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    Released in Myanmar

    Scam. Unable to withdraw

    Attract you to deposit and promise there will be an analyzer for you. The contract said you can withdraw after paying 18% commission. I was told my fund was blocked by overseas tax bureau and I have to pay guaranty fund or my fund would be frozen and confiscated. Besides, the tax bureau would blacklist me. Later, the company said it was a mistake and I should go to Hong Kong to withdraw. I can get withdrawals with 18% tax fee every time since then. They kept shrinking with many excuses. The phone number of the front desk is a personal phone number... Be careful.

    The following is the original
    这家公司刚开始诱惑多入金后又诱惑委管合同给分析師做交易。虽然交易合同里写着先付完百分之十八的佣金后才可以出金。出金后又说被海外税局扣留资金 需要交纳担保金 要不然会被冻结资金然后充公 稅务局还要把客户列入黑名单。后来公司又说不是 需要本人来香港处理才可以 而且以后每出金一次都需要先付了百分之十八的税收才能拿到钱。一直找各种理由 而且公司的前台服务电话号码只是一个私人电话号码…提醒大家一下
    Unable to withdraw



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