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    In September this year, she (Mr. Football) joined me on WeChat through the Lanxi Chefs Exchange Group. I added her (Mr. Chef) as my friend on October 31st. She was cheated by a foreign exchange trading network platform. At first, I saw her. The foreign exchange sent by Moments is making money, and there is a mentality to try. The other party said that investing 20,000 to 50,000 is enough to earn 3 to 5 times the principal, and the profit is a 10% commission paid to their company, so I will invest 50,000. Therefore, through the introduction, she gave me a download platform, which can transfer funds to private accounts. I asked her customer service department that the charging channel is under maintenance. At around 3 pm on December 21st, use our designated chat tool. Hey, I bought pound and dollar fluctuations with other coaches. The time is the 60s. I did not follow up in the middle of the round and said I wanted to make up 74700. So I said I had no money, and the other party told me that she helped me. Can you borrow money? The next night, she said that she lent me 25,000 yuan and I personally collected 50,000 yuan. Starting from the evening of the 22nd of the second round of data calculation, I don't know why two wrong rounds were performed, but the data did not match, and I had to say it again. This time I didn’t have any money, nor did I have money to cover the position, so I went to withdraw the next day and found that the fund account was frozen. I contacted the customer service, and the customer service said that as long as there is money, if the payment has been made in full and not frozen, you can withdraw cash. . The other party contacted her and she said it was to help me find a solution. Their team borrowed another \25,000 and helped me recharge. I added 37,550 yuan myself. After turning in the frozen funds, I went to withdraw cash, but I still could not withdraw cash. The customer service department stated that this was due to credit score.

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