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    Unable to withdraw ALPHA TRADEX
    Unable to withdraw

    All customers cannot withdraw money. -Today I am here to complain and they look forward to getting help!

    FXLSVpoa4724 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Everbright Securities
    Fraud Platform. Unable to Withdraw

    I was unable to withdraw funds. I invested 60,000 yuan on Everbright Securities and made a profit of 21376 yuan. When I withdrew 81376 yuan, I can't. I was told that my bank card number was wrong and I needed to pay 50%. And they also froze my account.

    FXWNDmtg8897 Published in China
    Others FXPRO
    Fake Chart

    The price here is different from other's

    FXDFCpgg1499 Published in Vietnam
    Scam GB

    Unable to withdraw funds. I was deceived of 80,000. Salesperson did not reply to my messages. The person who gave recommendations could not be contacted, and the platform could not be logged in. Funds are frozen

    FXIKSkvv3470 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Fake Tickmill
    Fraud platform! Cheat money! Unable to withdraw and ask for more money

    This person called my store and added my WeChat, and then began to tell me how her team operated and profited. I was gullible for a while and voted for 3w to the platform, but when it came time to withdraw cash, the customer service asked for various reasons. I will recharge again, but I can't withdraw cash after repeated several times. I hope everyone will take a warning! Currently I have called the police, hoping to protect my rights through legal means! I also hope that u can give me a little help! Thank you!

    FXFRHjsk2256 Published in China
    Scam JFD Bank

    The platform colludes with salesmen to scam money. The first two times the funds can be withdrawn, but the latter cannot withdraw funds and you have to follow their instructions, and in the end you will lose money

    FXPIErsc6038 Published in China
    Scam WTi

    Cheat me from IFDC to WTI Fortunately, I saw an exposure before, otherwise I might be still cheated

    FXOTScuq5968 Published in Singapore
    Scam Sector

    Event Course: From June 26 to July 2, 2019, Jiang Lanyun invested 2,300,000 yuan in the Sector MT4 fake network platform. On July 3, 2019, he realized that he was deceived and lost 2,300,000 yuan. The reason for the loss was that the fraud group used a false index Operate, call the reverse order, and directly make the funds in my account disappear instantly in the form of "Forced Liquidation"

    FXKEGjae4311 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED
    difficulty in withdrawing

    On impulse I invested a token to try out trading on their platform. I then traded with them for months with a huge amount. When I asked for a withdrawal life got difficult! Like other reviewers, I was swamped with phone calls and emails encouraging me to trade and they are good talker. they asked me to pay withdrawal fee/commission. In addition I had to provide passport and credit card I.D., a utility bill etc. The whole thing was a nightmare. This is a company belonging to the Magnum group, with FAKE address and not register to any regulatory body. don’t trust this company with your money. with your proof of payment, write to financialrecovery.tech and file a complaint to help you get your withdrawal issues sorted and get your money back. NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED is not to be trusted, you will keep losing funds because they are banking on showing you losing trades and moving away with your funds afterwards.

    FXJYFdmm3891 Published in United States
    Others JFD Bank
    Scam. Freeze my account without my permission

    Taxes must be paid for withdrawals, and the fund account is also frozen, saying that by default, tax will be confiscated without paying taxes within 24 hours

    FXOTTefb5947 Published in China
    Resolved 6iTrade
    Unable to withdraw. It has been a week

    It has been a week since the withdrawal. All kinds of excuses, saying that they are working at home for the epidemic, so the withdrawal of funds is very slow.

    FXOXWljk5852 Published in China
    Scam IMC
    Fuyou Xu beguiled people into depositing in IMC

    Then the platform suddenly went wrong and it has been repairing

    FXKIAjyd4297 Published in China
    NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED, fraud platform

    The liar induces people to deposit funds and the software is a virtual disk, and it has been manipulated manually. Now hey absconded

    FXOUObif5769 Published in China
    Resolved JFD Bank

    The platform we lost money in is not the regular JFD platform because the URL is different

    FXEOQhay1874 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    Onoka, big scam!!

    I met a guy in social software, and after chatting for a while, he said he could take me to make money with XAU/USD. And I want to try. After I recharged, the other party also took me to earn twice. Because he pursuaded me to make a lot of money in one order, and he is also willing to help me recharge, and then said that there happened to be activities on the platform, that is, the bonus will be given out as much as the recharge, but I did not make an appointment. After that, I wanna withdraw funds but the customer service said that because of the multi-account recharge, a deposit of 10,000 US dollars is required, and then the funds can be withdrawn. The other party helped me deposit 7550, and I deposited 2450. When I was going to withdraw funds, I was told that I should give 688 bonuses, but I didn't make an appointment, nor did I receive the bonuses. The other party said that I can recharge it first, and I can definitely get it. I began to doubt, but I still tried. The customer service also said that if the withdrawal is approved immediately, the withdrawal should be made at noon the next day. Withdraw funds the next day,I had to make a turnover, or I should recharge 30%. But I confirm it later, saying that the only way is to recharge.. It really is a scam. Leave it alone for a day and then ask the customer service, saying that the account is locked, and I should quickly complete the recharge. Don't believe it when someone introduces onoka, liar!

    FXGCGply2718 Published in Singapore
    Scam W7 Broker&Trading
    The so-called agent cheated my money

    On October 20, 2020, I met a fund manager in a course. I was very interested in funds and XAU/USD trading, so I exchanged WeChat account with each other. After he invited me into the group chat, he asked me to invest 6000 first. But I was removed from the group after sending him money, and I was also blacklisted by him, what should I do? Although 6000 is not much, it really makes me feel very angry

    FXVAJfqb8665 Published in Hong Kong
    Scam JFD Bank
    Scam with salesmen

    The platform colluded with salesman to cheat money, and finally made the investors lose money. I invested 10,000 US dollars, and finally refused to withdraw funds. Later, they let the money be invested. Finally, the 70,000 principal was left with only more than 10,000. I don’t want to recover profit, I just wanna my principal of 50,000 back

    FXPIErsc6038 Published in China
    Scam POPULUS
    Fraud Platform

    This platform han't been regulated by NFA. Do not be cheated. I deposited 128,888 to become gold member. But they made a fake chart ti mnake me lose $130,000 and then closed my account

    FXQOFmid6552 Published in Taiwan
    Mingliang Song is a fraud

    Build a group chat to invest index, give adverse recommendations, a series of fraudsters.

    FXOMEhed5928 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Fake Tickmill
    Ask for deposits again and again without giving you money

    They showed me the high profit by posting their profits to Moments. I downloaded it directly and made a deposit of 3w. I followed the teacher to make a profit of 29w. But when I withdrew, I was told that the bank information was incorrect, my credit score is insufficient and foreign remittances not supported, what's more, I have to pay personal income tax. Keep asking you to continue recharging, but in the end it won’t let you withdraw funds!

    FXFRHjsk2256 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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