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    FXORSbdd5799 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    I use the one and only USDT address from the beginning. But GO MARKETS insisted that my address was wrong (the witdhrawal could arrive later)

    I applied for a withdrawal last week and there has been no following
    Later, I logged in to the background and found that the withdrawal was returned
    Ask the account manager on the weekend, saying that it can only be processed on Monday
    Reapply on Monday morning
    The customer service ghost hits the wall and says my usdt address is wrong
    The account manager also said that my address is wrong
    In order to check whether it is wrong, I asked a friend to make a test
    Later, the account manager asked me to give him the background password
    But I know that the address may be stolen
    Reject directly
    The customer service response was quite perfunctory during the process
    The account manager’s attitude is also pretty bad
    From applying for withdrawal in the morning, it will arrive at the account around 4pm
    And the address I provided is always the same USDT address
    I seriously suspect that the account manager is maliciously scamming

    The following is the original
    上週申請出金,一直沒有下文 後來登入後台才發現出金被退回 週末詢問客戶經理,表示週一才能處理 週一早上重新申請 客服鬼打牆說我的usdt地址錯誤 帳戶經理也說我的地址錯誤 為了查證是否錯誤,有請朋友打一個款測試 後來帳戶經理還要我把後台密碼給他 但我深知可能會被盜用地址 直接拒絕 過程中客服回覆相當敷衍 帳戶經理態度也相當差勁 從早上申請出金,到下午4點左右到帳 而我提供的地址,始終是同一個USDT地址 我嚴重懷疑該帳戶經理惡意詐騙
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