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    Scam Fancy Group Ltd
    Fraud platform induces deposit, but disables the account when withdraw

    I had successively deposited over 700 grands. It induces to liquiddate for 50 grands dollars on December 14. I tried to withdraw on December 21, but the account was disabled on December 22.

    FXMUPvsx5933 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw EasyTrade
    Easy Trade reject my withdraw

    This Fraud website reject my first withdraw because of they excuse about transaction maintenance so i think my 10000 $ already disappear so becareful and if any body can help me please make suggestion Becareful don't trust the scam website

    xx56xxth7u Published in Thailand
    Resolved HSBC
    The fraud platform that unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. The are scammers. Do not trust them anymore.

    程樂 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Jones
    Mexico fraud had been shutted down and changed to Jones now

    The former fraud platform Mexico had been shutted down and the fund within that platform is being scammed and cannot be withdrawn. Now, they changed to be Jones. People who had been deceived by Mexico before should be careful. The scamming group members changed to new fraud broker. They will keep changing platform and broker to scam. The following is one member of the scamming group and will show up in Wechat and Line now. They will take various approaches to gain trust to scam and not withdrawing for you and lock the broker at the end. Please report to police to address it if you encounter similiar situation. Do not invest fund anymore to prevent having nothing left. Please share it to avoid having more victims.

    148913413 Published in Taiwan
    Scam FVP Trade
    Ponzi scheme

    Platform is aggressively engaged in a pyramid shceme with Ponzi scheme mode. Lots of poeple have been deceived. Be aware.

    FXNNChvd3324 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ROSYSTYLE WEALTH
    Can't withdraw money

    Pretending to be the UOB wealth management team to scam investors. Guiding to trade against the trend to blow up the client's account. The remaining amount cannot be withdrawn

    FXMEXnlx9738 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Jones
    Savings is deceived by the message of fraud platform

    After being invited to join the platform, they say that it is not the time to enter the Taiwan stock market and they teach us to trade forex, and say there is quantitative trading to lead us making profit. Who knows that I cannot withdraw the fund and they even blocked me at the end.

    FXVYBrqk2521 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Harris
    unable withdraw any amount

    i cant withdraw any amount from this Broker... i have a balance $25000 in my account.. CS said i must top up $5000 for activation withdraw feature.. This Broker is full Scammer

    Adrian Hartanto Published in Indonesia
    Resolved KONANO
    It requires to pay margin before withdrawal

    Konano: After receiving the notice from Financial Supervision Commission, in response to the Financial Supervision Commission’s anti-money laundering law and strictly combating money laundering crimes, we are required to charge a 20% margin on all your withdrawals. I called the Financial Supervision Commission to inquire. They said that they were not in charge of the financial institutions on the internet platform. Financial Supervision Commission: 0289680899. I called phone number of the broker on internet: the voice is NSFX company

    FXDJGybf2984 Published in Taiwan
    Others AMEGA
    Deposit successfully, but the account have not received money yet

    The deposit date on amega exchange was at 00.45 on December 23, 2021. Transaction via momo has not received money yet. Hope it is fake

    Quang Hoang Published in Vietnam
    Others International Forex
    Fake platform, fraud broker

    This fake platform and fraud broker. The website cannot be entered. They also cleared customers' fund and deleted account. Return my money.

    匡龍明 Published in Taiwan
    Others ROCKFORT
    Same group with former GPP and Cardiff. The owner is Jiang

    This platform is former absconded GPP. The owner is Jiang. Please pay attention and do not give any chance to fraud platform. I had 30 grands in GPP, but they do not withdraw it. Then, they transferred the fund to Cardiff platform and both of them had absconded. Now, they come again with a new Stone Securities.

    创蓝 Published in China
    Scam Tixee

    I opened a $2,500 forex trading account with tixee but it seemed to me like it was actually a demo account that was opened for me. the account grew to $7,000 but the day I told my account manager that I would like to withdraw from my trading account was the day he gave me 3 trading signals that cleared all the funds in my trading account. I demand my $2,500 be refunded.

    Kunle Oyebode Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw PPI Forex
    Everything is loss

    My money ($ 1,333), has gone to the trash can after the deposit to the broker PPI Broker since I see that the company closed and change of domain, and it is for sale now.

    FXDJPffv8596 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw GTM
    Terrible administration

    This broker has made a disaster with my investment. They practically handled it as they wanted and they did not warn me at all. They say that they do the operations with your money and they tell you that. After investing 301.75, that is my reason for the exposure

    FXPFYqtb9909 Published in Venezuela
    Scam ViewTrade
    Viewtrade bad broker

    The customer service has not responded to my request, in addition The $360 that I invested has not been credited, as well as it tells me that it is at 0% nor do they want to accept the request for my account

    FXPJNuwp1787 Published in Chile
    Scam Fancy Group Ltd
    Fancy disabled account

    Deceived operation and market on the night of 12/14 and bought with a full position, which led to a liquidation but deceived that the data was leaked. I tried to apply for withdrawal on 12/20, but my account was disabled on the next day. I have nowhere to go for compenseation.

    FXMUPvsx5933 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Definitive Forex

    Scam they give only 1 withdraw. Then asking for more to more money.. Please please don't invest in it.. Or give any money to them

    FXKLWavw2698 Published in Pakistan
    Others Everest FX
    open unprivileged orders

    I have been scammed by this broker, they open unprivileged orders and i cannot closet it. I request withdraw with my remaining funds they reject it. Pure scam and i can prove it. I still kept my email conversation with Max Fuller. Already submitted few complains but seem like no one cares

    FXQJCpxk1827 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw HTFOX
    Htfox robbed my money.i am very depressed

    512 $ they robbed.please do needful

    FXTVLgwc6397 Published in Pakistan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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