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    擦亮眼睛 Trader
    Released in Japan

    Expose again

    First, I won a lottery and be induced to dpeosit 35,000 yuan (5,000 US dollars) into the account, and then I wasn't allowed to withdraw funds for various reasons. The second time I post, I hope that the majority of investors will recognize this black platform. The Silver and Gold Supreme members in the live broadcast room are estimated to be robots. I hope you will see and stop being fooled. There are other exposure posts on the company's platform: https://exposure.fxeye.com/cn_zh-cn/detail/202103128612929353.htmlhttps://www.fxeye.com/202101252104163477.htmlhttps://exposure.fxeye.com /cn_zh-cn/detail/202103109432511356.html
    We warn that if there are investors who are defrauded on this platform, don't be afraid. The fastest, remember to report to the police as quickly as possible. The Anti-Fraud Center may recover the defrauded funds.

    The following is the original
    中阳控股(官网截图)华辰国际(操盘软件名) 博悦财经直播间(直播间名) 刚刚又有人被骗了 再一次发
    第一种骗:先是以中奖诱骗入金,然后各种理由不给出金(违规操作啊,保证金啊,银行卡错误啊 ,想要出金 ,呵呵 可以,再入金我就给你出。第二种骗:加入合作共赢计划(比如你入金10万,配资10万,老师帮你操作账户,赚钱了分成,如果你要想出金 ,不好意思,先现金把分成金额打过去,然后你懂的,就没有然后了)。希望广大投资者一定认清这个黑平台,直播间的白银黄金至尊会员估计全是机器人,希望你们看到,不要再上当。已有该公司平台的其他曝光贴地址:https://exposure.fxeye.com/cn_zh-cn/detail/202103128612929353.html 第二个帖子: https://www.fxeye.com/202101252104163477.html 第三个帖子:https://exposure.fxeye.com/cn_zh-cn/detail/202103109432511356.html 敬告如有在此平台受骗的投资者 ,不要怕 ,以最快,记住是最快速度报警 ,反诈骗中心有可能把被骗资金追回来。



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