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    Unable to withdraw Binary.com

    on 23 december 2020 i invested with binary broker by the name of lucky ikhlaas i invested R3000 at first then she asked for topup amount of R7000 then she asked for R5000 withdrawal fee then after she asked for my banking app logins so that she can link the accounts to make my profits payment but instead she stole R12000 from my FNB account up to this day she disappeared

    FXVITxrh8773 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw INPC
    Pay attention to inpc, a fraud platform

    The staff’s phone number is 15596446856. Here is its ads. Stay away from it and remember to expose it.

    FXIVVwiu3519 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FOGEE
    Use new coins to withdraw

    You had to pay 20% personal tax before withdrawing. If you disagreed, the tax would be taken from the funds. It was obviously a scam. And you had to pay 30% risk management fee ($3,800).

    Jade碧玉 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw INPC
    Fraud platform. Beware.

    Inpc was a fraud platform. Unable to withdraw. It did not pay commission to agents.

    FXIVVwiu3519 Published in China
    Resolved FOGEE
    Unable to withdraw

    I could withdraw when the trading volume was small or at loss. But when I make profits, they refused my withdrawal and asked for 20% personal tax and 30% risk management fine.

    Jade碧玉 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw ADSS
    Unable to withdraw for 3 times.

    It said transactions were illegal. The system was under maintenance. Customer service asked me to pay a margin of more than 20,000.

    FXOBOjup5641 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IFS Markets
    Scam. Unable to withdraw.

    I want to withdraw 300,000 USD. It said that my account was blocked and ask me to deposit 300,000 USD. It promised to complete the withdrawal in August. I asked about taxes but it said there was no tax. Several days later, it told me to deposit 90,000 USD because of high tax and other reasons. The balance in my account totalled 1,400,000 USD. I received a message that I was suspected to launder money with foreign assets. My account was going to be blocked. My friend encountered the same situation as me. They refused to provide any certified information or take the responsibility. Please do not trust IFS Markets.

    FXAXPvvj0382 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw EasyTrade
    Unable to withdraw

    Customer service and contact numbers are all embezzled. Fraud platform.

    FXCPXjcj0827 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Fraud platform

    I made transactions on this platform for 5 years and was unable to withdraw from 2019. Three of my friends withdrew $4,000 after losing, but it did not complete after one month. Beware of it.

    FXXFEeak9579 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Bairrada
    Unable to withdraw

    I applied to tax department because the funds were not transferred.

    FXGRFfrf2685 Published in Belgium
    Unable to withdraw Rodrik
    Fraud platform

    Unable to withdraw for more than 2 months. Its background was fake and never responded. It was found that Tang Haibo and his son were domestic traders.

    FXILUaru3462 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Smart Contract

    At first, they helped you to earn profits. When you wanted to withdraw, you had to pay 30% personal tax or you were unable to withdraw. Your assets could be taken away by them without your permission.

    FXDRUyet1534 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw HapFover
    Fraud platform. Unable to withdraw.

    A girl found me on the Internet and asked me to help manage her account because she had to take lessons. I deposited $4,000. But later I could not contact with her and my deposit was gone.

    FXRCSdeo6976 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Rifa
    Unable to withdraw

    The company convinced us to invest in order to get profits. When we wanted to withdraw, it asked for many fees. There were various excuse. Please stop deposit to avoid suffering losses.

    FXKRTgur4116 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw ForexChief
    Withdrawal failure.

    A client has his account blocked after he requested withdrawal of a petty amount.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Richness
    The female scammer Wendy from Hong Kong International Financial Center

    Please do not trust her or deposit. You will be unable to withdraw.

    FXNRWuxn5286 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Jiasheng International
    A Chinese scammer on Tinder

    I first met him called Kong Ruilei on Tinder and chatted on Line. He led me to foreign exchange with his rich characteristic. He provided me $100 to deposit and I gained $10. The next day I deposited $150 again and gained $30. The last day I deposited $100 and he gave me $2,900. I gained $14,800 so he asked for $3,000. When I wanted to withdraw, I had to pay 5% tax, $744. Finally, I lost $1,500,000.

    FXNBTwqx5510 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw RoboForex
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited on RoboForex but was unable to withdraw because the application was under review.

    FXIVRjhv3430 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FREE INVESTMENT
    This is an absolutely scam company

    It is impossible to withdraw any cash >$10,000. Avoid this platform at all cost.

    FXODSopp5702 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw CREDO TRADE

    I was cheated of 100, which was a large amount for me. They blocked me in all ways.

    FXNBYvbo5382 Published in Venezuela
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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