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    Released in United States

    Counterfeit EDDID killing pig black platform,Beware of scams

    Please be careful. They will find people to enter on major social platforms, and they will lie to you. Planning a node to win stably. Start with a small recharge and make a profit. After you make a large recharge, they will find excuses to say that you will win if you recharge more. What kind of activities are you going to do? Welfare deceives you to recharge is a means of scammers. When you want to withdraw money, you will find various operations that violate the rules and ask you to pay a fine. Just not let you withdraw money. Be careful of this scammer. The contact tool is to use WhatsApp to remember the phone number at the top of the picture. Don’t be fooled (anything that can’t be downloaded normally on the Apple store is a fake platform). Beware of scams.

    The following is the original
    假冒EDDID杀猪盘黑平台大家小心了他们会在各大社交平台找人入场会骗你说什么规划节点稳赢开始是小额充值之后有所盈利后会在让你大额充值会找借口说充的多就赢的多还会搞什么各种活动福利骗你充值都是骗子的手段等你要出金的时候会找各种操作违规叫你再交罚款就是不让你出金大家小心这个杀猪盘黑平台 骗子联络的工具是用WhatsApp记住图片上方的电话号码大家千万不要在上当受骗了(以图片app为准) https://mmbizurl.cn/s/zhvO5L9HE 这个是假平台app下载地址 https://mmbizurl.cn/s/Urwdjz4Ci 这个是假平台网页版地址 网页地址会通过几次跳转完成打开页面,此黑平台还在运营中,里面25万无法出金不交钱就被封号,大家小心不要被骗
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