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    FXMBOpex4870 Trader
    Released in China

    Revelation of GIB’s close connection with GCG

    The pyramid scheme by GCG, the former name of GIB, is revealed as follows:
    1.GCG, which started its operation at the end of December 2018, began to block investor withdrawals on a large scale from April 2019. 2. Mr. Qiu, head of GCG, was arrested by the Cambodian police in May 2019. Later, a so-called GCG general manager Mr. Zheng launched 5-5 or 6-4 orders, inflicting heavy losses on a large number of members! 3. Before absconding, GCG promised members that the withdrawal problem will be fixed if they invest US$500 to register for the GIB Digital Bank. However, the investors were still unable to withdraw money. The registration fee later increased to US$1,000. 4. GCG rebranded itself to GIB (Global Investment Bank) after it scammed 50% of GCG members’ deposits and plotted to scam the rest in the next three years. 5. Moreover, 90% of the profits in GCG members’ accounts in the past year or so were swindled with the remaining 10% left to continue their scam. 6. Currently, GIB continues to publicize its fraudulent money-raising scheme in the hope of joining the Fortune Global 500 companies!

    The following is the original
    GIB前身,原钜富GcG资金盘诈骗事实揭露: 1、钜富GCG,2018年12月末开业,从2019年4月起大规模不出金 2、邱富豪2019年5月被柬埔寨警方所逮,出了一个所谓的假郑总发动5-5报单,6-4报单,一大波会员继续被圈钱! 3,钜富跑路之前,大肆承诺会员投资500美金注册GIB数字银行后,一次性解决提现问题,实际上一分钱都没出金,反而骗取会员500美金注册数字银行,后期增至1000美金 4,钜富GCG平移至GIB环球投资数字银行,将原会员在GCG的投资本金吃掉50%后平移,再分三年释放—鬼吹灯 5,钜富GCG平台会员的收入钱包里一年多的外汇交易收益,又被吃掉90%,留下10%部分继续吊诡会员 6,现G丨B数字银行继续大肆宣传揽金诈骗项目,延续钜富诈骗吹嘘道路走进世界500强!



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