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    Hi, I’m a senior trading practitioner. An executive called He Guangtao from Tianding gave me a real account of 30276.44, in which there was a previous withdrawal record. I gained $7345.00 in 2 months. The previous oral agreement stated that I could get 50% of the net profit. So I waited for a week of profit sharing. But he blocked my wechat account and took all the profits away, which disappointed me terribly. He was the shareholder of the Tiending as the photo showed. I would expose all his social account such as douyin account, Tencent's video, weibo and friend circle of wechat to catch him.

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    汇友们 大家好 我是一位资深交易从业人 天鼎经纪商的高管:何光涛 拿给我一个30276.44的实盘账户 里面有之前出金记录.交给我带交易.. 两个月的时间盈利了:7345.00美元 . 之前口头协议的是:保本分红拿纯盈利50% 在等待分润的一周里. ..对方拉黑我微信 独吞了交易的盈利 恶心至极.... 何光涛也是天鼎经纪商的股东二老板 我将这些骗子的照片曝光如下...接下来抖音 腾讯微视频 微博 朋友圈 全部曝光...让骗子无立锥之地
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