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    Released in Singapore

    The victim of Ding Sheng exposed Ding Sheng

    Unable to withdraw since two months ago. I've paid the commission but the contact dissappeared. If u meet the same situation as me. You can't leave these frauds and brokers alone. We should report them by media with 0 tolerance. The so-called famous analyst, Xiaohan Chen, is a fraud. And I will keep reporting about him. You'll see. You will be punished one day. You can click this URL to know more about this fraud broker. http://www.wikifx.com/tw_zh-tw/newsdetail/202103026084115783.html

    The following is the original
    新手段老千集團DS investment 受害者發出血淚控訴
    已经2个月了到现在都无法出金,佣金都交了,联系人马上不见,在这里如果您和我也是同样的遭遇,那千万不能放过这些老千和这个黑平台,大力宣传出去,找更广泛的媒体来揭发这起事件和这个黑平台跟这些老千的联系方式等等,大力曝光出去,坚持到底继续揭发他们。绝不能容忍,那些所谓什么著名的外汇行情分析师都是假象,那位中国著名外汇行情分析师陈晓寒,我一定把你挖出来,我会继续发布更多和揭发你的行为,你等着看吧。你会得到你应有的惩罚,在这疫情期间还这样行骗真的师完全没有人性。不得好死。请点击这链接了解这黑平台的新手段 http://www.wikifx.com/tw_zh-tw/newsdetail/202103026084115783.html
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