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    Unable to withdraw AvaTrade
    Withdrawal is being reversed

    The claim to have processed my withdrawal. The funds keeps reversing and they claim that they don't see any fault from their side. I have contacted the bank and they are assuring me that the sender is reversing the funds

    FXENFemi1684 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw Huangding International
    I cant withdraw

    I cant make a withdrawal. They asked me to deposit a lot of money into my account with several reasons.1. They asked me to deposit of 1350 USDT to verify i am the owner of my account.2. They asked me deposit 2000 usdt for supervision Department.3. They asked to deposit 9500usdt to upgrade my account to Vip.4. They asked me to deposit 5000 usdt to verify my account again. Pls help to solve this issue.

    FXRETtwf7007 Published in Vietnam
    Disconnection of the server

    Can't log in in the morening. And a manager told me that my network was poor. I lost all my money because of this.

    FXHUKhog3005 Published in China
    Others IC Markets
    One lot as $3.5

    They don't charge $3.5 fon one lot, it's $5-$6. I bought 0.03 lot and they charged $0.16. You hsould think twice before you invest here.

    FXMDFprm5131 Published in Thailand
    Scam DS investment Limited
    Masheng starts cheating people

    Please stay away, avoid being cheated.

    FXPKRrci6256 Published in Macao
    Unable to withdraw BT Global
    BT Global is a fraud

    Scam. Must be punished. Fraud broker. Illegal fund-raising.

    FXHFStaf3012 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Alpari
    Account manipulation

    They initially ask for a standard deposit, then straight away ask for you to be placed on their trial account with leverage 1:20. Obviously, they ask that you deposit more money in order to trade or it will be impossible to grow your portfolio. They are pushy, aggressive but yet very professional at how they team together to get more money out of you. Then when you loose some money to bad trades as a result of their terrible guidance, guess what? THEY WANT MORE MONEY otherwise they can't grow your portfolio. We asked to withdraw but they said we weren't eligible.

    FXMIFyly5188 Published in United States
    Others hongyuan
    Fake MT4 without authority. Manipulate their market at random

    Fake MT4 without authority. Manipulate their market at random

    FXJCItim3760 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    The fraud group, DS investment Limited (MC Investment)

    Can’t withdraw funds at all. Once you apply for withdrawal, you can’t contact their staff.

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Resolved Premium Fx Option
    Scam too many fees

    Scam, too many fees, withdraw fee, tax fee, live chat support fee

    FXPXCxhp6166 Published in Canada
    Others TR
    So difficult to withdraw.

    It took two months to get my withdrawal. But there are so many people depositing funds here!

    FXRIJhjn7119 Published in China
    Scam Fake FXCM
    Fake FXCM is a fraud broker. Please pay attention. They prevent withdrawals with various reasons.

    I was cheated of 140,000

    FXGYYjmu2445 Published in China
    Resolved Narsq
    Withdrawal is too slow

    I submitted a withdrawal of $14,000 on March 1st and arrived on March 2nd. The deducted handling fee is $12. I hope that the platform can solve this problem. I hope that the account will arrive soon and the handling fee will be lower.

    FXCJUsnu0983 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    Unable to withdraw on ThinkMarkets

    The margin that the broker required was paid. But now they delay the withdrawal on grounds of abnormal account.

    FXEOKqhv1810 Published in Taiwan
    Scam LiteForex

    Copy Trade makes me lose money within a day

    FXYDKqsg9711 Published in Thailand
    Severe Slippage ForexMart
    Hit the TP but the position wasn't closed

    Hit the TP but the position wasn't closed

    ARI Published in Indonesia
    Scam Onoka
    Fraud induced me to invest with fake broker

    At first, we videoed chat with each other and then we chatted via ohone. He said he was a mainland migrant and now lived in Singapore. He claimed himelf to be rich. And he studied in Peking University and was good at math. He learned investment. So he attracted me to invest with him. I profited. But I can't get the money without adding more money. This is a scam. He told me that he withdrew a lot of times and then I asked him to give me his screenshots about his withdrawal. But he refused. I've lost $50,000. He pretended to help me but made my account become abnormal account and I had to deposit funds. He said all his family could get the withdrawal, and I am an exception.

    FXJLLgur3820 Published in Taiwan
    I lose $10K and those winnings it even ordered me to repay them back within 24 hours saying ‘your account is trading 100 lots of XAUUSD -USD3450’.

    I am doubting this is a authentic platform first it requested for a $6195 for a violation of making profits from the original investment and now they are asking for a return of $3450 for making a loss in their platform saying ‘your account is trading 100 lots of XAUUSD on 2021.3.1. Due to the large position, the position has been liquidated. At present, your account balance is negative-3450 USD. Please pay the negative account-3450 USD in time, the platform will pay Malicious fund or sue me!

    FXXIHpiu9403 Published in Singapore
    Scam WTI

    WTI LIMITED HK SCAM!!! WTI LTD SCAM!!!! KEB HANA BANK, 149-910010-96832, 181,Euljii-Ro 2-Ga,Jung-Gu,Seoul,Korea. 149-910009-76138, both bank account number scam!!! They have few bank account number scam!!

    FXATFtgk0182 Published in Malaysia
    Scam EMRFX
    Broker Scam

    I deposited $7,000. But since my 0.8 lot became 1.2 lot and my position was wiped out. Pay attention

    FXXGBaqu9466 Published in Vietnam
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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