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    FXMBVtto5019 Trader
    Released in Japan

    Need to upgrade to Gold VIP and taxes if u wanna withdraw.

    When you make a deposit, the platform will tell you that you need to upgrade to a Gold VIP, and you can withdraw normally. When you have paid, you can withdraw it again. The platform will tell you that you need to activate and then say that you need to pay taxes where you are. If you don’t pay, you can’t withdraw the money and you will keep saying a word to you. Please pay within a fixed time, otherwise the account will become unmanaged. At that time, you need to pay a deposit to reflect it! When I finished paying everything, I estimated that there were 50,000 Canadian dollars, and I thought I could finally withdraw cash. The platform gave me another reason to say that my account has been identified by Asia Pacific Anti-Money Laundering and I am a suspect of money laundering. I have to pay a 30% deposit of the principal to confirm that I have no relationship with the money. No matter what you do, this money has never been paid out. This money comes and goes. I invested about 200,000 Canadian dollars!

    The following is the original
    出金需要升级黄金VIP 硬性激活 出金需要固定性纳税 还污蔑欺诈
    当你提出金的时候 这平台就会告诉你 需要你升级为黄金VIP 就可以正常出金 当你缴纳完后 再一次提现出来 平台又会告诉你需要激活 然后又说 你所在的地方需要缴纳税款 你不交就不能出金 然后还会一直跟你说一句话 请你在固定时间内缴纳完毕 不然账户会变成无人管理 到时候需要缴纳保证金才可以体现 ! 当我交完了所有 估计有5万加币 以为终于可以提现了 。 平台又给我来了个理由 说我账户已经给亚太反洗钱鉴定了我是洗黑钱的嫌疑人 要缴纳本金的30% 保证金 才可以证实我与这笔钱不存在关系 。不管你怎么样 这钱一直拿不出 这钱来来去去 大概投了20万加币 !
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