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    FXRXEmag7118 Trader
    Released in Hong Kong

    Unable to Withdraw. Induced Fraud

    I saw a picture of a person with the account name goodwillhunting.90s buying and selling Bitcoin on Instagram. Through communication, he recommended me to buy and sell in RELY and would teach me how to buy and sell. Deposit 200,000 in RELY on December 30, 20, and start trading Bitcoin on RELY on the mt5 platform on December 31. Under the guidance of this person, buy and sell at the same time, and the profitable party closes the position. Then I bought it again. One hour after I started the transaction, I suddenly couldn’t make the transaction. I asked the WhatsApp contact person of RELY, Cherrie Lee. I replied that my security deposit was insufficient, so my account was frozen and I had to deposit 335,000 Hong Kong dollars to unfreeze. At first, I felt that it was my mistake and deposited 350,000 Hong Kong dollars to unfreeze. Afterwards, I successfully unfrozen on January 6th. I continued to trade. How did I know that my account was frozen again after 1 hour, and I asked her again, also saying that my security deposit was insufficient for the same reason. This time I need to deposit 200,000 yuan to unfreeze. I think I can get it back after unfreezing. Because as far as I know under normal circumstances, even if I deposit how much money, if I don’t trade, I can get it back. Why don’t I know that when I told him to withdraw the money, she told me to reach a certain These conditions are sufficient. Because there are no such restrictions under normal circumstances, I think I was scammed by this company. I can’t get this money back and I don’t want another victim

    The following is the original
    無法出金 誘導欺詐
    我在Instagram 看見一個帳號名稱為goodwillhunting.90s的人在po買賣Bitcoin 的圖片,透過溝通下推薦我去爾萊國際有限公司進行買賣,並會教導我怎樣買賣。在20年12月30號在爾萊國際入金20萬,在12月31號開始在爾萊國際在mt5這個平台上開始交易Bitcoin,在這個人教導下,buy sell同時進行,賺錢的一方平倉後再次購買,在開始交易後一小時之後,我突然無法交易,我便詢問爾萊國際的WhatsApp 聯絡人cherrie Lee 。回覆說我的保證金不足,所以凍結了我的戶口,要存入33.5萬港元解凍,起初也覺得是自己的錯誤,並存入了35萬港元解凍,之後在1月6號成功解凍, 我便繼續進行買賣,怎知道在1小時後又再次凍結了我的戶口,再次詢問她,也是說同一個理由說我的保證金不足,這次要存入20萬解凍,我以為解凍後可以取回存入的錢,因為據我所知在正常情況下即使我存入了多少錢,如果我不進行買賣也可以取回怎不知我跟他說要提款的時候,她便跟我說要達到某些條件才可以。因為在正常情況下根本不會有這些限制因此我認為我被這間公司詐騙了。我不能取回這筆金錢也不希望有下一個受害者



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