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    Released in Singapore

    The deposit process only needed several hours, while there was a slippage with withdrawal?

    I am from Malacca. I set a trusteeship on Fm30. Later, I found that the withdrawal process became slower. But the trader said it is OK and what important is to earn the money. I held the order from February 28th to March 2nd, seeing it was in the status of profit, and I went to sleep. But when I waked up, the system showed a loss of 16505. The trader pacified me that it was because of slippage. But it has been 100 days, the account is still at risky.

    The following is the original
    我来自马六甲,交给dato 托管Fm30,因为一天一单,天天大都是蓝天,所以我特别欢喜。后来我听说提款很慢了,操盘手说慢没关系,最重要拿得钱。我深信不疑。28/2的单持到2/3,看到Gbpusd继续赚,我就安心睡个午觉,午觉醒莱,发现亏损 *-16505* 。操盘手说是滑点,没事的,我等到100天了,户口还是显示红色,到底有事还是没事呀? https://olympusfxsniscam.wixsite.com/website
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