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    Unable to withdraw QIVIUT
    I couldn't withdraw money, and I paid a fee according to their explanation, but my account was frozen.

    They didn't inform me about the account freeze. I made a confirmation deposit of 20% for withdrawal according to their explanation. And I also deposited the handling fee, but they froze my account. Without any evidence or explanation.

    FXIWHfgs3206 Published in South Korea
    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire
    Richness Empire! Scam... stay away!!

    I have traded with the platform twice before... this time the platform told me that my area belongs to Australia because the platform has updated the system test.. It is temporarily not supported to withdraw funds to Australia.. But if I top up my account balance before 22/1 With 20% ($13440 usdt) deposit, I can apply for withdrawal. After paying the deposit, I was told that the system has generated the account quadruple turnover details by default.. I need to complete the quadruple turnover details or pay 5064 usdt to become their platinum member to be exempt from the turnover restriction. Otherwise, my account will be frozen.. Now I don’t know what to do...I need the money...Is there any way to get the funds back? I don’t know the so-called platform...I am afraid to pay more money!

    FXRGEdsw6852 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw TMG
    Unable to Withdraw from this Unregulated company

    I invested into TGM Markets late last year and made some profits. I had a though time trying to get out $50000 out of my balance. I have been in similar situations with other scam companies so i filed a chargeback through Assetspoor(Assetspoor.tech) and got my money. What really baffles me is how there are so many Unregulated Forex companies and people keep losing money everyday. We need to take down TMG Markets by all means. They have no good to offer

    FXOQKmsm5975 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw TMG
    I've called the police. Victims should get together.

    The APP is not downloaded, it is a link of the QR code. From the beginning of opening a position of 100,000, I feel something is wrong if the position is not closed we can't get the money. The following routine is that the bank card is wrong, the bank card is changed, and the information does not match. Then there is a 50% deposit. I called the police last night. I am trying to stop the loss... although it is difficult

    FXNQVqfs5273 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TMG
    Beguiled into depositing funds without withdrawal

    Ask for tax and margin but in the end, you are unable to withdraw funds! I was cheated of over 900,000

    FXHSWrsc3048 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FIBO Group
    The withdrawal hasn't arrived

    Delay withdrawals with many fimsy reasons. The customer manager has been out of conatct.

    FXPEYwds6191 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TigerWit
    Unable to withdraw. Return my hard-earned money

    They haven't processed my application for withdrawals. Please solve my problem.

    FXAUNfwi0250 Published in China
    Resolved ThinkMarkets
    There was a gap of 150 of GBP

    No such candlestick on other platforms.

    FXUVNjxb8319 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    GTC doesn't allow people to withdraw funds

    GTC said the format of bank card number was wrong but I was checking many times when I filled the number. The customer service asked for 15% of the withdrawal amount to modify my number, which means I had to deposit over 500,000 to withdraw funds. The women who beguiled me into investing here pushing me to borrow money from loan sharks. The following pictures are just part of my transfer

    FXPLKlxm6381 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw alpha2trade
    Report on alpha2trade for not allowing customers to withdraw funds.

    Report on alpha2trade for not allowing customers to withdraw funds.

    FXDYLaee1536 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved XSpot
    Can't open the software

    Did it abscond? Is it just like PTFX?

    FXTHGpxf7947 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw To Markets
    Can't withdraw funds after profiting

    This is the worst platform that I've ever seen. I profied $3,000 but I was unable to withdraw funds. They would close your account. Stay away from it!

    FXJNOpjo3800 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    Stay away from this paltform

    That is, they will teach and guide you through the entire withdrawal process. The teacher will teach you how to apply for withdrawal. Later, you really have money to enter your personal account, but there is very little money. The old Qian asked me to withdraw USD 100 under the guidance of the old man. No commission was deducted. But behind them, they had arranged the calculation to wait for you to get caught and fell into the trap. At that time, the friend asked me to manage her account for a few days, he also applied for a withdrawal. Later, I saw the money in her MT4 account (that is, just a number). There really is a deduction. Simply put, their method is to act in front of us and make you a show. They used the method of putting a long line to hang a big fish to ask the public to be more vigilant. If you are facing this matter, please report to the police station immediately and expose their evil deeds. Here I want to tell the two Chen Xiaohan and Jiang Wenjing (Sophia). Don’t you feel ashamed that your evil deeds will be condemned by God and you have done so many bad things? Everyone is a parent. Please cheat others' hard-earned money like this. You know that some people are waiting for money to treat illnesses or continue to use money to support their families. Don’t you dare to bear the hard-earned money and lose contact now? Scared? I don’t have the courage to hide behind and do something shameless. May you be judged by God one day. May you all live in prison until you die. If you still have a little conscience, please return my principal to me. Still waiting to support the family! You ignorant, unscrupulous people who don't know about humanity at all. I will keep revealing that you keep revealing all the personal data of Chen Xiaohan and Jiang Wenjing, DS Investment Limited. Please be vigilant, everyone. Thank you.

