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    Unable to withdraw ORBEX

    Deposit twice in November, 119,800 in total. And profit 564,747. But when I withdrew funds, I had to pay 113,000 for wrong card number. I realized I was cheated so I refused. And this platform was closed in January. I hope everyone can know the true color of this platform, free from being cheated.

    FXXHUobu9540 Published in China
    Scam GIB Capital Group
    Induced fraud. Unable to Withdraw

    We shoukd get together and call the police. They induced investors to invest with no withdrawals. Polish your eyes, guys

    FXBXPwfu0638 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BTCUSDT
    Restrictions on withdrawal

    I waited for them to fix my account or refund me my money after sending me a few messages on how there is an issue with my account which is why i can't withdraw. The only other time they respond is when I leave a negative review on the site for them. I made payment in October through Bitcoin, over 2 months now & haven't got any help from their support about my account even after seeing it make profit from the trades. It's been plenty of time to at least get a text or call to say they're working on my account. I've sent an email with screenshots and everything and NOTHING from them still. As far as I'm concerned, it was all a scam, it made me open a scam case with financialrecovery.tech and they were forced to refund my initial deposit first and then the profit that was accrued to my account. BTCUSDT is one of the most dishonest Financial companies I have ever come across and i hope their tactics are completely exposed.

    FXPXBigj6044 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ZYGJ
    The fraud platform gives no access to withdrawals

    Unable to withdraw. And ask for money with various reasons

    FXSOBmhl7210 Published in China
    Others AxiCorp
    Axitrader induced clients to trade and manipulated their information.

    1.The customer service canceled all my tradings, claiming that I am not qualified to be an investor. 2.Order No.: 52174954 On April 8th, I withdrew 10 thousand dollars, which was refunded on 298th, causing huge losses. 3.In July, 2017, the emailed me that I could trade any derivative product. In last October, I was induced to open the account for trading, losing 156 thousand dollars again. 4.When I logged in to the backstage, I found another 2 extra accounts, 472783 and 448716, and an extra contact 1312****789, which are not mine. Axitrader manipulated my information inexplicably.

    FXITWgxp3262 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    Unable to withdraw and cloe my account

    I was asked to pay 20% of the commission before withdrawing. I paid the commission to withdraw. There was no news from the customer service that day. Close my account after 20 days and now I haven't received the remittance for more than two months.

    FXSKBhfi7519 Published in United States
    Scam IG
    Fraud platform scams! Easy to deposit but difficult to withdraw! Now we can't log in for website maintenance!

    The first time I said that my account was wrong, I heard that a woman named Liu Yuxi paid a deposit. The platform added 1 to my card number and modified it. After that, it was not possible to withdraw money, and I was asked to pay for credit score. Now the website can’t be posted. To expose this scammer team, what makes you profitable will only make you ruined!!!

    FXLJUkkk4596 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Uee International Limited
    Unable to withdraw

    You can only deposit, but you won't be able to withdraw your money. I applied for withdrawal last Dec. 11 and 14, 2020, I have been waitin g for a month but I still haven't received them. Their customer support even told me before that withdrawal process only takes 12 hours, what a big scam!

    FXXSGhva9335 Published in Philippines
    Please return my hard-earned money

    Why did someone use my account to place an order after the withdrawal? Please check the platform and return my hard-earned money Contact customers countless times without reply

    FXRATgds6812 Published in Malaysia
    Resolved morningfx

    Hou Kewei, a salesperson of Xi'an Yingxing Investment Management Co., Ltd. posted false information everywhere to deceive me into depositing fund. I did not follow the trading logic to make orders and caused me to lose more than 6,000 US dollars. The trader was agreed in advance to be responsible for the 50% retracement. After the liquidation, the trader Hou Kewei Ignore it and do not give account compensation. I hope everyone will not be deceived. Claiming that you are more professional but actually you are a bunch of scammers! Pay attention, guys

    FXEVIcco1882 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Vantage FX
    TP Slippage

    TP Slippage

    FXHLSkpp3189 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    Onoka is a big fraud. Stay away from this platform no matter where you meet this!!

    I met him via soul on January 15th. He said that he opened a clothing store in Singapore and graduated from Wuhan University in the financial industry. We have much totalk about, and slowly talked about his major, because I also learned some financial investment, so siscussing this topic with him, he said that he made some investments on MT5 and could teach me how to operate. I was a little wary, but I had never played foreign exchange, so I wanted to give it a try. He asked me to recharge. I charged 1,000 US dollars in the name of no money. He took me to play once, and he did earn more than 100 US dollars. The next day he told me that there was too little money and asked me to continue to recharge. I knew it must be a liar, so I didn’t recharge. But when I went to the customer service to withdraw funds, he said that the turnover was not enough for 100% of the balance, so I myself After finishing the two orders, I also made money, and the turnover is enough, but the customer service told me that because of the suspected turnover, the account was frozen and needed to be recharged to unfreeze. Haha, there is no unfreeze that needs to be recharged, 100% crooks, Share it, I hope everyone will be careful, there are too many scammers now, and I hope these people will be brought to justice.

    FXVNEean8453 Published in China
    Others HXPM

    HXPM changed its name to BanXingHuanQin 8BX. Now we can't log in

    FXULLatd8042 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    110percent Scammer!!!!

    Beware of this Site, this is untrusted maybe you will meet a person from one of onokaforex and make friends to you and will tell u that he/she can help you to trade and make more profit bla bla. Please dont you ever believe that person or better automatic blocked that person.Beware of this guy he used Willy as his name. Please check all phtos below. I still have cash in my mt5 account but onoka dont allow me to withdraw all my cash, when i ask help from customer service its always Shows on the picture below.

    FXLQInbb4732 Published in Philippines
    Severe Slippage GEMFOREX
    Abnormal slippage of XAU/USD

    The slippage was widened, making lots of traders to lose money

    FXKADpvr4239 Published in Japan
    Resolved WWM
    Cheated by the online boyfriend to invest forex

    This person asked me to do this when we were in the so-called relationship, saying that he could make money and then he asked me to participate in activities, and then I couldn't withdraw my money. I have to recharge 200,000 to withdraw my own money. I have topped up 5000 yuan now

    FXNEYqos5380 Published in China
    Severe Slippage LIRUNEX
    Transactions lag with severe slippage. Suspected manipulation

    There is a serious problem with the order, and the slippage is great. When closing a position, it always prompts that the quotation is invalid, and prevents you from closing the position at a profitable point

    FXLNDkos4641 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FXCM
    Apply for withdrawals on January 19 but someone used my account and placed an order on January 20, maing my positions wiped out. I continued contacting the customer service but no one replied

    I withdrew money on 19/1/2021 But on 20/1/2021, someone used my account to place an order, which caused the money in my account to burst. I kept contacting customer service and there was no reply. Please give me an explanation

    FXRATgds6812 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw HSBC

    Someone adds WeChat to ask you to help him invest, saying that he is a civil servant and cannot operate, and then slowly guides you to open an account and recharge, and finally you cannot withdraw funds

    FXPOXpfs6393 Published in China
    Scam EIG
    Criminals EIG are now DUPFX

    This company is still operating as DUPFX, same man Li Juan Guo aka Teacher and his so called brace Amy or Xiaomi. They will convince you to invest then he manipulates MT5 (spiked) to show you profit until he knows you have no more money to invest, then close your account and clean you out. Stay away from here and DUPFX. Picture below

    FXTXXrii7993 Published in United Arab Emirates
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