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    Unable to withdraw PLUS500+
    AssetsClaimBack Legal Expert

    I lost 120,000 US$ over 1 a year by trading with Plus500 platform, it started last year and it was easy to become a user, in the beginning i made some money, but soon it started to turn to a nightmare, more and more irregularities showed up, failed access to my account when i received margin calls, i filed a complaints to AFCA and was let down. I realized that they are alot of cloned Plus500 platform but unlucky me i fell for the wrong platform, i had to request a chargeback from an Australian firm in my title which led to a new good beginning i stop trading entirely and focus on saving my money myself, please stay safe and stop wasting your money on this scammers glad i made a final good decision.

    FX3464800242 Published in Germany
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    DACLAND Capital Limited refused to withdraw money

    I have deposited money into my friend's account in DACLAND Capital Limited (www.daclandindexq.com) and traded on MT5. At first, we can withdraw the money without having any issue. However, after we have made more than USD35 million through that exchange, they refused to withdraw the money for us and asked us to deposit additional USD15 million as an income tax to be paid to Japan Tax Authority. We have consulted with Japanese law firm and understand that the income tax must be deducted from the total amount of USD35 million. We have asked for support from Tokyo Stock Exchange and the police authority but no authority helped us. We have read many news and understand that this broker does the same with other customers and froze their account in order not to withdraw the money for the client. We need help on how to solve it as it is a huge amount and this broker is swallowing our money.

    FX2540654786 Published in Cambodia
    Unable to withdraw Pioneer Capital
    Fraud Organization

    Do not invest, read the reviews about this company first, lowest of the low, your never see your money again after investing with them they ask for 10% of tax to gain withdrawal after still paying they still deny your withdrawal scammers im talking to FCA and regulator authority .

    FX3854425771 Published in United States
    Scam Graphene Fx
    broker close my trade and ate my 500$.

    i was in hedge trade of gold they close me buy trade without my knowledge before gold price pumping and i got rekt due to my sell trade ..

    Mubashir Hassan Published in Pakistan
    One more “mistake”?

    Another day plus a mistake. They say they are not responsible for this mistake.

    FX3176062488 Published in Portugal
    Unable to withdraw FOREX.com
    Scam Alert

    I may have lost all of my money by using Forex. Everything was going well until they showed me how dishonest they are. I've attempted to expose Forex bitterness . Before I could successfully remove my investment of more than $100,000 from my account, I had to contact AssetsClaimBack recovery service. Do not put your hard-earned money into their hands. They have no empathy while carrying out their heinous deeds, and they will go to whatever length to milk you by demanding payment after payment to process your withdrawal requests, and each time you pay, they will come up with new excuses.

    FX3854425771 Published in United States
    Market manipulation, fraud

    These gentlemen manipulate the markets at the same time every day. Twice a day at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm CEST time. Plus 10 minutes minus 10 minutes. Affected Markets EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP and CHF/JPY of these 5 are always two affected markets. They also have terrible customer support. The image I attached reflects this, on the date of this event there was a request for withdrawal of funds in progress, they did this to not pay and I would pay the damage they caused. Those who are interested and want to test can compare the charts with those of the eToro company, they are identical and reflect well the manipulations that Terrain Capital makes. Cycles last between 10 to 30 minutes. A family member of mine also created an account and requested a withdrawal and they don't pay until I pay the debt. I don't know how they found out about the family relationship if that person was using a VPN, one thing is for sure they can't be trusted. I now owe 6600 to these gentlemen and it was they who caused this. I won't pay this debt because I don't have the means to pay it.

    FX3176062488 Published in Portugal
    Unable to withdraw ECN TRADE
    They are a fake investment platform

    I started the account by sending $12,000 but when i ask to send the profit back to me then they ghosted me and never return the call and emails. Support changed my account manager four times but none of them gave me access to withdraw .

    FX2892406963 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Wealth Sailing
    Wealth Sailing Forex is totally unreliable

    I invested $45,000 initially and account manager showed me how they made good profit then their people kept calling from different departments and all that but never released a penny of my investment. Stay away from this company.

    FX3071480497 Published in Canada
    Scam ULTRA FX
    u can't take over back ur money or account

    once the power being over u cannot take back any of ur money

    FX3557524587 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Absolute Markets
    it's a scam company that cannot take back money anytime

    when the deposit process the service is very good but after deposit it has been ignore me until all my money has gone. owner will not have the right to do anything to my own money

    FX3557524587 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Alfa Success Corp
    I can't widrawall for my deposit juga

    I have 3 account, but now I can't widrawal for my deposit

    ivantan888 Published in Indonesia
    Scam FBS
    all order stop at the sametimes,with alotof equity

    1.abnormal swap Comition look at the swap the running sell order is the first i entry, and then i put buy order 3-4 hours later but buy swap is more bigger than sell order.2 they stop out all my order in my account while it's still have enough equity,all order at the same times, so before you plan to trade here think twice

    FX2430249702 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw BIG UNCLE
    unable to withdraw

    i can't withdraw both deposit and profit due to vat 20%. hidden issue rises from time to time. Conversation could provide if asked.

    FX5012783442 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Kovie
    TheTax Approach to Withdraw is a Scam. Don’t Do It

    I was asked to pay tax before withdrawal, I knew something was wrong , I have read a lot about all these scam investment companies requesting for some tax or money laundering fees before withdrawing which eventually ends up being a big scam .

    FX1537238665 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Kovie
    I have a account set up with Kovie Global Limited

    I have paid the Taxes and now they are telling me I have to pay over $25k to clear a concern of Money laundering. Need help. Please see the attached information and let me know what should be done.

    FX3806942614 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    Thy held back my investment for as long as they could

    Globe Pro stole from me during the past few months, i was unable to withdraw one single dollar at first, I saw fintrack/ org consensus support victims in enforcing withdrawals when i filed for the same Globe Pro refunded my money however it was rather frustrating to be in a state of uncertainty for that long. Complete fraud, definitely advice to stay away from this company.

    FX1387772722 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw EightCap
    EightCap Scam Zone

    Be cautious; they will only allow you to make one withdrawal. When you try to make a second withdrawal, they will request an additional deposit. The support crew is only helpful when it comes to investing; when it comes to withdrawals, they block you. Had it not been for AssetsClaimBack legal expert taking up my complaints against EightCap and effecting a refund for me, I would have lost nearly $52,000.

    FX3854425771 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw TOPIATO
    fraudulent platform

    They set too many restrictions and force every investors to deposit, my money got stuck there because of their silly rules but the class action fintrack/ org aided gave in to the return of funds so i'd say this trading platform is totally a scam stay away and don't waste time on it

    FX1387772722 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw TOPIATO
    i was in a difficult situation financially

    Firstly, demanded $5,000 for account activation. Secondly, demanded a one-time payment, 10% of account balance to make withdrawals. All upfront payments, Our money kept getting stuck , very incomprehensible of them to initially say the payments cannot be collected from my account balance. TOPIATO is definitely a fraud.

    FX1387772722 Published in United States
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