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    Released in China

    Should one be removed off if he/she doesn’t add fund?

    Foreword: All kinds of futures trading platforms on the Internet have not obtained the approval of the financial regulatory authorities. They have not established relevant institutions to provide business services in China, and have not filed with the telecommunications department according to law,all of them are illegal exhibitions. Moreover, all types of entities involved in the futures trading platform, including domestic agents, propaganda agencies and investors, are required to bear corresponding legal responsibilities. That is to say, even if it is a legal foreign regulated institution, it is at least illegal to conduct business in China. The futures trading model carried out by Dogan International is a market-making trading, which is different from the futures and stocks, and one party will buy the corresponding party. Dogan International is suspected of providing illegal futures trading platforms to the public, and may even be a party to direct trading. It is considered to be a serious violation of the law, both as an athlete and as a referee. Remind everyone that the current futures virtual currency trading platform, especially some unknown foreign exchange platforms, often pretend to be advanced official website by buying relevant licenses and renting a server. Trading software is also counterfeit, costing a few thousand dollars per month. For traders who have not been exposed to foreign exchange and want to trade are doomed to fall into their pitfalls.In this April,I received a phone call from Dagon’s salesman,which I didn’t notice.They kept calling me and added,advising me to follow them on Wechat rather than follow their operations.At that time,I regarded it as a reference.Actually,I have stepped into their pitfalls.I found that the recommended stock was really on the rise.Since I was still vigilant,I have only deposited 50000 RMB.With teacher’s instruction,I made some profits of 20000 RMB.One day,they suddenly ceased.I asked what happened and they said that the company only allowed them to trade in the internal news shares instead of instructing clients.The benefit of short term was 20%-25% with 3-5 days delivery,but the threshold is 200000 RMB.I joined.At that time,the stock market was volatile,I made a loss of hundreds thousand of yuan.The teacher treated me perfunctorily with grinding reasons.Two days later,that teacher advised us to trade CHINA50, Hu shen 300 and Forex Limited to recover the losses.We were pulled into a live-broadcasting room without knowing that the member were all fraudsters.Then I made a loss of more than 100000 RMB within a week.They kept asking me add fund to earn doubly.I deposited more than 500000 RMB in all,keeping constant losses.I felt something wrong because the withdrawal was unavailable.

    The following is the original
    前言:网络上各类期货交易平台未取得金融监管部门批准,均未在我国设立相关机构提供业务服务,未依法向电信部门备案,均属非法展业行为。而且,参与期货交易平台的各类主体,包括国内代理、宣传机构以及投资者都需要承担相应的法律责任。就是说即便是合法的国外受监管机构,只要在国内开展业务至少是违规的。多乾国际进行的期货交易模式是做市商交易,它不同于期货、股票的搓合交易,一方卖出会对应一方买入。多乾国际涉嫌向社会公众所提供非法期货交易平台,甚至可能就是直接交易的一方,既当运动员又当裁判员,已涉嫌严重违法。 提醒大家,现在的期货虚拟货币交易平台尤其是一些不知名的一些外汇平台,常常伪装成高大上的官方网站,买相关牌照,租服务器就成型了。交易软件也只是租用了盗版的MT4软件,一个月租金或许只需要几千元。对于没有接触过外汇,又想要涉及外汇从中赚到钱的交易者来说,根本只能被玩弄于股掌之间。今年4月份的时候,我接到多乾国际一个业务员的电话,他们当时打电话给我推荐股票,我起初并不想理他们,但是他们一直不停的打,还加我微信。说只是让我关注一下,不需要我跟着他们操作。我当时想,那也可以多一个参考。看他们机构准不准。谁能想到,已经一步步的踩进他们早已布好的重重陷阱。刚开始,他们每天都给我股票资讯,也每天都在朋友圈更新盘中票。刚开始我关注了一下,确实都涨的可以,有时候还有连续几天都是涨停板的。我当时还傻傻的以为,他们机构是真的有很厉害的操盘手。当时还是有点警惕性的,所以就小资金5W块跟他们玩玩,然后他们的老师就带我操作,赚了一点小钱。那半个月,他们每天都带我操作。大概赚了2W块的样子。然后突然有一天,他们突然不带了,我就问他们怎么回事。他们说收到消息,有一支内幕消息票,现在整个公司都不带客户,专门带客户进这支内幕消息票。说最少20-25个点的收益,做短线,3-5天出货,但是最低20W起带。当时我咬咬牙,就跟他们进了。那时候正逢股市震荡大跌的时候,我也是蠢,听信了他们的鬼话,连续七个跌停板!亏了我十来万。出也出不来。问他们老师怎么回事,他们老师就各种搪塞,说什么贸易战,美市股票大跌,影响了中国股市。过了两天,那个老师主动找我说,现在股票不好做了,带我们做CHINA50和沪深300以及Forex Limited,帮我们免费把亏损补回来。然后我就在他们指导下开了户,拉我们进了一个群—天龙战队交流群,还有一个直播间。当时我并不知道这些,也不知道群里一大半都是托,直播间里面大部分都是他们的水军。我当时也是蒙了眼,不到一个星期,我又亏了10多W。他们就让我加大资金,翻倍赚。我前前后后一共进了50多W。总是想着赚回本就不做了。结果越亏越多,最后出不起本钱我才意识到不对。



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