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    Others OctaFX
    Octafx not crediting my deposit from two weeks

    Hi my name is Syed usman Shah. I am trading on octafx from more than 6 months. On april 12 i deposited Rs40000 which is equivalent to $261 but they have added only 32.75$ which is only Rs5000 i told this issue to support many time they always says our finance team is working on this issue and As soon As possible the will resolve this issue but they haven't able to resolve it so finally i came here after contacting many time to support but they are unable to solve my issue.

    FXNXCnfd8928 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw TR
    after an initial deposit they refuse to allow me withdraw

    I was invited by an admin of the site he told me if I make a deposit I will gain more and I will withdraw it in matter of no time it will reach my wallet balance so after I made a deposit I tried to make a withdrawal but didn't pay me for more than 3 days now when I try to talk to and I do mean they blocked me the really scam me

    FXIATtat8003 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw XGLOBAL

    Hi I am Khitish Dash i deposited $500 to the X global markets but then i tried to withdraw my profits then they rejected my documents and then i given another documents will full verified still they rejected it again and again and finally they blocked my account and blocked my email.

    FXXTXxxf5741 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw Blueberry Markets
    I have been a victim of a scam with blueberrymarke

    I have been a victim of a scam broker with the name: BlueberryMarkets. When I had wanted to open an account, I spoke to an employee on their live chat and was explicitly told they were an ECN broker when I asked about it. Screenshot of the chat transcript is attached below.

    FXLPUnhm4145 Published in Nigeria
    Scam IQ Option
    I was scammed

    I was introduced to this app through my friend on WhatsApp and i deposited 16000 naira till now i was unable to get my money back, please stay away from this app.

    FXAEIhkt0085 Published in Nigeria
    Scam OCTAFX

    Hello i deposit to octa fx at 2 september , first transaction is 1950 usd, and second transaction is 1999 usd, i used eth to deposit, and i always use this, i hv deposit 8 transactions and 6 succds, and just yasterday this 2 transaction is not arrived at my wallet, its already 24 hours and my fund still not arrived at my wallet I always transfer to the addres that octa fx gave me,

    FXNXCnfd8928 Published in Nigeria
    Scam ipcforex
    Scammed by a company called IPCForex.com

    I invested into Forex for the first time last month using MT5, made a little bit of money, and when I went to withdraw my money, because it was just over 10,000USD, it triggered some "advanced certification" feature. ipcforex.com (might have to type in trader.ipcforex.com) said that I had to recharge 4000usd to complete the "advanced certification" in order to be able to withdraw my money, so I did. After fee's were taken out, the amount that went through was 3999.20

    FXLPUnhm4145 Published in Nigeria
    Scam IC Markets

    Hi everyone, I strongly believe that IC Markets is carrying out a combination of price manipulation/Leverage sudden changes/Swaps increases in order to liquidated your account by what ever means necessary. On the 9th of March; couple of hours before my account was turned to zero; I had multiple hedged trades and my marign level was in excess of 650%, and I wake up couple of hours after (I didn't have a full night sleep and woke up after maximum of 2 hours); I see my account has gone from.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw IBF
    IBF scam alert

    I have been in contact with IBFX for several weeks trying to close down my account. I originally thought I had transferred the money from Zions bank, a bank which they use to transfer funds, Into my personal account. However I sent them my personal banks ABA number. Zions bank said they rejected the transfer due to using the ABA routing number of my personal bank. They say they do not have the money. IBFX says They do not have the money. My account is now empty and no one will refund my money. I would have never had thought this would happen with a US broker. I expect it from form cyprus bucket shop but not with a broker such as IBFX. I will scream here until I see justice and my account properly funded. IBFX you have been warned.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam Capital Index
    Scam Capital Index Forex

    Nothing is good about capital one, All staff trained to scam, When you request a withdrawal the staff who claimed to be your account manager will switch and an unknown staff will take you up again to find a fault with your trading. they either say the bonus they gave was added to your capital instead of equity. They may even find fault with your deposit method or trading method. These are the different types of flimsy excuses they gave all our clients we referred. They even refused to pay any clients that made deposits via us as IB. They do this because they are not registered nor REGULATED. some 23,000$, 12,000$, 5000$, 1000$. All clients that made deposit through us as IB were denied withdrawal including their deposits. BEWARE!!.We have all these proofs in JPEG.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw iForex
    iForex is a scam

    iforex is a big scam and is run by a few youngsters from locations like Greece,Ukraine,Russia and USA. They do not even have a permanent mailing address posted on their website. This is a gross violation of the law of any jurisdiction and even tax havens like British Virgin Islands. Their employees are ill trained and have poor communications. . This is a gross violation of the law of any jurisdiction and even tax havens like British Virgin Islands. Their employees are ill trained and have poor communications.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam Option Trader24
    Trader24 is scam

