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    Scam Expert options247


    Published in Nigeria
    Scam Investment Solutions

    I was scammed in this platform Invest. Sol.that ask me to invest 10k and i unable toget it but [007c] get 2k for them they told me togive my acct. details, that within 4hours iwill get double of it, at that time they said i need to deposit 3k to make it 5k that thetrade is high but i don't have anyone moneyand [007c] go back to group and i remember tomessage of other participant and i told methe same thing they told me to do since the time i message him back he block & clear the chat history...

    HorlaThao Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage IQ OPTION

    This broker are manipulating the chart, they are thieves.... please stay away. They maneuver the chart. check screenshots below

    Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    ThinkMarkets is a SCAM.

    My withdraw is still in process after 2 months. My account manager is not answering my emails or my calls ThinkMarkets is a SCAM. Once you transfer money to your account is gone forever. Every thing is good, until you try to withdraw, after this point no one will answer your emails anymore.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw ALANFX
    They broker my trust.

    I trusted this broker since last year. But now I lost my trust. I have been waiting for them to process my withdrawal request. I am loosing hope. Looks like a ponzi pyramid scheme, where they are either waiting for new client money to pay old client's money or they are short of cash altogether and delaying bankruptcy.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw iForex
    This broker is a legit scammer!

    They use a combination of tactics to ensure your money is gone (even when you’re profiting one way they will find a way to minimize or spike your stop loss). Their best used manipulation method is the games they play with their spreads and the way they increase those spreads as they please (reaches over 350 pips at one point). They will do price hikes that are not seen in any chart and suddenly your money is gone without a trace. Help me report this Scammers.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    They are a fraud company.

    I was contacted by OctaFX after I responded to there promotions that I saw on Facebook. They asked me to open up an account with $500 and then another person called me every night at the same time to give me “training” on how to trade via software that was down loaded onto my PC. I make trade on 3 Months but when I request for withdrawals they refused it and rejected my requests.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam Bull Sphere
    Total scam

    i was happy the day i was introduced to this broker, i thought it was a life changing not knowing I'll be duped after depositing the sum of $35 as a student to make some money, their customer service blocked me i couldn't reach anyone, was glad when i heard this app can expose some forex brokers and happy i search and found Bull sphere . they scam me kindly expose them

    Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Binary Options
    They transferred to another department together with my money

    After my previous review in July, this is what happened to me. I have made 6 withdrawals of 16'500 4 times, 21'500, 110K USD ( I had 22,000 in my account). All of them were cancelled with various excuses. Never got a penny. I had long discussions with the Analyst, Binary Option one day informed me that Richard Brown was transferred to another department. Now I can’t find someone to ask about my problem.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam FXOpen
    FXopen Scam

    I have posted previously of the poor quality of spreads of Fxopen.com and the "dramatic" rollovers with them. They did offer some moderate compensation last year on that issue. Over the past year though they have started arbitarily blocking withdrawal options without notification. And the site information and clients agreement provide misleading information. Essentially it is not possible to withdraw anything from them. I feel it may well be arbitary towards me. I have offered settling.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw OLYMPTRADE

    I have gone through one of the most hard time from last 4 months, I was working as company's partner to earn from commission, i signed up at their site almost 1 year back when their manage Alberto found my number through signup, he called me asked me if I want to work with him I accepted as he offered good benefits and he sent me another link to open an account so I signed up and then started working, didnt make much from commission maybe some 100 USD in an year, so i decided to stop as that was nothing, he called me after couples of months and told me that he has got my account better commission now and I will get really good amount, so I started again and this time commission was really good, I started making some hundreds thus started promoting them and stopped working with all other companies, but nightmare came when i tried to withdraw 4000 USD of my commission,

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw FxBay Live
    scam zone

    i was unable to withdraw despite having enough in my account

    FXJDUuuq9209 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw ipcforex
    Scammed by a company called IPCForex.co

    I invested into Forex for the first time last month using MT5, made a little bit of money, and when I went to withdraw my money, because it was just over 10,000USD, it triggered some "advanced certification" feature. ipcforex.com (might have to type in trader.ipcforex.com) said that I had to recharge 4000usd to complete the "advanced certification" in order to be able to withdraw my money, so I did. After fee's were taken out, the amount that went through was 3999.20 and they failed me for 80 cents and said that I needed to send them another 4000. I said no, they still have my money, and now I'm here. Please help! The money they are refusing to let me withdraw is all I have after losing my job due to covid situation last April. I am here because I don't even know if I can trust the various fund recovery companies that are out there. I have many more pics if needed. Thank you all in advance!

