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    Resolved MultiBank Group
    MultiBank is a fraud platform that cannot withdraw

    Withdraw for three months and it has not been processed. Two accounts applied for withdrawals together and no updates at all.

    汇当凌绝顶 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CPT Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposit 3800 dollars on May 19 and made only 633 dollars for profit till May 23. They do not even allow me to withdraw the principle.

    FX5873995072 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw UZFX
    Unable to withdraw

    After communicating for a month, they still found various reasons. It was the review at the beginning, the account was blocked, blocked, and I couldn’t log in. Finally, they said that the principal will be refunded, but the result is that the principal will not be refunded for various reasons, only you can’t think of the reason... Everyday, they said that this will be credited to the account immediately, or it will be credited to the account next week. Just show the screenshot. Once you deposited money to the platform, don't even think about withdrawing it... At present, the platform is still running on the Apple Store.

    FX3718598137 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MultiBank Group
    MultiBank does not withdraw

    Withdrawal has not arrived for several months after deduction. No respond from from them. I hope the platform help to urge them to return our money. My account: 88108906. It has 10000 dollars.

    清歌莫生 Published in China
    Scam Arygos Ltd
    Total scam don't risk to invest

    The broker reciprocity is stealing and manipulation of the accounts leading to loose funds.They say of 2 signals but they only give one. Not trusted broker neither regulated check out

    HumbleAfrica Published in Kenya
    Scam FXGLOBE
    Cannot withdraw profit

    Cannot withdraw after making profit. The fraud platform does not reply at all. No place to complain. Keep delaying. Be careful, investors.

    FX2778389485 Published in China
    Scam FXGLOBE
    Fraud platform! Expose it

    At first, I asked the customer service of the platform, and after following what he said, I can't withdraw the money! It makes me wonder if I've been scammed! There is no withdrawal, garbage platform, everyone should change the platform! Don't trust them! A whole scammer platform, everyone avoid it!

    FX5402176872 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw UBS
    This platform cannot withdraw. Do not be deceived

    I do not expect that the friend who I met via internet will deceive one day. I was invited to invest fraud platform and cannot withdraw now. They do not talk to me anymore.

    FX401152523625 Published in Taiwan
    Others Renaissance Capital
    Ghc absconds and change to another

    Ghc absconds in September and cannot withdraw till now. Everyone takes a look on screenshot

    FX2901562199 Published in China
    Scam igold
    A fraud platform with serious losses and account cancellation (igold)

    I had a serious loss at igold and then the platform cancel my trading account.

    FX2090672312 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MultiBank Group
    Withdraw for 8 months. Lies, deceptions, MultiBank is shameless and a true trash.

    Withdraw for 8 months, but there is no consequence at all. keep Lying, deceiving, MultiBank is shameless and a true trash.

    FX1369977431 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ZOENOVA
    self withdrawal was restricted

    When you want to withdraw money, the platform prompts you to make a series of needless payments.I put in 32,000 over time and gained some interest.However, I have been unable to withdraw even the smallest amount from my account.I paid the required taxes and withdrawal fees, but their customer service merely claims that my account is experiencing a one-of-a-kind problem.Since April 22, I haven't heard from them, My withdrawal was forced out on May 26th by Traceasset(traceasset.org). People losing their hard-earned cash to Zoenova is a bit unjust.I strongly encourage you to avoid this deceptive company.

    FX4216541651 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    Cannot withdraw for two weeks. App has an abnormal situation

    Cannot withdraw for nearly two weeks. It is able to log in and trade normally, but the app page and channel cannot be opened. No one respond for fund channel. There is only auto-reply for email. No reply from other channel.

    待絮的木棉 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw COWTRADING
    Unable to withdraw

    It is said to withdraw on Friday and arrive on Monday. It has not arrived yet.

