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    Unable to withdraw Evast Prime
    Fraud platform, can’t withdraw funds after profiting

    I invested here. When I lost money, I can withdraw funds normally. But when I profited, the platform blocked my account and said that I operated illegally. I bough and sold all through the mobile MT4 APP. How can I break the rules? I asked for accurate explanations but the platform just ignored me. Block my account without any communication.

    FXLBTemd4718 Published in Taiwan
    Others RiseHill

    The agent of RiseHill, Ying Yang, beguiled customers into opening accounts in RiseHill in September, 2018 and gave adverse recommendations making customers lose money. The deposits were transferred to personal accounts. Did the money flow into the market? Is it a scam? The agent shrank the responsibility on grounds of losses. Request processing! The WeChat of the agent was closed.

    FXKWSnop4256 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OG

    Cheated by OG. Can’t withdraw funds after depositing many times. I hope you can help me get my money back

    FXUUOjkt8376 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BOC
    Unable to withdraw

    My account was frozen because I offered the wrong info. And I was asked to pay the same amount money as my withdrawal and upload my ID card photo and bank card photo. I don’t listen to him cuz I don’t know whether it is true. What should I do?

    FXHEHigx3092 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Atallia
    Attalia calibrate with hotstarmarkets

    company have no option for clients to withdraw

    FXOXCxji5852 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw FXPRIMUS
    Can’t withdraw funds at all

    Please do not believe this platform, free from being cheated. The web said you can withdraw within few days but you will realize that you can’t withdraw after you try

    FXLHOaqo4617 Published in Malaysia
    Scam PF Capital Ltd

    Swindle me of $7,000. Now can’t log in to the web and the money is gone.

    FXUFQhvj8211 Published in United States
    Resolved ANC
    Can't withdraw after profiting. Just count loss-making orders. This is a fraud platform

    Can't withdraw after profiting. Just count loss-making orders.

    王炸 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw SMFX
    Fraud platform gives no access to withdrawals

    You can deposit but can't withdraw funds. The platform asks customers to pay confirmation fund on grounds of wrong bank card number. After that, it said customers should pay margin for abnormal data. Don't be cheated by the fraud!

    FXPPCmlb6012 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw STC Trade
    STC Trade gives no access to withdrawals

    Can’t withdraw funds since November 15.

    FXGAXpjn2621 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw
    BBVA is a fraud platform

    Beguile customers into depositing. When you withdraw funds, you’ll be asked to pay money with varied reasons. Now the platform is closed and gives no access to withdrawals. Be careful, free from being cheated.

    FXSHApab7202 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Pepperstone
    Just count losses!!! Unable to withdraw

    I deposited 115,000 USD in Pepperstone and traded normally. At first, I lost some. But later, I profited over 140,000 USD. After that, I lost thousands of dollars. In the end, I profited 139,653.94 USD in total. But when I wanna withdraw funds, I was only allowed to withdraw 113,171.13 USD. They just take loss-making orders into account. I asked the customer service but they just said this decision was made by the company without an explanation. And their attitudes were so bad. Later, I called their company in Australia in which their answer was so ridiculous. They said I manipulated the market with 115,000 USD, so the profit should be deducted. I asked them, how can I manipulate their prices when I trade according to their rules and prices. But they didn’t change their decision which is unreasonable. I keep emailing and calling them. But they said they don’t need to explain it anymore and I should accept the decision which hurts me a lot. Do you think it makes sense? You have lost your credibility

    FXRMProf6916 Published in United States
    Others IQ Option
    Looks Cheating

    System lagging when you trade and the customer service always said that the network is the problem

    FXDHIfaw1543 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw BEHERO
    Withdrawals can’t arrive!

    The withdrawal of November 10, 2020 hasn’t arrived yet

    FXLUVtms4465 Published in China
    Resolved Xnzt666
    The withdrawal can’t arrive. Ask you to wait without an exact time

    The withdrawal can’t arrive. Ask you to wait without an exact time

    FXPOEigt6178 Published in China
    Beguile customers to deposit and scalp to make accounts forced liquidation

    Beguile customers to deposit and scalp to make accounts forced liquidation

    FXLYQnaw4542 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw FXPRIMUS
    100 percent unable to withdraw

    Don’t believe what is written on the web that you can withdraw funds in 3-7 days. In fact, you can’t. Listen to advice from me, do not use it.

    FXLHOaqo4617 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Withdrawals are unavailable in USG

    This situation continues for three months. And the customer service always said this is because that their regulator was changed. Pending and waiting

    FXPWQtqo6073 Published in United States
    There is some problem with the price of this broker

    I've deposited nearly $200.

    FXOBCsqo5945 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw STC Trade
    Unable to withdraw

    Why doesn’t the platform help us solve this problem?

    FXAEYrcd0274 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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