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    Unable to withdraw PFD
    I invested 3,000 US dollars and lost more than 1,700 US dollars, and there are more than 1,200 US dollars left, and the platform does not withdraw it. Working hard to save money to trade in foreign exchange.

    I invested 3,000 US dollars and lost more than 1,700 US dollars, and there are more than 1,200 US dollars left, and the platform does not withdraw it. Working hard to save money to trade in foreign exchange. Not just the loss, they do not withdraw the remaining funds. Fraud platform.

    FX3338312173 Published in China
    Scam Capital Jingdu

    On March 27, the withdrawal of 147 USDT was made, which was rejected by the Intelligence Prime Capital company, nor returned to the IPC wallet to date. Likewise, they have also withheld the sum of 755.26 USDT, which now appears as 755.26 IUSD. Please, I request the return of my money to be able to treat my health. EVIDENCE IS ATTACHED.

    FX3107113353 Published in Peru
    Scam TOPIATO
    Fraud platform, TOPIATO, is a fraud platform that deceives money

    Taiwan Real Estate Fintech Co., Ltd. is a fraudulent group. It defrauds together with the fraudulent platform TOPIATO, defrauding the hard-earned money of the public, and enjoying lives with these money. They change their IP address every time they scam. The IP are dynamic IP and will immediately change the IP after reporting, blackmail money, block the account if you do not pay the money. Many people have reported the case. Please help your platform to recover the money

    FX2048620523 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw TOPIATO
    The fraud platform, TOPIATO, is a scam and cannot withdraw

    The fraud platform that cannot withdraw. The fraud platform that cannot withdraw. Unable to withdraw and lock the account. Blackmail. Damn fraud group.

    FX2048620523 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Carnival Forex
    Unable to access the website

    Unable to access the website to withdraw. The website is no longer available. Scam!!

    FX3123461806 Published in Thailand
    Account in zero

    It does not let you withdraw the balance and it is zero in the MT4.

    FX6911274020 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw Elio International
    The teacher on IG introduced and lured to use it. The withdrawal was rejected at the end.

    A trader teacher I met on IG also showed me his statement, but I didn't expect it to be a scam! This year, there is nothing to make money, and the loss of 40,000 yuan is even worse! I hope this black platform can be shut down as soon as possible so that no one else will be victimized! !

    FX1648301400 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw SILVERCREST
    Can't withdraw, don't invest in it any more!!

    This is a fraud brokerage company. I heard the netizens instigate the deposit. Before, he swore that if I would lose money, they will help me make up for it. In the end, I didn’t even see that it was profitable all the way, but when the problem came, I couldn’t withdraw the money. Then What's this for? I hope everyone can stop listening to some nonsense from strange websites. If it was not for the lack of money due to the epidemic. I wouldn't even want to try it...

    FX3486235855 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Wealth Sailing
    Fraud platform

    This fraud platform. Last year's name was Associate Prime Limited, this year changed to Wealth Sailing Forex Limited and continues to deceive people. The security agreement in the website has not changed even after the name has been changed.

    麦克风的丢失 Published in China
    Scam Starek
    Nevet deal with Starek they will wreck you.

    When i first register an account with this company, i received a lot of barrage of calls. They certainly share information with other investment firms because they other fraud companies will start calling you. At one point, I was getting 12-15 calls a day, even on weekends, from people attempting to get me to invest more and hire an account manager, which I refused to do. I was unable to contact anyone when I requested that my account be closed since someone else had managed to remove the majority of my funds and had added their email address and phone number to my account, which I am unable to change. I've emailed, called, and utilized the website's chat function, and I'm always informed that someone would call me within the next 24 hours. I filed a complaint to assetsclaimback advisory which later resulted in refund of my initial payment It's been 2 weeks and still no call. Every single employee has different accents, and using false names. DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS COMPANY, stay safe.

    FX2025974300 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ZenGo Fx
    Don't invest

    Changed the name from zengoq to zengoss.

    FX4071458871 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw

    since March 25 I requested a wall of my capital and they never paid it

    FX1173540632 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw
    Impossibility of withdrawal and forced retention

    The Intelligence Prime Capital company has withheld my capital, which is 4,844 USDT, and now I exchange it to IUSD, in addition, it does not manifest itself in payments and is delayed, it does not provide solutions or notices, and it does not have a customer service or email to which they respond.

    DarwinEC Published in Ecuador
    Unable to withdraw

    good Sir/madam. I have been trading with intelligence prime capital since January 3, 2022. for over a month now I have not been able to make withdraw. and my asset have been converted from USDT to IUSD please I need my money back 680.63 USDT

    FX3072069980 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw ipcforex
    Unable to withdraw/Scam alert (IPCapital)

    IPC is withholding my hard earned money. I placed a withdrawal of $143 and $1497 over a month ago, until this moment IPC rejected the withdrawal request. The remaining balance of $886 has been changed to IUSD from USDT. I have $886 in my wallet. They have disabled the withdrawal button on their site. Attached are pictures for evidence. Please assist me to get my money back.

    FX3921518898 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw
    Change of investment conditions

    I expose my case, it is not possible to withdraw. They launder accounts in mt4 and then transfer them to a non-existent currency, in IUSD. I need to get my money back as soon as possible, go to the Australian regulator, the ASIC and the legal representative.

    FX3769782907 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw
    They do not pay

    Estimately, this supposedly regulated company has been waiting for a long time and nothing, and now they do not pay, a scam, I would like to recover my money.

    FX1351224002 Published in Argentina
    Unable to withdraw M4Markets
    Deduction of profit and principal for no reason

    Yesterday, I opened an account with this platform and made a deposit transaction. Because the market price was too large to prevent losses, I used lock-up to trade. Who knows that the account will be suspended today. The profit will be deducted and my principal of 100 US dollars will be deducted. It is simply a rogue platform. Hope investors be careful.

    FX5179656533 Published in China
    Resolved igold
    Fraud platform Igold is robbering blatantly

    On April 25, 2022, the deposit was made, and on the 26th, it said that it has not yet arrived! That is, there is no return to the account, and not the transaction account. Is the funds lost?

    火凤凰涅磐 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw igold
    New scam of i gold

    The deposit to igold has not arrived for a long time. After urging many times, they send a message to inform that your deposit has not arrived, we will transfer the funds to your account first. When you lose money, nothing will happen. If you make a profit, you will repeatedly refuse to say that the previous deposit has not arrived and will not be withdrawn! The deposit will be credited until you run out of money! This is underrating the customers' IQ! Their scam is exposed, the typical fraud platform, hedging!

    火凤凰涅磐 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
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