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    Scam IQ Option LTD
    binary iq option Thobela Themba

    He wanted i send him close to R15200 to trade for me and that i will get my money 23 October 2020, i started on the 19 October to send R4000.00 and then Thursday 22 said i should top-up with R11 200. afterwards i will withdraw on friday, but on friday didnt get anything, now he say I should send R5000 for cost of withdrawal, he say he is a trader. Please help me to recover my money back.

    FXYEAfok9630 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw KENFORD

    The KENFORDGLOBAL broker certainly a scammer organization to manipulate candle price and the CS act as a scam employee who ask me to give the MT account no to be traded until the balance deducted -$260 for available to withdraw the rest of the balance, and finally you guys can check the candle price i attach in this report and you can compare it with other broker which is at kenfordglobal they did manipulate the price till make your account bankrupt and they just gonna make some bullshit reason there was a sudden price. certainly they are garbage in Trading Industry, MT4 company should just reject their IP to be connected and traded in MT4.Becarefull i know KENFORDGLOBAL start from friendship in social media in Tinder, and they did use fake woman account or others to communicate with you and show you they able to gain alot in XAUUSD.You guys can check in your own broker and compare with the chart from Kenfordglobal that i already attach in here that show that KENFORDGLOBAL manipulate price candle as they like and show they are not a valid decent Brokerage.

    Ryanfrc Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Oinvest
    Hacked my 15000.00 dollars in just 20 days no withdrawal .

    Ashish.ra@oinvest.com asking a lot of funds without gain. Never allowed withdrawal.

    FXRRFdyx6958 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw NGL
    NGL absconded. Unable to witdhraw

    He is a fraud who has a complete fake profiles including company address, company videos, license and phone. He also pretends to meent you. Be careful since there are so many investment advertisements in many group chats.

    FXOGEtjl5695 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Grahamalpha

    I have an account with them with almost 5000€ in it. When I tried to withdraw my money they did not approve. They are not answering anywhere. My emails my calls my whatsapp messages Please help

    FXIBDqiy3272 Published in Saudi Arabia
    Resolved DS investment Limited
    Induced fraud

    I haven’t received the withdrawal but DS investment Limited told me to ask the bank. There is no reason to freeze the profit.

    FXXSHfjv9330 Published in Hong Kong
    Others MANNING
    Fraud platform. Wipe out my positions. Close my account

    There is a fake teacher giving recommendations. You can profit at first and then you are asked to add deposits. Your positions are going to be wiped out after few days.

    FXXWBbmd9468 Published in China
    Others eToro
    Close my position compulsorily

    I have two accounts here which were wiped out. I didn’t realize it till today cause I didn’t see my accounts recently.

    FXDFUfyj1211 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CF
    Trap. Freeze my funds.

    I can’t withdraw because they said my bank card information was wrong. But I entered the right number. I have to pay 20% of my account balance to modify my information. I think it’s a trap. What can I do to solve this problem?

    FXHHEnxl3010 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw PG
    The speed of withdrawal is slow

    Can't witdhraw for a week! The application is approved but the withdrawal hasn't been to my bank account!

    FXMBHinl4891 Published in China
    I was cheated of 300,000. The case is filed.

    I just filed the case. I was cheated. At firdt, I deposited over 100,000. Then I join in an activity called operator plan, profiting 950,000. I need to pay commission of 380,000. Pay commission of 200,000, we can withdraw 300,000. Then pay the rest commission of 180,000, we can withdraw all funds. Yesterday, I paid 200,000 commission but I can’t withdraw. I realized I was cheated. I called the police.

    FXIINrws3430 Published in China
    Resolved GHC
    Fraud platform

    Keep asking us to deposit. We haven’t withdrawn all our funds. How dare you to found a new platform cheating us??? This is a fraud platform!!!

    FXRGEhnc7106 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    A fraud platform. Can’t withdraw my funds of $100. Don’t be cheated

    I lost money here but I still can’t withdraw.

    FXAJUmpp0262 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GHC
    Fraud platform

    Unable to withdraw. Remind me of the wrong account.

    FXXQHxvh9289 Published in China
    Others Intan
    Account authorization failure. Can’t withdraw and no one answers me.

    Account authorization failure. Can’t withdraw and no one answers me.

    FXVUCvvq8651 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw RUIDA FUTURES
    Unable to withdraw

    A clone of RUIDA FUTURES. I began investing here since May. And lose over 50,000. I wanna withdraw but my applications were refused with varied reasons. Then I was asked to pay over 20,000 to withdraw. After I paid, they asked me to pay it again, but I still can’t withdraw. The other assistant, called Nana, cheat me of over 70,000. Later, the Director of Operations told me to pay 10,000 to withdraw all my funds. At last, the so-called leader of RUIDA FUTURES told me to pay 7,000 as a safety fee. They swindle you out of money

    大晚上 Published in China
    Scam JITAK
    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously. This 2 websites are the same. Avoid being cheated! Especially men!

    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously and gave no access to withdrawal! It has no record or qualification. Regulation number: 0527005 Australian License: 611849248. Even the qualification number is wrong! In addition, the websites of JITAK and JC, namely, https://www.jitakcl.com/ and https://jcmtfe.com/, are the same. Don’t be cheated. If you have the information of the fraud(profile, image, contact, etc.), send them to my email xueyu998@yahoo.com. I will file it to the court. The website, http://jitakscam.com/, is also established by a victim to expose this fraud!

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw BlackBull
    Fraud platform. Unable to withdraw

    Cheat you into depositing and paying margin. But you can’t withdraw. Don’t be cheated.

    FXBTGvfi0496 Published in China
    Scam TR

    Hossein Zahrat or Rick Kruse Michael scammed me more than 4150$,promising profit of 30600$,I have been always adked to deposit funds to enable withdrawal every imagibery fee has been asked ,to date have not recieved a cent from this scam broker The company says it located in Texas 15303N Dallas,#290 PKWY, Addison Texas, I am not sure whethr it true reflection. contacts +1 251 *** 4589 www.fxcryptomine.com email[3b]support@advancecryptowzrd.com

    FXXTXvqc9307 Published in South Africa
    Scam Libertex
    Freeze account

    They are shameless hustlers, locking my account. They said my withdrawal should be viewed but why don’t they check my deposits? If there is a need, they’ll burn your accounts. After a week, they asked me to offer the documents which they already told me to hand in. They are frauds!!!

    FXPNUuuv6261 Published in Colombia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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