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    Wilson5495 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Win your trust by relationship. Induce you to invest through loans. Can’t withdraw

    I knew the girl through Omi app. She said she came from Hong Kong and was trading in Malaysia now, working in KILCOR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT PTY LTD. Then we chatted on Line. She tried her best to win your trust and then told you that you have to learn to earn money by money begets money, only in this way, can you get rich. I searched about her company, and the company said it was regulated. However, it turns out that the regulators were all fake. Don’t be cheated. Be cause I wanna make money to buy house and get married, making her have an opportunity. They used Mt4. At first, they would let you earn some money. She knew that I wanna make money very much so she recommended an investment plan for me which can earn double profit. She said she would deposit money in our account. You can see the amount in your account but she didn’t deposit the true money, what you can see just a number. I deposited about $58,000, of course I lost all. The money is from my credit loan. I realized I was cheated this June and called the police. They are so clever that it’s very difficult to get them. Then I can’t log in to my account, but they said they were hedging, and the withdraws were delayed until the middle of August. And then said, wait. What’s more, you would be convinced that the platform was true when you showed some negative information about this company. In a word, you have to be calm when facing this company. The company used the same website page as ETROLAND FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD, hilarious. Besides, their phone number doesn’t exist. Later, she said she was fired by the company because she lost all the money when investing. Obviously, I can’t withdraw. Mind to be careful when you use a dating app. An advice for you, don’t deposit money until you see the girl.

    The following is the original
    先利用感情博取信任後 慫恿辦信貸卡貸進行高利潤投資 後續根本無法出金
    使用 Omi 社群交友APP與一位女子配對成功,對方自稱為香港人在馬來西亞從事外匯交易,在澳大利亞的老牌公司的吉隆坡分公司KILCOR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT PTY LTD工作,之後我們就改在Line APP平台上聊天,在聊天過程中對方會想盡辦法博取你的信任,接著一直告訴你要會以錢滾錢的方式賺錢,這樣才能抵抗通貨膨脹,才能有機會致富,我也經過多方查證對方公司,而對方宣稱公司是有牌照監管的,凡接受ASIC澳大利亞證券和投資委員會監管的,具有交易金融衍生品資格的企業,必須同時具有澳大利亞金融業務許可證(AFSL)和澳大利亞公司代碼(ACN),結果都是假的,千萬別上當。 因為想結婚想買房,剛好被對方有機可乘,他們會使用MT4平台,當你會第一筆金額時,會先讓你嘗嘗甜頭,因為對方知道我要買房,所以告知公司非常厲害的投資方案,有可以在1個月內獲得2倍獲利,對方也說匯錢到共同帳戶一起投資,雖然你看到對方也匯入一樣的金額,不過那都是可以使用後台數據機竄改資料的。而我共匯入約了58,000美元,想當然也虧損了這麼多的錢,而且還是信用貸款,同年6月的時候,我才驚覺我已經被詐騙了,也向警方報案處理,不過對方手法太強,基本上根本動不到他們一根寒毛,接著我的投資帳戶就再也無法登入了,而對方僅告訴我目前正在進行密集的對沖交易,所以要延到8月中就可以領到錢,之後又說要等到就可以領到錢。另外提醒,當你貼了很多網路上有關這公司的假資料給對方看時,對方一定會說服你這公司是真的,其他網站都是假的,總之一定要冷靜,千萬要小心這間公司,而且這間公司跟另外一間METROLAND FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD使用同一個網頁格式,這是非常誇張的,而且公司電話也都是假的。接著對方告訴我已經被公司解僱,因為投資失利,造成全額虧損,所以不但錢也賠了,對方也被解僱,想當然也無法出金了,所以切記,使用網路交友APP千萬要小心,然後給大家一個忠告「匯錢免談,見面再談」。
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