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    FXIKUfjs3240 Trader
    Released in China

    Cheated by AOC

    Someone who recommended stocks called me and I agreed that he added my WeChat this August. Then I was invited into a group chat of stock guidance. There was a teacher called Yansong Wu in this group and analyze the stock market for us. I thought it was for free and I can improve my stock techniques so I listened his lessons. After teaching us for a period, the teacher founded a live streaming and asked us to sign in and have a lesson in the live streaming. An assistant was invited in the group chat to open an account of the live streaming for us. I took a class everyday and I bought a stock which the teacher recommended and profited a little that made me convinced by him! Songyan Wu said he was going to lead us to buy digital currency which was popular now. The staff Lu Wang of the customer service in AOC was recommended to us by the teacher. The teacher asked us to buy a new digital currency which just entered the market. I hesitated while the stock which he recommended before was pretty good so I opened an account and deposited near 20! The major currency was AICA and so on which were sold by this platform. I followed the instruction of the teacher and the customer service. I thought it was difficult to play a new but we all succeeded. I didn’t think it was a trap! And I fell into the trap! The value of the new shrank sharply so I applied to sell the new and withdraw. But both of the two were frozen. I asked the teacher and the customer service, they said I can’t sell the new, this operation would affect the market. Then it came to nothing. I still can’t withdraw now.

    The following is the original
    今年八月份的时候,有个人给我打电话说是什么推荐股票的,我当时没多想,就同意了他加我微信,然后我被拉进了一个炒股指导的福利群,群里有个叫吴延松的老师给大家免费讲解股票行情分析等内容,当时想的是反正是免费的听听也无妨,说不定还能提高炒股技巧。吴延松讲了一段时间的课之后,开设了一个松霖阁的直播间,让我们去直播间听课并且签到,拉了一个助理到群里给每个人开设了直播间的账号。我就每天在松霖阁直播间听课,期间老师们推荐的一个股票,我跟着买了还小有盈利,这让我对老师更加信服! 讲了一段时间,吴延松开始说准备带我们做数字货币,说现在用数字货币已经是主流投资产品,于是推荐了一个AOC数字资产交易平台的客服王露给我们,让我们在这个平台跟他打新认购数字货币,我当时犹豫了一下,但是看之前老师推荐的股票确实不错,我也开户下载APP入金了接近20跟着打新!主要操作的就是AICA等币种,都是平台自己发售的新币币种,我全程都是跟着老师和客服的指令,本以为很难中签,但是操作之后感觉基本都能中,群里的人也都是,我还以为是自己运气好,没想到早已经落入圈套!之后我账户里的持币价值开始急剧缩水,申请出金和卖出都是冻结状态的,找客服和老师询问,他们只是跟我说一些什么不能卖啊,会影响市场之类的话就不了了之了,到最后我账户里的币还是无法出金!



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