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    Unable to withdraw USDC
    Report usdc global limited Exchange Property for appropriation.

    I am writing this article to highlight the usdc global limited product, formerly known as sushi. usdc global limited specializes in allowing employees to use social networking dating apps to pretend to be in love and affection, to lure users into registering to open an account at usdc. I was scammed by a usdc employee to register to open an account at their property. Initially, I paid 1000 USD, their staff guided me to win the first match and then lured me to add more money to my account to receive incentives. When my account has loaded up to 277tr200k VND equivalent to 12,052 usd. I see the floor has shady signs, I try to withdraw 4000 usd to my account. But the staff of usdc global limited tried everything to cancel the appointment, consecutive days. So far I have not received their transfer. They said they are going to upgrade the system, I think they are going to change the name of the exchange. Currently, I have to borrow this money from friends and relatives, which is very stressful. I hope the management agency will step in to claim justice and tell usdc global limited to return my capital.

    FXBVRfmd6392 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Carrod Securities
    Unable to withdraw funds

    I can't withdraw my funds and was told to wait 3 days but still not sure. My total funds are $13,673. Please help, thank you

    FXHAOdlr8249 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw TUBNOW
    Unable to wtihdraw

    A month ago, I entered an communication platform and said that it was discussing stocks. Among them, a teacher commented on various stocks and recommended us to buy them. Later, he said that the stock market fell and it was not easy to trade so he led us to the currency market and opened an account to lead people trade bitcoin. I deposited 140,000 RMB successively. The teacher called the order, and we copied it. Although we made money and the account balance was rich, I never succeeded in withdrawing money. The withdrawal process keep displaying processing. Even it is approved, the account has not been debited and no remittance has been received.

    呵呵哒y Published in China
    Resolved Small Universe
    Cannot close the position and withdraw

    Ask me continue to depsoit on the grounds of paying margin, but I know it just traps me deeper and deeper.

    多睡觉 Published in China
    Others VOBLAST
    Golden turtle account, at broker vobrasth

    The funds cannot be withdrawn because the email account cannot be opened due to maintenance, the file is damaged

    FXPBOfvq6120 Published in Indonesia
    Scam AIMS
    AIMS fraud platform

    On November 15, 2021, the deposit to AIMS is 3212 yuan, and on January 21, 2022, AIMS withdraws 727.99 US dollars, and on January 25, 2022, only 3084 RMB arrives from AIMS, obviously I made money, I should receive 4,607.52 yuan (US$727.99 * 6.3291 exchange rate) when I withdraw, but it is actually only 3,084 yuan, which is not enough for my deposit? ? 727.99 US dollars * 6.3291 exchange rate is 4607.52 yuan - 3084 yuan = 1523.52 yuan. Excuse me, where did the 1523.52 yuan go? ? what is the reason? ? ? Is AIMS deceiving people like this? ? ?

    彼得 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw AMEGA
    Can't withdraw

    The broker finds a way not to allow withdrawals

    Van Nguyen Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw PLCG EXCHANGE
    Unable to withdraw and induce deception

    The customer service will always use the liquidation department to be still in liquidation, and various reasons to delay the payment. There will also be a person who is responsible for taking you to place orders, commonly known as the teacher "victory in a hundred battles" to let you taste the sweetness and then lure you to increase the funds. Money can be seen but not touched. I hope everyone will not be deceived again. There is no free meal in the world, so save your hard-earned money for the New Year. There will also be other people in the group who have been pretending to deposit, in fact, they are all a group of people! Please don't trust those teachers who introduce your stocks! Funds are safest when it is in your hands!

    NING Published in Taiwan
    Delayed time and said to be compensated, and the result was disconnected the account

    Silvercrest broker is not the same as they said. They said they would compensate, but the result is that they directly disconnect the MT5 account...

