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    FXLVPdjh4437 Trader
    Released in United States

    AF index used other people's photo to win trust, inducing to deposit in the platform and trade

    Add you on the internet and use handsome man's photo. Induce you to register in AF index in the guise of experienced trader. I was almostly cheated, and then I found out that the guy used other's photos. Please pay attention to this! I am not going to put the photos here to protect portraiture right of the innocent person

    The following is the original
    AF Index 盗用别人照片,骗取信任,诱导去该平台充钱进行黄金现货交易
    用ins上别人的照片假冒帅哥,先在网上加你,然后冒充很厉害的黄金现货交易者,先聊人生聊理想慢慢诱导你去AF Index注册,注入资金,交易。我差点被骗,最后发现此人是盗用了别人的照片行骗。请大家注意防范!如果有任何ins 账号为,此账号照片皆为他盗用别人ins账号照片,所以照片我就不放了,保护无辜者肖像权。



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