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    Unable to withdraw Kovie
    Kovie couldn’t get away this time.

    I discovered last 2 weeks that my MT5 account at Kovie had been stolen. The thief converted the entire $100,000 principal in my account into commission and profit on the platform by opening and closing positions over the course of an hour. Afterwards, i tried to contact customer service, which they refuse to compensate my loss on the grounds that it could not be handled, It took a lawsuit originating from the legal department of Assetsclaimback advisory for a swift recovery. Don’t do anything relating to Kovie bunch of scammers

    FX3854425771 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Plus500
    Scam!Returned my principle!

    I traded for about half a year before and the principal has more than tripled, but I was hindered when I wanted to withdraw the money. They keep delaying it again and again. Now, they directly tell it that this platform is a scam!! Don't be deceived!

    FX3453383040 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved MultiBank Group
    MultiBank does not withdraw

    MultiBank deceives customer. They have not withdrawn my principle of over 4000 dollars. It has been over half a year. My account is 33512996

    FX1437982002 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FOREX.com
    Investment lost if no action is taken

    I requested a call-back a couple of times because of a margin call notification I was getting and it took them 4 days to tell me they would look into it but did nothing Eventually I got fed up and requested a withdrawal/refund that came under fintrack/ org mind you i sent the same request to GAIN Global Markets and got no response from them till this point.

    FX2892406963 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw UZFX
    They take forever to respond

    Email support is ridiculously slow. Simple withdrawal request is declined - took hours to get access to them but no solution was provided. Basic questions around what products are supported by brokerage cant be answered by them and instead of digging for the answer, they just hang up the chat on you. Stay far away from this broker and look for one with a better support model

    FX3140720317 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw TOPIATO
    Worst brokerage ever

    This company use the stock live broadcast platform to induce investors to do stock index trading but refuses the option to withdraw. It was within this period i discovered fintrack .org and made out a complaint because Topiato wouldn't allow me withdraw as well, they restored my withdrawal access within weeks

    FX3228247384 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Billionext
    unprofessional and malicious platform

    They keep pushing you to put more money but you can't withdraw money, you get a bonus when you deposit money. Besides having fintrack/ org file a class action that will see you get your money it is actually impossible to withdraw from the system if you accept the bonus from Billionext Global Limited.

    FX3071480497 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    they offered a lot but never delivered

    I tried to withdraw some money fintrack/ org could only get out $52,000 waiting on the profits to also get returned seeing that I was promised an arbitrage contract bump by Dacland if I invested more with them, which I did but then I got skeptical and asked to withdraw a little amount, this was when I began facing issues with respect to withdrawal

    FX8896649272 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Xtrade
    Xtrade is just like other fraudulent Brokers

    I thought I found a good broker until I wanted to withdraw my funds and I was slammed with different kind of fees to be paid . this is no different from other scam companies Wiki said we should stay away from . The engagement with the experts at Fintrack/org saved my investment and profits from vanishing. if you are trying to invest with xtrade , stay clear and put your money somewhere else

    FX1537238665 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    Dacland is unregulated

    I invested with Dacland Christmas and made some profit. I had a tough time trying to get over 86k out my balance, I’ve been in similar situations with other unregulated companies so I filed a charge back through Traceasset (traceasset.org) and got my money What baffles me is how there are so many unregulated forex companies and people keep losing money. Dacland must be looked into by all means.

    FX2109138445 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw SafeGoldBullion
    Safegoldsf cannot withdraw.

    Complain the Safegoldsf, the member of Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange. This is a totally fraud company. My withdrawal from account 181500352 on April 1 has not yet arrived, and the official website homepage has basically been unable to contact the staff of Safegoldsf pages, and even the most basic financial security cannot be guaranteed. I suggest that everyone do not make orders in Safegoldsf, Fraud platform that is unreliable.

    FX3190982185 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TRI
    Unable to withdraw

    In 2020, I met a person on the Internet and asked me to open a account in TRI for him to operate. The account is suspended within a month. I ask the platform, they said that the transaction violate the regulation and deduct the principle. . They have not withdrawn my principle of 2500 dollars. I lost over 400 dollars there.

    下周继续 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw PLUS500+
    AssetsClaimBack Legal Expert

    I lost 120,000 US$ over 1 a year by trading with Plus500 platform, it started last year and it was easy to become a user, in the beginning i made some money, but soon it started to turn to a nightmare, more and more irregularities showed up, failed access to my account when i received margin calls, i filed a complaints to AFCA and was let down. I realized that they are alot of cloned Plus500 platform but unlucky me i fell for the wrong platform, i had to request a chargeback from an Australian firm in my title which led to a new good beginning i stop trading entirely and focus on saving my money myself, please stay safe and stop wasting your money on this scammers glad i made a final good decision.

    FX3464800242 Published in Germany
    Unable to withdraw TOP1 Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    This fraud platform induce to buy XAU and Forex via other dating platform. After making profit, it is required to pay eighty thousands income tax. Withdrawal will be denied by various reasons, leading 180000 of my principle cannot be withdrawn.

    FX2312174848 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ROCKFORT
    I was scammed

    Because the platform staff didn't teach me the operating system, I can only deposit, so I really can't withdraw and I still can't get in touch with them~ So next timem I don't dare to run into the investment everyone~ If you don't understand the investment, be careful not to encounter it .

    FX2001906668 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    Unable to withdraw. Fraud platform.

    So speechless. Cannot withdraw after making profit. I ask the customer service, they always find different reasons to delay the withdrawal. I feel that it is a fraud platform. Money was in this platform. I hope to caught everyone's attenrion. Stay away from this platform. Do not be deceived by them.

    FX1894440882 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    Fraud platform

    Fraud platform that cannot withdraw after making profit. Money was in there, but they do not deal with it. Fraud platform! Keep delaying without any consequences. Do not be deceived!

    FX3226282164 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Wealth Sailing
    Induced fraud. No money will be withdrawn after deposit

    Guo Shi Wushuang's Jiang successfully used the stock live broadcast platform to induce investors to do bitcoin index trading, let everyone register on Wealth Sailing's website and then deposit money. Lost contact, Jiang Chenggong lost contact, the website cannot be opened!

    FX3415266557 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MegaMillion
    https://wwwmeg amilap is a fraud platform

    I was frozen for thousands dollars. I'm still being asked to pay taxes. Don't handle the withdrawal of money if you do not pay. It's a scam. My account was frozen at that time. Lie me to upgrade to become a member. As a member, you can withdraw money. I am a member now and it's time to pay taxes! I made a total of more than 10,000 Hong Kong dollars. Now I have to pay 30,000 Hong Kong dollars for mosquito tax. Explicitly a scam!

    wai Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw MegaMillion
    Unable to withdraw

    It is a fraud website. I was deceived by tens thousands dollars. I cannot withdraw. Now, they ask me to deposit for paying tax. Scam! Scam!

    wai Published in Hong Kong
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