to change to WD, how come it's blocked. Isn't there a way to return the money, bro..thank you

    FX3679548402 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Starek
    Starekco dealings exposed

    Starekco has quickly built a reputation for offering alluring results. Yet the outcomes are completely opposite. Fintrack/ org has done a fine job of exposing their dubious activities and recovering funds for victims, i completely trusted Starekco with my investment and even compounded my profits daily. The staking claim appealed to me the most but it was all a scam in the end.

    FX3071480497 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw
    Unable to withdraw

    Hi Team,Website : https://iprimecapital.com User Name : santhoshkumarmrec@gmail.com The company promised to perform Weekly 5 days forex trade and will provide profit & 80% capital investment as withdrawl every weekend Saturday & Sunday. There are 2 wallets, USDT wallet & MT4 wallet. USDT wallet - This is used to deposit USDT crypto & withdraw USDT crypto. MT4 wallet - This is the capital investment which will be used for Forex trading. on 27-Mar 2022, I have placed transfer of 50 USDT from MT4 wallet to USDT wallet. The company didnt transferred those 50 USDT to USDT wallet and stopped withdrawls. Here is the proof 1 screenshot. From 28-Mar 2022, Company changed the decision to convert into crypto trading instead of forex trading. Also stopped all kinds of withdrawls. Now they have renamed 2 wallets into IUSD wallet & IPC Token wallet. Currently I have 348.06 USDT in the IUSD wallet. Here is the proof 2, screenshot. Company stopped all withdrawls. As mentioned above they have never returned 50 USDT. So Company stopped my withdrawl 348.06 USDT + 50 USDT.

    FX1187265288 Published in India
    IPC scammed me of my funds

    I invested with IPC since January 19, 2022. all of a sudden they converted my USDT balance to IUSD. I don't know what IUSD is. I want my money back in USDT. thanks.

    FX1509402639 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Monetalux
    Inability to withdraw

    There are no withdrawals and they hurt investors. Urgent international support.

    FX5384212712 Published in Peru
    Scam AM Markets
    Induce fraud

    Induce to deposit and invite people to open agent for commission. Maliciously call orders. No one handles this fake platform. Just try a platform with good rating. A complain will be addressed in couple hours. I do not know how this platform earn this score. Return my hard-earned money.

    FX9842944302 Published in China
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