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    FXLRNatk4787 Trader
    Released in Taiwan


    I am a full-time mother and I have an eight-month-old son
    I'm going to set a feast in December this year. My mother-in-law said that we have to pay the wages by ourselves. I was afraid that I would not be able to save the money. So I joined an investment platform and said that if I invested 10,000, I could earn 100,000-300,000.
    I was too anxious for a while and believed the result. Later, I charged a commission fee and paid the commission fee and collected the guarantee fee. After paying the guarantee money, I received a 5% sale amount and paid 5% of the tax return amount. % After filing the tax amount, I had to collect an exchange rate difference of 30,000. I found out that I was completely out of money before I went to call 165 to report to the record and make a transcript.
    I know I'm damn I'm just too greedy to get something for nothing
    Actually, I knew right now that I was very broken. I was worried about what to do. Will my husband divorce me, will my husband want me to wait….
    My sister took me to file for the record. After finishing the transcript and returning home, I still feel very depressed.
    My mother has scolded me, and some of my sisters also told me that they wanted to tell my husband about this, and I can’t hide him, so I called and told my husband today, I told him everything, and I also told him. I am very sorry for him, but my husband said it’s okay. I think I can afford it. Don’t cry anymore. I really think my husband is very good to me. I also want to make up for everything. The total amount I was scammed this time is 185,000 yuan. I know that maybe my amount of fraud is neither too much nor too little
    But it was also the money I tried to save for months...
    Thank you all for your patience

    The following is the original
    CUW 《滑》宅經濟簡單收入
    我是一名全職媽媽 我有一個八個月大的兒子 我今年要12月要辦桌 我婆婆說什麼聘金我們要自己出 我很害怕我存不到這筆錢 於是去加入了一個投資的平台 說投入1萬 可以賺取10-30萬不等 我一時太心急就相信了 結果後來又收一筆佣金費用 繳完佣金費用又收擔保金費用 繳完擔保金又收一筆5%的脫售金額 繳完5%報稅金額 又收一筆3%報稅金額 之後又要收一筆三萬的匯率差金額 我才發現我完完全全沒錢了 才去打165 去報案備案做筆錄 我知道我該死 我就是太貪心想不勞而獲 我其實當下知道我很崩潰 我很擔心到底該怎麼辦怎麼做 我老公會不會跟我離婚我老公會不會不要我等等…. 我姐姐帶我去備案的 做完筆錄回到家 我心情還是很低落 我媽有罵過我 我姐也有 我姐也跟我說要跟我老公說這件事 不能隱瞞他 所以我今天也打電話跟我老公說了 我跟他說了一切事情經過 我也跟他說了我很對不起他 但我老公說沒關係 我覺得這我還能負擔 你不要再哭了這些的話 我真覺得我老公對我很好 我也很想彌補一切 我這次被詐騙的金額總共是185000元💰 我知道可能我這金額詐騙的不算多也不算少 但也是我努力存了好幾個月的錢… 謝謝各位耐心看完



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