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    FXICEhse3266 Trader
    Released in China

    hiifx is a fraud platform

    hiifx, a fraud platform, attracted customers by high profit which was fake. A series of tricks. The platform is located in Chongqing. You can’t post this matter on your moment or your account will be closed.

    The following is the original
    海汇国际黑网站 资金盘诱惑 诈骗 以假乱真 利诱高利润回报 国内的网站不停的变化没有稳定的。套路特别深,他们的地点基本全部在重庆那边在国内他们有自己的海汇国际银联卡,但是不能发朋友圈,一旦被发现就要封你的号。



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