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Forex Limited
    Forex steady global limited steady168 scam

    I also just got scam by this broker steady168, met some guy online said from hongkong, we talked and he introduce me to MT5 and steady 168. I first deposit 5k and on my first trade i made 1100$. I able to with 2 twice, first 500$ then 4500$. Then this guy keep encourage me to deposit more and more money in which i said i cant, he transfer me 2000$ from his account which i got a message from customer services saying i have to deposit 3000$ for risk deposit. I did and on monday sep 13 with this guy instruction again, i made 11k in profit and want to withdraw money out and customer service said now i have to pay personal income tax 30% of the profit. That trigger my suspicion because I never heard a thing as such paying personal income tax before withdrawing. Then i search on google and found this post. Now i cant withdraw any money out. My account will be freeze and deduct 10% if i do not pay the personal income taxes. Now i lost my 11k, feel so shitty to get scam

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam FBS
    After i made 3 deposits they froze my account

    I was called by an agent claiming the company was legit that all I had to do was make a deposit and start gaining so I first of all made a deposit of 400usdt which they said it's not enough so I had to make two extra different deposits after that when I tried to login they sent me a message that my account has been frozen

    FXIATtat8003 Published in Nigeria
    Others OCTAFX

    Hello I'm Samuel, a newbie to the forex market. my first broker is octaFx, but I noticed something conny about the broker today. I had 4 ongoing trades and when I clicked on my trades, I saw only one, at first I thought it was bad network, so I didn't really bother much not until I clicked on the next icon and saw that my trades have been ended? my newly funded $5k account is currently $3k because of the trades losses. I'm pretty sure this was done by the broker I'm gonna quit octaFx.

    Published in Nigeria
    Scam ipcforex
    Scammed by a company called IPCforex

    I invested into Forex for the first time last month using MT5, made a little bit of money, and when I went to withdraw my money, because it was just over 10,000USD, it triggered some "advanced certification" feature. ipcforex.com (might have to type in trader.ipcforex.com) said that I had to recharge 4000usd to complete the "advanced certification" in order to be able to withdraw my money, so I did. After fee's were taken out, the amount that went through was 3999.20 and they failed me for 80.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Scam R-FXInvestment
    Scam don’t investment

    I lost 500 euro scam society don’t license trading operation in lost don’t open the account

    FXOUPown5991 Published in Italy
    Unable to withdraw SA Stock
    They are using convincing tactics for scamming!

    I got a call from someone in this company named Usama where he introduced himself and convinced me to deposit money. Then someone named Shadly started to call me. he said that if i deposit 1000$ he will give me 300$ as a bonus and we trade with this amount and if i loose the 300$ i will withdraw the money. Later on he told me to deposit 1500$ more so he can help me daily on trades but i only deposited 500$. We made profit our first trades. the amount was 2500$. I wanted to withdraw the whole amount and stop trading because i was risking a lot of money on trades with no stop loss. Shadly called me and told me to wait for the end of the month. he then opened several loosing trades in one hour and the amount became 750$ and if i haven't closed the trades manually it would have vanished. And so i stopped trading and it's been like 3 months and i'm writing mails to everyone in the company and no one is replying.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam SA FOREX
    I lost a lot of assets.

    A typical fake investment scam! I am a victim of this kind of scam, that girl, I am deeply involved in this Ponzi scheme, I can only say that these scammers are very good at their work...As far as I am concerned, I am allowed to withdraw a small amount. Funds, I think this is to build my trust... They sucked me up, after all, I didn’t get my capital after I finished talking...

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
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