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    Scam RIFA Markets
    You can't run profitable, otherwise, you just want to get banned for the order!

    You can only lose money here, you can’t make money, and you can’t run profit. Otherwise, you’ll just say you’re scalping orders and you will be banned.

    FXWOCsqc9117 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Forever Golden

    This site a friend of mine introduced me to it,she was lucky to withdraw after deposit i was unable to withdraw....i try to contact them....no customer care their telegram group was locked.they change their company name...unable to withdraw since july and it still pending site still open

    Yuanjin Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw IQ OPTION
    I can't withdraw

    I was introduced to this app by several people, I initiated the app and started using it but to my surprise the app was a total fraud, I tried withdrawing from them but it wasn't working, I can't even login again. so then I left the app.

    Davidade Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Fake ORBEX
    withdrawal problem.

    On March 5, I sent a request for withdrawal of funds in the amount of $ 6718.77. I received only $ 6506 in my bank account. When contacting the support service, they answered that the commission was charged by the card provider. I checked with my bank, no commissions were charged. I want to return the remaining $ 212.77. I have funded my account and also withdrawn funds using a credit card.

    FXGWGteb2439 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw YForex
    YForex must stay away

    The first time I deposit money and do foreign exchange, I encountered the killing pig plate. The screenshots I took were all the killing pig plate routines. Later I searched on the Internet and found that they are all the same routines. I suggest you to check the foreign exchange killing pig plate This kind of thing can help me avoid detours. Fortunately, after I checked it, I didn’t fall for him. He is still anxious after breaking him down, so be careful!

    FXWOCsqc9117 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw FX CRYPTO TRADING


    FXVANtva8615 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Trade245

    My first withdrawal requested date on 23-03-2021 they rejected and asked me to provide documents. which i have already provied and that Approved Again i requested on 25-03-2021 that rejected and got email from company to request withdraw on Skrill instead of Bankwire. Again I requested withdrawal on 26-03-2021 , 29-03-2021 then 01-04-2021 All rejected without any carouse.

    FXCABoxc1126 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Binary Options
    Scamss Lost my money

    Two months ago a binary options broker cheated me out of $5000. When I asked to withdraw the funds, I never heard from the broker who was very helpful when I started. I would like to get my money back from this fraudster. Looking for a service to help me to recover my money!

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines

    We'd like to give these scammers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they don't know they're involved in a scam. Either that or someone who's down on their luck might resort to desperate measures to earn a bit of extra cash. Either way, I made a deposit and made a trade in a few months. And after that All my money was lost and this Micheal Clyde was not replying anymore and can't contact him anymore.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam Plutus.pro
    Beware of Plutus.pro And RUN AWAY!

    I came across the Broker and their account manager Dante Lynch. Dante Lynch presented and offered a completely safe and secure trading on behalf of the client. I made an agreement with the Broker about investing with them but only with fixed monthly withdrawals. Not to skeptical in my eyes except then they didn't want to provide any contract, their license and didn't want to provide a physical address. The first month went smoothly, and i wanted to withdraw my profits until Dante decided to not stop trading. He opened an additional position after i requested for withdrawals, and suddenly all the profits that he made went to dust! I cancelled my withdrawal and let him recover the losses. He suggested to open an stock account to extend the minus in account. However, that trade went 6k in minus and now the account was 80% in minus. I reckon that trades in minus are normal when the setup is well calculated that I never doubted, however, it was a time of my withdrawal and instead of some apologies I got an account in minus and no sign of guilt from his side. When I complained and wanted to hear from the Broker, I never received an answer. But exactly a year after speaking with the Broker for the first time, I have 24k euro less, 14.5k being a true robbery. And 24k is A LOT OF MONEY.

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Scam FXCC
    Did not process my withdrawal request!

    FXCC did not process my withdrawal request for more than 11 months . The amount is 38718 USD. A screenshot of my withdrawal is attached. I have tried to contact them many times but they do not reply to my E-mails or messages in the past 6 months. A screenshot of the opened ticket is attached. I strongly believe they do some fraud or scam business. I've tried to explain to them that I will proceed to take legal action against them but they told me my account is with a different branch. This shocked me as I understand that they've transferred my agreement and my account hidden away from me . Worthy to mention that they do not have an active licence in Vanuatu to give forex services. E-mail from VFSC is attached. However, they lie in their agreement that they have the licence number 014576 (clause of 2.2 in agreement) I have attached the agreement and the screenshot of that false information to decide customer. Also in the footer of their website FXCC.com they mention this false information to mislead customers that they have an active licence in Vanuatu which is totally false. Screenshot of the website is attached. As I understand, they try to escape from Cyprus laws and regulations and take their customers money. They have two websites and all non-EU customers are directed to the Vanuatu island website. (it depend on your IP). Now I am trying hard to open a court case in Vanuatu and Cyprus against the Broker for their criminal and fraud action for not returning my fund.

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Deriv

    my account was fully verified and after i make profit they blocked my wallet for withdrawals, they deleted my data and request again the documents. I have send the documents and they dont reply, after i contact in live chat they delete again the documents and say their software does not acept my documents and also treating me if i dont upload they can suspend my account. i have sended all 4 times and they refused which before i made profit they had approved! THEY ARE A SCAM BROKER THEY DONT ALLOW TO WITHDRAW!!!!CONTACT THE REGULATORS AND THEY WILL STEP IN AFTER THEY HAVE A SEVERAL COMPLAINS!!! DONT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY. I CAN DISCLOSE THEY SCHEME COMPANY.

    FXJNAtoj3723 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw BOT

    I invest 200,000 Naira direct to the trading bot @jmchuyjm : Selling BOT which will burn your account whenever the price goes very up or very down. Its just a suggestion that do not do any business with these guys on telegram. This is to help other traders for forex not to promote anybody. Thanks

    FXYGHkwx9868 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw UFX

    On 15.JUL.2015 I was trading EUR/ CAD pair at UFX and I made 7571.36 USD profits. The same day I get email from their employee (VikyG@ufx.com), they deleted my profit (7571.36 USD), in connection to section 9.6 terms and conditions. So they claim there was "NO QOUTE" on the market in the time of my trading. NO QUOTE means I couldnt open deal, but I did, so they are wrong!!"

    FXQRBkoc6667 Published in Nigeria
    Scam IQ Option
    I was scammed

    I was introduced to this app through my friend on Facebook and i deposited 3000 naira till now i was unable to get my money back, please stay away from this app.

    FXAEIhkt0085 Published in Nigeria
    Scam FBS

    do not open account in scam brokers because at the end you lose your nerve and money im very sad and in a trauma for my hard work and trades that has not a good end because this broker is

    FXITHjms3489 Published in Nigeria
    Scam OctaFX

    I saw an advert online about octafx and I decided to give it a try, well an agent from octafx gave me a call because I inquired about it. I later sent 2000 to him and he blocked me on all platforms.

    Davidade Published in Nigeria
    Resolved OctaFX

    I trade on the app but unable to withdraw my money.

    smartbright Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw GlobalTrades-FX
    keep demanding money

    I started to deposit R1000 and they said I must deposit another one because that one is small I did so deposit another R1000 after 1 day this girl who was helping me said I can withdraw I did so and I made a mistake so she said I must pay R3000 because my account is frozen I did pay it after some days when I asked about withdrawal she said I can't withdraw because they lost signal on my account I have to pay R5250 in other to retrieve it I pay that amount on Saturday she took another R3200 says

    FXAVFiem0005 Published in South Africa
    Severe Slippage IQ OPTION


    FXMLQmpw5061 Published in Nigeria
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      • Severe Slippage
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