    FX3947780006 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Starek
    Can't withdraw + scam

    On May 4th, I opened an account at Starekco exchange and made a initial deposit of $100, then traded and withdrew $22. But my instructor said my capital is too small so it is not safe to trade and asked me to upgrade my capital. After a few days 9/5, I added $400 to increase my total capital. is $500. After raising capital, the instructor told me to follow the market but they still said that my capital was not enough and they did not give me orders to trade anymore. I doubt why I can't trade, on May 16 I have a request to withdraw an amount of $614, but it says that there are not enough transactions so I can't withdraw. I researched myself on the market in other stock exchanges and consulted the Buy and Sell orders to perform these operations so far on May 30, I made an order to withdraw the entire amount, but it still said it was not. I have sent you pictures! Hope you guys can help me get my original $500 back! Thanks for the web link: https://user.starekco.com/login

    FX4254780322 Published in Vietnam
    Scam Locus Market
    Malicious Romance Fraud

    I have previously posted about a "strong suspicion of romance fraud". The post was dismissed on the grounds that there was "not enough evidence" at that time, but now that there has been a development toward this content, we are posting it again. In early March of this year, a Japanese person who claimed to be Akemi Kojima from Taiwan led me to a LINE from a Facebook friend, introduced herself as "the head of a jewelry design office," and offered me to invest in the gold market. At first, the conversation started with something unrelated to investment, but when Kojima started talking about investment, I initially refused because I was busy with my work, but as soon as my work settled down, I decided to invest as Kojima had recommended. At that time, a person who identified himself as Olina was in between us as MT5 support and assisted us with our deposit. Kojima told me that he was going to hold an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the exchange, and that he wanted me to join him in the fight for the opportunity. Kojima agreed to participate in the event, raising as much money as possible on his own, with Kojima covering the shortfall. After Kojima announced his participation in the event, we have not heard from him since his last message on April 10, because he said that he was busy with his own work on April 20. We have determined that this is an international romance scam because Kojima had deleted his LINE-ID as of May 16. We have withheld the release of the image because it was unclear at the time of our last report whether Kojima himself was a scammer or not. As for Olina, we have changed her name on LINE to "Alice" without changing her picture. If she had no guilty conscience, why would she change her name on LINE? The period from April to the beginning of July corresponds to the "commemorative event" period that this Olina (Alice) is talking about, but she has been investing in the gold market under Kojima's initiative, and since he deleted his LINE-ID, she has unilaterally blocked our contact with her, so we cannot continue investing. Olina (Alice) changed her FX company at the beginning of April, but the new company is Locus Market int Ltd. The company's rating is 0.16, which is a sign that the company is guiding us to a company that we would normally refrain from investing in. We have to admit that Olina (Alice)'s words and actions, including the name change, are quite suspicious. We have the history of communication on LINE and Facebook between Kojima and Olina (Alice). There is no evidence that any funds have been transferred to the Locus account to which the scammers have led us. We would like to take appropriate action. Please let us know if you need any necessary screenshots.

    FX7606069112 Published in Japan
    Resolved BUZZ FRONTIER
    Once deposited, it's the last. I can't withdraw money again and there is a mysterious strong loss. It claims to be directly connected to the bank, but it's a flea.

    First of all, the person who is said to be the CEO here induces mirror trading on SNS such as Instagram, creates an account, and responds only by cash handing or depositing with crypto assets. And if you deposit it, you will leave the unrealized loss until the last forced loss and eat the forced loss cut. Also, even if you trade yourself with your own account, you will not be able to withdraw in the end. Recently, an acquaintance of mine applied for withdrawal, but I didn't respond with excuses and I couldn't even read my inquiry. Never use this company.

    FX4494482752 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw MultiBank Group
    MultiBank does not withdraw and keeps delaying it

    There is more than ten thousands dollars, but cannot withdraw one hundred. They keep delaying it for several months. No customer service and only email. My account is 88831831

    FX3721472429 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FXKOVNER
    Payment of fees for withdrawal

    After several months of trading and a reach of $4 100 166, i made a $150k withdrawal. But this withdrawal was conditioned by the payment of an operational fee of 2% of the account amount, so $83,700.75 to be paid withing 14 days before a penality of 5% per day of delay. Of course, the customer service told me that the operational fees can not be deducted from my account and must be paid by myself in USDT. These fees do not appear anywhere on the website and no negociation is possible to reach the settlement of this sum. However, settlements were made, the largest of which was $63 000 with a third party account but the remittence was rejected and returned on the account. The $20.700,75 settlement with a registered account was not returned to me and now, the service customer asks me $63 000 with no limit fee for delay. These actions are not normal and the customer service told me that this problem is mine and must be realized by my own possibilities

    FX1235999349 Published in France
    Unable to withdraw MultiBank Group
    Do not withdraw

    Deposit in June 2021 and now, the withdrawal has been delaying. There are many excuses to delay it. Fraud broker.

    FX3612381326 Published in China
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