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    Severe Slippage FONDEX
    Fondex and CEO manipulated my account and charged more spread/markups

    They simply manipulated my account settings and increased the spread/markup 7 times more and even more when open a position. I noticed these changes and sent to Angelo ( X sales manager ) and he replied that the CEO is behind that because he is scared of the way i trade and make profits ( $1000 to $175000 in 3 days ).And in one trade i noticed that they deduct $15000 added to loss when i opened a new position because of the changes they made to my account and because ctrader system don't report the spread but report only commission in the position details.They told me to take the remaining money and not to trade with them again but even after i lost the remaining balance in another position.I tried to negotiate with them to take the extra spread they take from me but they refused.Domain fondex.com will forward you to fondex.com.sc if you are global customer ( It means Fondex.com owner he is the same owner of fondex.com.schttps://fsaseychelles.sc/regulated-entities/capital-markets - Mr. alexandros zisis katsaros as Securities Dealer accredited with Fondex Limited and he is the Group Chief Executive Officer - TOPFX LTD and Fondex ( https://cy.linkedin.com/in/akatsaros ).

    Samy Published in Egypt
    Severe Slippage ZORO Global
    Scam group that manipulated by backstage

    December 1 2021, ZORO Global scam the investors!Please tell everyone to be careful. The fraud platform's index had a severe slippage and they had continued their scam. MT4 index slips severely and MT5 index is normal. Presumably, the judiciary cannot find the ZORO Global fraud platform, nor can they catch these unscrupulous scammers! !

    岳祥 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved LIRUNEX
    Be careful with this platform. I let it go when you slip a little bit before, it is 5 pips now.

    Damn! My sl is at 1778, how can it reach 1777.57? What is that operation

    FXOROxiw5088 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage CF GLOBAL
    Severe slippage

    Severe slippage and resulting in losses. The fund are deposited into personal account. Suspecion of fraud.

    FXKMAnll2185 Published in China
    Severe Slippage KVB PRIME
    A fraud platform that absolutely does not allow accounts to make profit. As long as the account makes profit, there will be severe malicious slippage until the position is liquidated. 100% of the accounts will execute malicious slippage in two weeks after the account is opened.

    A black platform that absolutely does not allow accounts to make profit. As long as the account makes profit, there will be severe malicious slippage. 1 lot of buying slippage is 5 dollars and selling slippage is 5 dollars. The total of malicious slippage is 10 dollars until the account slippage is liquidated. 1 lot of profitable order of 170 US dollars, the market fluctuated correctly and reversely to 173 US dollars one second before closing the position. When you close the position, there will be 167 US dollars left, a large fixed amount of slippage. And every order is slipped more than 5 dollars regardless of profit or loss. No matter how much you have, it will not be enough to close the position by scamming. And the platform salesperson told you straigftforward that you just call the police and it does not matter. We are based in Hong Kong, not in the mainland, so what can you do? The platform is upgraded to KVB Prime account from previous KVB international account. The salesman are totally same, but just do not admit it. When the time comes, They will deceive everyone’s principal and just abscond and telling you that what you can do with that. I’m not working in mainland China. Withdraw as quickly as possible if you have fund left in their platform, otherwise you cannot withdraw single penny later.

    FXAYLsud3648 Published in China
    Severe Slippage HK Fortune
    big loss and scam broker

    One trade lose 110% of capital and another trade lose 90% due to sudden slippage.

    FXYPJsvi4094 Published in United States
    Severe Slippage CF GLOBAL

    This platform has different product price with other standard platform. Please take a look on the price of crude oil. The black one is Ptotio and the white one is CF Global. I suspect that it is manipulated by people in backstage.

    FXVAKcaq7938 Published in China
    Resolved Local Financial
    Scam company

    Unable to withdraw. It cut the network when you gained profits and blocked you when you suffered losses. The mt4 was called local bank and changed its name after being reported. The former name was vpmarket. It rejected withdrawal and the exchange rate was wrong. Severe slippage. It was a gambling platform. I could not make orders.

    FXVNUned9835 Published in China
    Severe Slippage LetsTrade
    Bad broker

    All profits, operations, and prices have been manipulated in a catastrophic manner. Please help me to prevent this from happening, but I accidentally invested $370

    FXMOYgto7366 Published in Mexico
    Severe Slippage Anzo Capital
    Severe slippage

    Severe slippage. Every opening or closing list of the platform has slippages, and the position is forced to be closed before the position burst price. The price that does not appear at all is forced to be closed or closed by the platform.

    FXAQInsp0236 Published in China
    Severe Slippage eToro
    treat buy limit orders as buy stop orders

    On 2021 Nov 10, intc closed at 50.76 . On Nov 11, I placed a buy limit order at 50.76 . However, etoro strategically interpreted as that my order was 1 cent higher than market price, 50.75 . etoro filled my buy order at 51.05 , which was the open price on Nov 11.

    FXSSRsou7416 Published in Taiwan
    Severe Slippage Ring Financial
    There are irregularities in the transaction

    There is always a spread between 21.00 - 23.00 hours in the chart.

    FXKEQmew1881 Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage BESSEME
    Forced liquidation. It never happened on other platform.

    A friend on the Internet invited me to deposited. At first, it was normal but when I withdrew, the customer service said my account was liquidated. I had to pay $3037, which was not mentioned before. He disappeared although he said he took the responsibility at first.

    FXIRTgus4713 Published in Taiwan
    Severe Slippage Anzo Capital
    The fraud platform delayed with slippage and liquidated users’ account in order to get profits. Illegal money laundering.

    It was an illegal fraud platform and liquidated users’ account by scams such as slippages in order to get profits. It was involved in illegal money laundering. It was marked as scam website by the police. Those traders who opened accounts on it could send the evidence to the police to protect themselves. I believed the judicial justice and continued to expose it until it returned money to me. I exposed it to National anti fraud center, people's Bank of China, central network information office, Ministry of industry and information technology, State Administration for Industry and commerce, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Audit Office, Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work, Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, Ministry of public security, China anti fraud center, etc. From iPhone.

    方晶 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Sunton Capital
    They Manipulate Price

    Can't Withdraw , they Take your money With manipulate price... scam

    FXWFLfuj0285 Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage led to stop loss

    Severe slippage led to stop loss. My order should be profitable on October 18, 2021 according to the market showed on most platforms. But it was stopped and I could not make profits. It said the losses were due to the bank qualification to ensure the safety of customers' funds. But investors had to pay high transaction costs. Customers' investment in their bank was consumed up by the fraud platform.

    FXTGOqrx3262 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Sunton Capital
    price jump

    price sudenly jump and not same with real price

    FXIVEgyd6556 Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage REVIVE
    Fraud platform

    The spread was 10 times higher than the normal spread. Severe slippage. The network often delayed and the position was closed before stop loss.

    FXACAuws8725 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BT Global
    Billiton Global

    Beware of it and do not be cheated. Severe slippage. It was a bad platform

    FXUFTqbn8339 Published in China
    Resolved Symbol Group
    Severe slippage

    The order delayed for more than an hour.

    FXAPRemg0386 Published in China
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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