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    Starekco is part of the scam

    When opening an account at Starekco, a woman I met on SNS introduced me to a former Wall Street fund manager man who called me a teacher, and I went to the bank accounts of several other intermediaries that the man introduced. A total of $ 11,400 was deposited as a deposit through the transfer. Investing as he directed, with a profit of $ 20,000, the funds in the account are over $ 30,000. Then, when I requested the withdrawal of funds at the end of April, I was requested to make a 20% tax advance payment. At this point, I suspected fraud and tried to transfer and withdraw $ 2000 to recover my initial investment of $ 10,000, but in the end the money never returned. The question is who is accepting this withdrawal application. In this case, is it the male introducer? And why is Starekco able to register a bank account on the accounting but not directly transfer the funds received? In the early days of getting to know him, in early April, when I applied for a $ 100 withdrawal twice on my account page, it was accepted on the screen, of which $ 100 was transferred through another person's account. In other words, it wasn't a direct transfer from Starekco. When I reported this case to the police, it seems that there were victims other than me, and at least three accounts involved in the transfer of funds were frozen by the bank under the direction of the police. If the Starekco exchange is hard, identify this former Wall Street fund manager man who was involved in registering my account and freeze his account immediately. And of the $ 30,000 in my account, I only need the $ 11,400 deposit, so please help me to refund.

    [Object] Starek
    [Amount] $11,400(USD)
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