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    • Severe Slippage
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    Others Global Immense
    This broker sucks cuz they closed customers' orders without permission.

    This broker sucks cuz they closed customers' orders without permission.

    FXSYBstf7267 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved aximtrade

    It's very difficult when I wanna withdraw funds

    FXROCnof6932 Published in Vietnam
    Others LiteForex
    Copy Trade Loss

    And I cann't login when I wanna trade

    FXKONwqm4383 Published in Thailand
    Others Tradear
    Broker wipes out your position

    The slippage is ridiculous. (More than 5 pips) Do not recommend this broker cuz it is unregulated

    FXCQQlhv0894 Published in Ecuador
    Others CF
    Fraud broker

    People who invest on CF should pay attention. CF is a fraud broker. We declare that I am responsible for my words. I've called the police and filed the case. I hope this broker can take the initiative to contact me cuz I can't contact any of them!

    FXKLSigi4200 Published in China
    Others 辉煌环球

    This broker usually increases the slippage suddenly, somethimes the slippage of XAU/USD can be up to 50 pips. You don't have space to operate at all. No matter you buy or sell, you will lose money. And sometimes, there is a space before your position can be closed, but the position will be closed aompulsorily, making u lose money. Even if you lock the position, your asset can be decreased cuz of widened spread. It turuns out that my positions are always closed , making my asset become zero. It's a bottomless hole!

    FXJGMikt3817 Published in China
    Disconnection of the server

    Can't log in in the morening. And a manager told me that my network was poor. I lost all my money because of this.

    FXHUKhog3005 Published in China
    Others IC Markets
    One lot as $3.5

    They don't charge $3.5 fon one lot, it's $5-$6. I bought 0.03 lot and they charged $0.16. You hsould think twice before you invest here.

    FXMDFprm5131 Published in Thailand
    Others hongyuan
    Fake MT4 without authority. Manipulate their market at random

    Fake MT4 without authority. Manipulate their market at random

    FXJCItim3760 Published in China
    Resolved TR
    So difficult to withdraw.

    It took two months to get my withdrawal. But there are so many people depositing funds here!

    FXRIJhjn7119 Published in China
    Resolved Narsq
    Withdrawal is too slow

    I submitted a withdrawal of $14,000 on March 1st and arrived on March 2nd. The deducted handling fee is $12. I hope that the platform can solve this problem. I hope that the account will arrive soon and the handling fee will be lower.

    FXCJUsnu0983 Published in China
    Others IG
    IG scams.

    You can look for the QR code but I can't open this app now

    FXIXQpxs3455 Published in China
    Others MiTRADE
    Unable to log in

    Can't login for server error. Don't know what happened...

    開心每一天 Published in Taiwan
    Others hongyuan
    Choose to close some of my positions comulsorily

    This broker deliberately closed my profitable positions undre the situation thatI locked my positions, making my odres that lost money keep losing money.

    FXJCItim3760 Published in China
    Others Asia Stock
    Please be careful. They have changed their name... Do not be cheated by their excuse that they would help u earn money. Cuz you can't withdra funds. And if you see those people who share their success, it's fake. The following URL is their web.


    FXPPDvek6261 Published in Taiwan
    Others KIRIN
    Server Error

    The funds and the curve are gone, the numbers are not displayed, and there are advertisements, which proves that the funds can be controlled by humans.

    FXFELorj2024 Published in China
    Others TR
    forex traders send too many msgs from different number and ask my meta trader4 and meta trader 5 login and password I think they r fraudsters beaware

    when they see my wallet

    FXXYBeim9434 Published in Pakistan
    Others Deriv
    Fraudulent manipulation by Deriv Broker

    In the pictures below, I took a buy position on USDCHF on the green line and my stoploss at the redline but my account of $4 was wiped even though my stoploss was hit on AUDJPY for a -$1.40. My account was supposed to be on profit from USDCHF because I took the trade from the breakout of the blackline and price never came down below the blackline. Deriv Broker manipulation everything.. Please help me sue them for the damage they've caused me. I sue for damages

    FXQIQgyq6660 Published in Nigeria
    Others GO MARKETS

    There is a severe slippage

    FXYVEmpy9888 Published in Vietnam
    Fraud Broker

    Guys, this is a fraud broker. Do not be cheated. The customer service don’t reply to u.

    FXYHRxkd9796 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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