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    FXLOPxvu4428 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Withdrawals fail. Induced fraud

    Don’t allow you to withdraw funds. Every application failed and then we were induced to apply for withdrawal again
    However, my account was frozen after I had applied for withdrawal again because I applied many times and I have to pay NT $60,000. I feel like I am scammed.
    Besides, my personal income tax and cross-border transfer charge haven’t been returned
    All my money is blocked in the account. They push me too far

    The following is the original
    出金失敗 誘導欺騙
    各種不讓出金~每次申請都是出金失敗然後誘導我們重新在按申請出金 重新按申請出金後 平台直接凍結我帳戶說申請過多次出金造成帳戶異常要繳納6萬平台幣才能解凍 我覺得根本被詐騙了 重點我該繳納的個人所得稅跟誇境轉帳手續費都繳了也不退 我錢現在全部卡在裡面 他們實在有夠過份 欺人太甚
    Unable to withdraw



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