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    Stay away from this platform

    It happened to me. It happened in mid-October 2020. An unknown girl who claimed to be doing a travel business in China suddenly came to WeChat on my mobile phone and said that I had asked about travel before. The unprovoked information must be false. Later, I played with her until mid-November 2020. She told me to let me take charge of her MT4 account for her. A few days later, she gave me her so-called "teacher" phone number and I contacted me. The man who claimed to be a "famous Chinese foreign exchange market analyst, Mr. Chen Xiaohan" later told me to be a master. At first I didn’t believe it, so I continued to play with them. Later, I asked if I wanted to make a deposit operation. At that time, I had plans to invest but It’s not on their platform. I want to invest in stocks. Later, under their high-end methods, I started to deposit with the lowest amount (USD 1100). Later, after a large amount of temptation and profitability, every single transaction was victorious. It was really an exaggeration. I made a deposit again and made a total of 4 deposits and was cheated (USD 10000). Until February of this year, before the Chinese New Year, I had to apply for a withdrawal. The old man Chen Xiaohan and the friend I knew not long ago induced a lot of nonsense. Teacher Chen Xiaohan said that because I was introduced by a friend, give me a discount and give me a 15% commission. Originally, I needed to pay USD 8560. After the discount, I only need to pay back USD 7350 to withdraw (the profit plus the principal is 56780 USD). Then I told Chen Xiaohan I don’t have that much money and I can only pay half of the commission. Later, he said that he was going to apply to the company and said a lot of nonsense. I asked him to deduct from my profit. He said that he couldn’t ask me to deliver. Right, here is the means to expose them. They will use different remitter accounts to allow you to remit money. There are 5 remitters all over Hong Kong. Most of the friends who are on WeChat are those who scammed for a few days. They used fake accounts to deceive people. Tell your own story. The whole family thing is very real. You can’t tell if it’s true. Please keep your eyes open. They are also likely to have many black platforms and many contacts to cheat. If you encounter something similar Please keep people standing up and telling everyone your manager’s means to stop them. Expose them and let the world expose their nausea. It’s really a black-hearted fraud. USD 13000. Here they will also use a very clever means to make You think it's true... . . To be continued (cannot be published because the content is too long) Please follow Story 2.0

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw OBEX

    Unable to withdraw unless you become a high-level member.

    FXNRUfug5445 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw AF index
    Unable to withdraw in AF index

    Tax was needed when you apply for withdrawal. And the customer service said my appilication would be reviewed, and it cost 1-4 days. But it hasn't been finished yet. The customer service juat ignored me, too.

    Elf1234 Published in United States
    Scam Wanzhou Gold
    Deposit funds to their personal account but after that they disappeared

    At first, they told me that their system need to be upgraded. And then, the yjust disappeared.

    FXPBWosc6084 Published in China
    Scam CGS
    There will be rakeback if I follow their instructions to trade.

    At the beiginning, I can get 550 if I dpeosit 500 and 1100 if I deposit 1,000. Recently, I was told to invest 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000. But I didn't have enough money. Howerer, he asked me to borrow some money

    FXKYTuac4312 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Since 2 months cant withdrawal

    Once again its not possible to withdrawal my money. They told me that their bank accounts are locked and we I have to wait.... The question is until when[3f][3f][3f][3f][3f]

    FXGOJwth2787 Published in Greece
    Unable to withdraw BDSWISS
    This is a clone firm. When can I get my money

    Fraud. I am unable to withdraw funds after I deposit funds. Is there any department to regulate it? Or can I get my money back?

    FXYHXgrd9774 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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