    They gave me a bonus and said you can withdraw your profit at anytime, there’s no volume traded restrictions. After I deposited and made some profit they said I can’t withdraw. After speaking to them they said you can withdraw but only once however I spoke to them again that this was not the agreement when I opened an account after making so many calls I decide to withdraw my $1000 deposit and emailed them to withdraw my $1000, there was $1600 in my that time $600 profit. They took $1000 from my trading account but I never received it. I made many phone calls but could not speak to the right person I emailed one of the senior manger they took $600 profit from trading account as well and sent it to my bank account, I never received $1000 deposit. Trade24 is scam, fraud and very bad customer service, do not open an account with them, if you have an account with them withdraw your money immediately.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Alpari
    ALPARI-RU an BIG SCAM Broker

    Alpari RU Scam me about 2 mount ago and i send more then 10 complaint but they don’t accept my request and tell me about business roul not broken i trade 0.1 Lot size and left the trade but when i got daily confirmation Email i see they wraith 1.0 lot size and i loss about 2500 USD and they don’t accept they mistake i send my log zip file and they answer and my daily statement replay and all in a zip file to view all and show how much they SCAM US and we never can do a right compliant all people doing trade with this Broker But when they see loss in him side doing this action and always losser are US . Now I have this information and want someone help me in this way If they are really regulation in some where why they don’t answer our complaint and always in Broker side ? I want Just show You Alparu ru (alpari-forex.com 2) is An scam Broker site and keep this complaint and never want they accept this is a folk of them and 2500 $ is a big money for a trader working with 0.1 lot size after this i told to everybody trade with Sweden or Switzerland or UK or US .

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Zhongrong
    Zhongrong is a scam!

    if somebody is signal provider in Zhongrong,go away as soon as possible,simple because you will never take your own fees,I was cheated with 1500 usd and all that after I kept all their rules,absolutely all of them,stay away,some greek guy tried to explain some bull**** like-don’t worry,your next payment will be ok…bla bla,but couldn’t say why I didn’t get my own money?!in fact they cheated me Just want to warn everybody who’s wasting his/her time with Zhongrong,they are just cheaters,STAY AWAY!!!

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam JetCapitals

    I lost in JetCapitals 4000 USD.

    FXGFSksm0206 Published in Poland
    Unable to withdraw AvaTrade
    Ava Trade is a scam

    I can advise people to stay away from AVA, this is because they have own dealingdesk, and this dealingdesk main purpose is to wipe your account out. Futhermore, when you want to deposit it is sometimes easy. But when your account is almost blown up, they delay your deposit just long enough so they can drain your account by spiking prices. Also the helpdesk is a real joke. There is practicly no useable support. And if you want to withdraw, prepare yourself, this will costs you alot of money. And can take very long, sometime you never get your money, and then they make up some rule why they dont want to pay. People who write positive reviews about AVA, are just braindead of have their own share in AVA. I can advise after lossing several thousands of euro’s. I tried to get some support from AVA several times, but their english could be more clear and understandable. I have just 1 advise, stay clear of this SCAM broker, because that’s what they are. Save your money on the bank.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam JetCapitals
    I lost in JetCapitals 4000 USD. I transfer credit

    I lost in Jet Capitlas 4000 USD.

    FXGFSksm0206 Published in Poland
    Unable to withdraw IB

    I beg you all in the name of God, dont ever trade with Interative Brokers. They are worse than the devil… They wont give me my $7000, i worked hard to earn that amount trading almost 24hours, i asked for withdrawal, they begin stupid stories… They claim they are regulated by cysec… Amy Parker one of the top people in interactive option, was with iOption that went bankrupt before, she knows all about this crime they are committing… She ran with people’s money @ iOption… If you have money there, better take out your funds, they wont even give you. and if you know anyone that wants to deposit with this thief broker, advise them not to ever… Because you will be trading for this company and not yourself… you will make money and they wont give you. Devil is nicer than this company, thats how bad they are…

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OLYMP TRADE
    The account is frozen and only the principal is withdrawn

    at first, everything i traded on the Olymp Trade platform was smooth and there were no abnormalities. However, when i applied for a withdrawal, there was a problem. The Olymp Trade platform claimed that i violated the clause that "all information provided during the account registration period and during the execution of the agreement is true and reliable" and froze my trading account. The platform said that they only refunded the my principal of USD 1,000, and the profit of USD 1,300 could not be withdrawn.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Doo Prime
    withdrawal not given by broker still more then 4 month

    it's a scam broker I show you the screenshot. I am withdrawal my money $16861 on 11-06-2021 but it not success or they did not contact me still now not receive my money till now. if you can help me to recover my money I can give you 30% of my money. plz help me , my account register with suryassec1@gmail.com and my password is Litu9438. login to it.

    FXDHUgoe2108 Published in India
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