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    Released in China

    Unable to withdraw

    Wanzhou Gold doesn’t allow customers to withdraw. The account will be closed after you profit and withdraw. They said the customers should go to Hong Kong to sign the agreement of withdrawal during the outbreak. 50% of the capital should be deducted. This problem hasn’t been solved since this March, what a rip-off. Cheat us and wanna avoid responsibilities via the outbreak. Shameless. It may abscond after the outbreak!

    The following is the original
    《金银业贸易场141号行员香港万州金业》不给客户出金 客户盈利了提交出金申请后就禁用账户 并不给客户出金 借着现在疫情期间香港不能通关的情况下,说要让客户亲临香港签署出金协议?还要倒扣50%本金。从今年3月份禁用到现在还不给解决 。真是个骗子公司,既然借用现在的疫情招摇撞骗 。简直是无耻 。说不定等疫情过后就直接跑路了!
    Unable to withdraw



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