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    Others GYD
    Unable to trade

    I cannot do any operation including liquidation at the night of December 1 on either PC nor phones.

    FXHPGnui9659 Published in China
    Others TRI
    My account is closed for no reason and no trading profit will be withdrawn

    I opened a trading account in Tri in October. I didn’t expect that my account suddenly failed to log in and was disabled when I was doing a transaction. Later, I received an email from them saying that my account violated the rules and they will only returned the principal. I want to ask which rule did I the violate. Their customer service just have one sentence which is this is the decision of their company without explanation. I upload my transaction record

    FXEFOfly1719 Published in United Kingdom
    Others iPromarkets
    100% honest broker

    I have had my money at IPROMARKETS for 1 year and a half and I have never had a problem! It's a serious broker with exceptional and attentive professionals! It was the best broker I've ever had. My private analyst provides me news about the market every day. Today, I have an average of 20% profit in conservatively months. I've worked boldly and made 50%. Of course, when something unforeseen happens, it can result in a loss, but nothing that has no solution. I had bought shares from FACEBOOK and when Whatsapp and Instagram were quit, the shares plummeted and I had a small loss. It was something that could not be predicted as my own expert commented. To recover my losses, the analyst made a plan where we bought Dividends and airlines. I trusted his work and I RECOVERED MY CAPITAL AND I STILL HAD PROFIT. This market is like that. Today, I make small withdrawals every 15 days +or- . I only came to write this because I think it is unfair that some people who had a bad experience with the market and came to defame the broker. Me and my family trust and recommend this broker !!!!

    FXGCLkaq9078 Published in Portugal
    Platform ROSYSTLE WEALTH fraud

    I participated in trust investment with profit sharing with Rosytle Wealth In Vietnam and signed a commitment. On 11/10/2021, I withdrew 5000 usd and I withdrew 9000 usd on 12/11/2021. The total is 14000 usd for two times, but the money has not been transferred to my personal account so far. I had contacted the care department. After taking care of customers, it was explained that the redemption system was blocked. I found the reason was not decent. There are SCAMS to take money from investors including me. So I put the information here to let the online community and investors who participating in this Rosystyle platform know. I demand Rosystyle to return my money

    FXUUVjqx2890 Published in Vietnam
    Others AC MARKETS
    Illegal operation without a legal liscence. Not allowing customer to withdraw and no salary to employees

    ACM Asia Capitals operate illegally. Not allowing customers to withdraw and not paying salary to employees.

    FXXYGuej5094 Published in China
    Others 6HOURSTRADE
    l was scammed

    I was scammed R5900 by this broker

    FXTJVohd2439 Published in South Africa
    Others Easy Forex
    Return my money back

    I want to get back my money that sending to wrong account

    FXVUEutq6690 Published in Salvador
    Others Dollars Markets
    Akun suspend

    how to proceed regarding my trading account problem in the name of GURUH GARINDRA with trading account number 1060123 . Has my total deposit been returned to BANK BCA account number 1030642721 in the name of GURUH GARINDRA? I've been waiting for a long time no answer at all. I want to report it to the authorities if it is not immediately transferred to my BANK BCA account number. reply to my chat on email rindra28072000@gmail.com ID Klien 66118

    FXITVpxo0581 Published in Indonesia
    Others Capstone
    The website cannot be opened

    The webpage cannot be opened and no deposit or withdrawal is availiable. Is there a way to open the website?

    FXTNVybh9248 Published in China
    Others IG
    Frequent errors in the MT4 server affect the normal operation of the MT4 terminal

    IG-Live servers get errors frequently. These errors affect the normal operation of the MT4 terminal and causing losses. IG Market has no willing to be responsible for this. For example, the margin calculation error is 10 times higher and causing the order that can be placed will not be placed due to insufficient margin. It may also liquidatedation due to insufficient margin.

    FXGFGvnh0638 Published in Taiwan
    Others MBG Markets
    Platform suspected to be absconded

    The official website of the platform has been unable to log in and the customer service staff cannot be contacted. This platform is AETOS transfer to MBG when they stopped their business in China. I hope everyone pay attention on this.

    FXWNYbfs1779 Published in China
    Others ZORO Global
    The well-known US MSB regulatory unit-allows the fraud platform to continue to deceive, no withdrawal, no supervision

    ZORO Global Limited was a fraud platform uses the US MSB regulatory unit to gain trust from the victim and commit fraud. It is conceivable that the US MSB regulation cannot supervise or dispose of ZORO Global Limited. It was said that this fraud platform used money to buy the US MSB regulatory agency to prove that it is free from fraud in other places and does not give money. Very terrible fraud platform. It is impossible to imagine how the ZORO Global Limited applied for the certificate of US MSB supervision. Could it be brought? oh my god!

    岳祥 Published in Taiwan
    Fraudulent platform for claiming prices.

    On September 9, 2021, under the guidance of the consultant of the financial management team, I purchased the BTC/EUR currency pair according to my instructions. But then the system quickly cheated the discount and lost my account. Then the system returns to the normal value. I propose to file a claim against me for the loss of USD 76,618.

    FXUUYxmy5990 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved Local Financial

    When you open the website, you know that localbank and loan financial are the same company. I saw the URL in my account is this. I have contacted, the scammer is from Hong Kong. Their server is in Hong Kong, and the internet speed is okay. Backstage control, speed is useless. Ether, the blue bar and the bright screen were included. They ran out of stocks, virtual currencies, and changed to local bank in April 2021. It used to be called vp-MARKET

    FXVNUned9835 Published in China
    Resolved Local Financial
    Expose this fake platform

    It was unavailable in mainland, stay away. Gaming platform. Slippage, inability to withdraw, and control the trend, I have all encountered. Now I come out to report him, hoping that the newcomer will not be cheated.

    FXVNUned9835 Published in China
    Others ShineTrader
    Transferring positions...

    My funds are stuck and cannot be withdrawn. I received a message this afternoon. Shine Trade transferred the deposit funds information of the MT5 account to Spark Global. This is equivalent to a transfer of positions and departure? Fraud dealers, do you want us to wait?

    WcLam6406065993 Published in Malaysia
    Others ShineTrader
    Fraud platform

    I deposited for 2 times and the balance was still of some investment. I reported it but could not close the position on it. I failed to contact it. The data disappeared and the broker did not replied. I can provide relevant evidence if you have the same case. I don't know where to report the case.

    FXUVKiye6447 Published in New Zealand
    Others ShineTrader
    The server is shut down. Everything was likely to gone

    The server is shut down, no contact is found, and the position cannot be closed so far. The position is close to liquidation. It is possible that the fraud company will run away. If anyone is deceived, please call the police.

    FXUVKiye6447 Published in New Zealand
    Others SDS
    Illegal operation & induced fraud

    Simple digital solutions Limited is an illegal foreign exchange trader opened by Taiwanese. It was registered in St. Vincent and obtained a member of the UK FDRC trading dispute committee. It falsely used the identity of the real company of simple digital solutions limited and the license of the FCA UK monetary authority to illegally operate foreign exchange transactions. Later, it pretended that the company closed down due to poor management of the epidemic, Guide the victim to claim compensation from the fake Clearing Company and FCA. If you are also a victim, quickly report it to Taiwan.

    FXNWXcwh6964 Published in Taiwan
    Others ShineTrader
    The server closed the link. Unable to close the position. No one answered the phone in the broker.

    After Malaysia called the police yesterday, the server was disconnected and no one could be contacted.

    FXUVKiye6447 Published in New Zealand
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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