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    FXXLOdsv9206 Trader
    Released in China

    One Financial Markets made my account liquidated by decreasing the price of crude oil maliciously.

    One Financial Markets made my account liquidated by decreasing the price of crude oil maliciously. One can check the candlestick on the market which was similar to that on GKFX and CPT. The lowest price appeared at 17:00, April 21st, which came more early than any other platforms. The price difference would be reflected vividly on candlestick. Thus, I have every reason to believe that One Financial Markets manipulated on the price since one product couldn’t have 2 candlesticks. But One Financial Markets hasn’t mentioned that it changed the calculation of quotation. That’s why I suspect that it has manipulated the price.

    The following is the original
    欧福市场恶意压低现货原油报价,拉爆我的账户。作为对比我选择了GKFX和CPT这两家作为截图证据,大家如果不信,大可以去查看市面上所有的有现货原油的平台,基本报价和K线都跟GKFX和CPT差不多的,这两家平台目前在国内也算比较有名气。 先看当时北京时间4月21日下午五点欧福的小时图,大家看欧福的最低价是不是比所有的平台都来的早。 前面提到了欧福的解释是报价商不同 ,计算方法不同,导致的。 看完这么多图,不难发现,欧福的K线图其实之前很长时间是和市面的其他平台一致的,也正说明了哪怕报价商不一样,他们的报价呈现出来的K线是一样的,这也说明其实不同的报价商计算现货原油的报价的方式大体是类似的,如果偏差很大,价格会直接反映在K线,也就不会有如此相似的K线呈现了。这表明,无论采用哪种计算方法,现货原油产品在市场上实际上只有一种K线图,一个产品不可能有两种K线,否则如何通过K线分析价格走势?到现在我想我的证据已经足够打脸欧福的解释了吧。他们是如何做到前面那么长的时间和其他平台保持K线一致,而后K线偏差如此之大。单单用报价商不同,计算方式不同来解释是不是前后矛盾?欧福并没有邮件通知客户说更换过报价商或者报价商计算方式不同会导致现货原油价格不同。到这里我不得不怀疑欧福有恶意操纵价格嫌疑。



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