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    Unable to withdraw LexaTrade
    Please don't Use it, they are scammer

    Beware , They are scammers, I registered on cryptodroid and they choose Lexatrade as the broker, immediately I registered i start receiving phone calls from them almost every hour, I thought they were good, but I deposited $254 and the money didn't show up on cryptodroid app , I contact them they keep saying that I should deposit more money to use it or I trade manually, so I decided to trade manually and after I lose $55 , I decided to withdraw but for three weeks now, they stop respondin

    FXRGKpxy7047 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw TMGM
    Expose the fraud broker

    The fraud broker doesn't allow u to withdraw funds It only allows you to top up money, not withdraw coins, there are many requirements,

    FXFXPocy2321 Published in Egypt
    Unable to withdraw InstaForex
    Refusal of withdrawal

    This broker took my 3140 South African rands.And refused my withdrawal

    FXOOBmks5701 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw HapFover
    Unable to withdraw

    I have tried to withdraw money several times but there is still no news. I hope this platform will give an explanation.

    FXRRLdjp7022 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw SpotterFxPte
    They registered many acocunts in Facebook. Pay attention


    FXOSFwuu5757 Published in Japan
    Scam OANDA
    Fraud broker. Unable to withdraw

    Trap u into this broker, you can make money from small funds, and you can also withdraw normally. Follow-up urges to increase funds. After the funds are added, you can’t withdraw funds, saying that the account is at risk, and 30% of the account balance must be paid to remove the risk. It’s too dark to withdraw money normally

    FXKTAqeh4190 Published in China
    Others InteractiveBrokers
    lots of complaints.

    Many clients have complained about the poor customer service of this broker and so their queries remain unanswered by the broker.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw huanqiuhui
    Unable to withdraw

    Find the customer service on the platform to recharge the US index, and then let the fixed investment of 300,000 return to 30,888, and the cash can be withdrawn after the fixed investment is completed. After the withdrawal, the account did not arrive, and I asked the customer service that it was a delay in the banking system. The third-party platform, the Banking Regulatory Commission, monitored that it was frozen, and half of the account amount had to be paid before the withdrawal was possible. But i think it's a scam

    FXUUOcvd8303 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Ethusdt
    I can't withdraw funds

    After asking the police and the bank about the freezing of the account, it was found that the account was frozen as a fraud. When I tried to pull it out, I received the following email. Non-payment reminder date: 2021-06-19 13:43:39 Dear customer, your payment has been rejected. Amount: 100000.00 Reason for rejection: You have not paid the final 6 million yen deposit to ensure that I receive an email. Said your bank account information, so we are temporarily unable to provide you with withdrawal conditions.

    FXNVUgrn5205 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw PaxForex
    Withdrawal problems.

    A client has claimed he cannot withdraw his money and he may never get his money back. He warned others to stay away from this broker.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw TR
    My withdrawal has been pending for a week

    The withdrawal is said to be 2 days, but here I start withdrawing from April 18th. I haven't received the money yet. Ask for support via online chat. They just said they will follow up. I don't know if there is a way to follow up. The amount is quite large.

    FXCWGnfq0819 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Fraud broker. Unable to withdraw. Many people have been cheated

    You can only deposit money, not withdraw money. They make u believe that you can make money here. The inducement fund has increased from a small amount to a large amount. A large number of people have been fooled. I am one of them. I hope that the platform can severely punish them and help us recover the loss as soon as possible!

    FXKTAqeh4190 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ANC
    Unable to withdraw. Keep delaying

    I have applied for the withdrawal for a month. And they said that there was a problem with my superior agent. Asked me to upload the video of the hand-held ID card. I uploaded it and asked me to answer the phone to confirm the information. I also answered, but I still can’t withdraw the money. . Call their official website, no one answered, call their verification information return call, but no one answered, QQ is now set to refuse to add

    FXQJUlhd6610 Published in China
    Scam CUW

    I am a full-time mother and I have an eight-month-old son I'm going to set a feast in December this year. My mother-in-law said that we have to pay the wages by ourselves. I was afraid that I would not be able to save the money. So I joined an investment platform and said that if I invested 10,000, I could earn 100,000-300,000. I was too anxious for a while and believed the result. Later, I charged a commission fee and paid the commission fee and collected the guarantee fee. After paying the guarantee money, I received a 5% sale amount and paid 5% of the tax return amount. % After filing the tax amount, I had to collect an exchange rate difference of 30,000. I found out that I was completely out of money before I went to call 165 to report to the record and make a transcript. I know I'm damn I'm just too greedy to get something for nothing Actually, I knew right now that I was very broken. I was worried about what to do. Will my husband divorce me, will my husband want me to wait…. My sister took me to file for the record. After finishing the transcript and returning home, I still feel very depressed. My mother has scolded me, and some of my sisters also told me that they wanted to tell my husband about this, and I can’t hide him, so I called and told my husband today, I told him everything, and I also told him. I am very sorry for him, but my husband said it’s okay. I think I can afford it. Don’t cry anymore. I really think my husband is very good to me. I also want to make up for everything. The total amount I was scammed this time is 185,000 yuan. I know that maybe my amount of fraud is neither too much nor too little But it was also the money I tried to save for months... Thank you all for your patience

    FXLRNatk4787 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Ethusdt
    Ethusdt is a fraud company

    After asking the police and the bank about the freezing of the account, it was found that the account was frozen cuz this is a fraud. When I tried to pull it out, I received the following email. Non-payment reminder date: 2021-06-19 13:43:39 Dear customer, your payment has been rejected Amount: 100000.00 Reason for rejection: You did not pay the last 6 million yen deposit to guarantee your bank account information, so We are temporarily unable to provide you with withdrawal conditions, this company is a liar

    FXNVUgrn5205 Published in Japan
    Scam Tickmill
    You can't withdraw funds after profiting

    0.07 handling fees have been required

    FXCQSjxp0942 Published in Thailand
    Scam Cooper Markets
    Malicious slippage. Unable to withdraw. Expose this fraud broker

    Exposing the cpm team of Cooper Markets, the serious slippage of the cpm brokerage caused all funds to lose, tampering with back-end evidence, and not withdrawing funds, causing severe losses to investors in many countries and regions! Please remember their looks and expose the world to prevent more people from being deceived!

    FXBOOthd0701 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Sunton Capital
    I can't withdraw my money

    Everything went smoothly at first, and the recharge or withdrawal went smoothly. I want to withdraw until June 28, 2021, but I can’t. CS explained that I had no transaction before, and I had to withdraw the transaction the night before. Finally, I traded on the evening of June 29, 2021.

    FXLIRarb4655 Published in Indonesia
    Induced Fraud

    They claimed to be a problem in the Mt5 application, and attached an email stating that the situation of the application does not allow the closing operation. Another one Images, they don’t allow me to close when I can opt out for a profit

    FXISMhhk3520 Published in Costa Rica
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    I wanna withdraw funds to retrieve some losses whild I couldn't login. And the customer service manager is out of contact.

    I have been investting on this platform since 2018, and I have lost a lot of money intermittently, and finally I have some money to recover some of the losses, but the official website cannot be logged in, and the customer service manager cannot be contacted! What's the matter? ? ?

    FXBLAala0673 Published in China
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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