    FXVHKpxb0995 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw BloomsMarkets
    Investing on this platform and does not withdraw money

    I contacted with this platform for foreign exchange investment on September 26, 2021. At first, several of us shared an account to deposit funds into the platform. After withdrawing funds, we opened accounts separately, and deposited funds into our respective accounts on February 2021. On November 7, 2021, the withdrawal has been blocked. It has been nearly three months, and no withdrawal has been made. Since we are also participating in the platform for the first time, there are also mistakes in the operation process, but the legality of the funds and the time and process of the cash flow are all emailed. The method is accompanied by a screenshot of the bank's running water and a screenshot of the exchange USDT transaction. The legality of my funds has no problem, and I am not suspected of anti-money laundering. The platform also defaulted to the legality of my funds in the email. However, the platform has always refused to withdraw funds, which made me physically and mentally exhausted and extremely tormented. Communicate with the platform email every week, you can only wait!

    王海 Published in China
    Others HoB
    HOB is a platform that earns from spread, exchange rate difference, and withdrawal fee

    Scammer! HOB is a platform that earns from spread, exchange rate difference, and withdrawal fee

    金玉满堂 Published in China
    Silvercrest platform

    silvercrest website was down and the compensation pdf cannot be opened. Are they going to abscond?

    PAUSE Published in Taiwan
    Others IMF
    Website cannot be accessed

    Website cannot be accessed and withdrawn. Is there anybody maintain it...

    FXHTEsme5629 Published in China
    Scam FOGEE
    Fraud platform

    This woman used fake ID and deceived me for 40 thousands dollars on Fogee, a platform for trading forex. Up to now, my account of $220,000 has disappeared. I cannot log in to the website. Her name is Han Xue on Telegram. The phone number is from Hong Kong: 85254857428. Damn it.

    FXFGCrro8207 Published in Switzerland
    Scam ETX
    Unable to withdraw

    Maybe this is the stupidest thing I've ever done. I believe that this platform can withdraw funds smoothly, but in the end, I still don't see the funds coming into the account. The original risk control account charged me 900,000, and then the new account was charged 900,000, but the result did not come out and told me to pay the internal tax, all of which will be handled according to your method, and let me wait for 3 days to be credited. As a result, after waiting for so many days, I still did not see the news of the credit, even the app system can’t use, I really don’t think I can trust this platform. The platform keeps saying that it will withdraw money. Eveything is a fake. They say that I break my own words, but you are the one who did this. They do not withdraw and charges a high fees. Terrible platform and bad system

    FXNHMdos0895 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw AIMS
    Withdrawal has approved and the account is cleared, but the bank card has not received the money

    There is no customer service on the platform, there is no response to the message, the account is cleared, and the withdrawal shows that it has been approved, but the bank card has not received the credit information; I required the platform to show the payment voucher, but no one handles it!

    Mr. Chen Published in China
    Unable to withdraw KONANO
    Cannot withdraw

    Need to pay the dividend and margin in order to withdraw. It is unreasonable. Already report the case.

    Alan Chang Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw UNITED
    Can I withdraw if I pay an additional $2000? Analyst Muraki said this.

    I want to withdraw, but I've requested to pay an additional $ 2000! This is not possible. Then he said that he would transfer the Technology and united funds he is doing to my own account. I'm suspicious about this. It was a solicitation from a person named Lisa. This Lisa analyst Muraki is from united, Technology.

    MASAYUKI Published in Japan
    Scam 4xHub
    Ponzi scheme

    Induce people to participate, AB warehouse, insurance hedging, guarantee steady profit without loss, more than 20% profit annually, don't be fooled

    小袁袁 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BloomsMarkets
    The platform deliberately made it difficult for me to withdraw money on the grounds of anti-money laundering law

    I came into contact with the platform for foreign exchange investment on September 26, 2021. At first, several of us shared an account to deposit funds into the platform, and the withdrawal went smoothly. Later, we opened accounts separately and deposited funds separately. On November 2, 2021, we decided to use personal accounts and continued to invest in foreign exchange. After a week, I was blocked in trying to withdraw funds. It has been nearly three months and has not given funds. During this period, I repeatedly communicated with the platform through emails to confirm through words, documents, bank transactions, transaction screenshots, etc. detail the legitimacy of my funds and there is no problem, and I am not involving anti-money laundering. The platform also defaulted to the legality of my funds in the email. However, the platform has always refused to withdraw funds, evaded it for various reasons, and did not give funds. Makes me physically and mentally exhausted and extremely tormented. I hereby urge someone to investigate the incident of my withdrawal, communicate with the platform, and give me the money as soon as possible! Thank you!

    FXNJIuxq1887 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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