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    Unable to withdraw FXDD
    FXDD defalts on agent commissions, $12,000 in total and prvents agents from login. Agent account: 111046

    The commissions was over $12,000 from last September to October. But I was told that I can’t withdraw funds in November. And then my commission account was banned. I emailed the platform but they just ignored me. Shameful

    众赢返佣网 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw JINRONG
    Unable to withdraw

    What should I do? Every time I wanna withdraw funds, I was prevented with various reasons

    FXUFPlel8173 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CAPSTONE凯石
    What should I do?

    Can’t log in let alone withdraw funds. Why? Give me a reason!

    我怎么办 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw huiyuan capital pty ltd
    Unable to withdraw

    Keep pending. No one cares about this issue. I hope 20% compensation can be executed as we agreed cuz we invested with credit card. If we can’t withdraw funds, we will go to extremes.

    FXOLPerk5750 Published in China
    Severe Slippage FP Markets
    Severe Slippage

    Severe Slippage

    FXQAKvub6412 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw huiyuan capital pty ltd
    Unable to withdraw. Scam. Huiyuan and Haisheng absconded together

    At first, we were told that the withdrawal channel was broken and under maintenance. But now it can’t be opened. They said there would be compensation but we haven’t received. Now they just ignored these issues. All money was gone

    FXNOBhpy5548 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Mex Multibank Group
    Mex Multibank Group scams

    Unable to withdraw. The fraud beguiled me into topping up via bitcoin. Prevent people from withdrawing funds on grounds of 20% individual income tax.

    FXATEgkw0009 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw 24option

    From September 2020 I have deposited $10000 without receiving any payout. Everytime I want to withdraw, a new fee or activation fee is required. Will it be possible to get my money back? Please help?

    FXCIKoxi1156 Published in South Africa
    Severe Slippage BTCUSDT
    Market manipulation. Ask for more money

    I deposited $35,000 and profited $200,000 within an hour. But when I invested more money, I lost more.

    FXILJrpw3597 Published in France
    Unable to withdraw Antforex
    Unable to withdraw in Antforex. Account is frozen. Fraud group

    Antforex is a fraud platform

    FXREOcvv7184 Published in China
    Scam Exness
    Fraud platform

    Unable to stop loss

    12315 Published in China
    Scam Tate Prime
    Scam broker- can’t withdraw

    They will lead you to trade and make profit as it seem, induce you to deposit more money, when you want to withdraw they make up all type of reason to pay them first : pay commission, pay tax, pay anti-money laundering margin... don’t pay anything because they will never release your money... they only play with your emotion. cruel bunch of people, deserves to be flush down the toilet..

    FXUTOcsw8051 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw AMAFX
    Unable to withdraw

    A girl who claimed to be white, rich and beautiful built a relationship with u via dating app and won your trust to induce u to deposit funds. I wanna try the withdrawal function after I deposited funds for the first time but my money can’t be withdrawn. And 50% certification fee and investigation are needed for suspected money laundering.

    FXVGIkxn8628 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ZYQH
    Prevent withdrawal with varied reasons

    I operated in ZYQH, http://www.huachenfis.vip/. I should reach the designated lots when I first withdraw funds. But I didn’t trade enough as for the exchange in the second time. Later, margin of 10,000 was needed for high risky account. And another 10,000 was needed to open another account to withdraw funds. After all these things, a manager said $5,000 was needed to activate the account. I paid. I paid over 300,000 om total and I hope the relevant departments can check on these fraud platforms strictly. Website of the living room:http://xncj.suer18.com/

    FXGESctw2735 Published in China
    Others West Capital
    WEST, fraud platform. Absconded

    Don’t be cheated or invited to a group chat by him. Lead u to invest A share and make u earn some money first. And then they cheated u that they would launch new currency and asked u to play the new and lock it. Give you fake numbers but they can manipulate all things, Withdrawals are abnormal, it’s a Ponzi scheme!

    FXJOLelw3702 Published in China
    Resolved ICB Capital
    Coinbase would not release my money.

    I have a huge amount in my account but I can not withdraw, now my account is blocked.

    FXPFPeyw6286 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Onoka

    I met a woman on a date app.They pretend to be friends with each other, saying they will increase profits through fx margin transactions. If I say I don't have any money, I give out some of it for you. They want to put more money together if they earn profits afterwards. At the last minute, she makes me submit my card payment instead. The platform takes issue with this and refuses to withdraw money. Attached is a photo of a woman. Everyone, be careful.

    FXOXIneq5966 Published in South Korea
    Unable to withdraw Binarymate

    There is a binarymate and fxbinarymate. I signed up for binary mate but in the end fxbinarymate managed to intersepmy account. At 1st I did not notice because they look the same, but when I tried too withdraw I had to pay multiple times to get a code. I had to pay in my Luno account, but everytime there was an excuse. I started with $250, its now on $141 000. Oh I wish this was true. After a year+ they offered me withdrawal again but have to pay $100. I have paid $3 500 already for "codes"

    FXHFIxla2978 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    Unable to withdraw.

    This is the fourth question. I followed all your guidance, but I can't withdraw funds in the end. The customer service said I have to pay 25% expenses. And they are sorry for the inconvenience. All problems should be solved by money. But I don't have enough money. What should I do to get my money back?

    FXKNImyk4004 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Dukascopy
    Dukascopy prevents customers from withdrawing funds and keeps asking for more deposits

    We reached an agreement that 50% was deposited to withdraw funds but 4% was needed the nest day. It's a scam

    FXSLOpyu7298 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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