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    FXFYXrrs2253 Trader
    Released in China

    FXPRIMUS fraud platform deducted the profit and cleared up the commission.

    I report that the 111 's FXPRIMUS brand does not give access to fund. The MT4 account:3503673-3503671-3503619. All profit in this three accounts are deducted,including agency commissions.The backstage is unable to log in. The platform called me to sign that I violated the trade before giving me the principal.When I said that I would call the police,they gave me the fund.They cleared up my profit and commission and sent me email,saying that my trading has influenced other clients’ trading. I want to say that I don't sleep,which affects the rest of the earth?Now WikiFX intends to go to the police for the record. The FXPRIMUS brand platform insults the IQ of Chinese investors, and continues to use small cleverness to harm many investors. The following ones upload evidence.
    1: It insults the IQ of Chinese investors.As long as the profit is more,it will cancel the withdrawal function by means.
    For a profitable account, it will close your position by expanding the spread,leading to your great losses,and say that you are trading illegally since your trading has influenced other clients’ trading,thus deducting your profit and banning your trading.Then only by signing an agreement to admit the illegal behavior,can you get your fund.The following is screenshots of email and the deduction of profit.
    2: The platform said that you violated the trading according to the size of the investor's profit.It will inform you that your trade has affected the trading of other clients if your account is with small profit. I would like to say: I don't sleep, why it affects people all over the world ? What a rip off.The following screenshot is the deduction of profit.
    3: The commission is $4.5 per lot.But if you trade a large amount or make money,it will be decreased to $2.5 per lot,even $1.It won’t return the commission to you,saying that it has cleared your commission since your traded illegally,and will block your agent backstage.
    In this way,clients can only lose money.Hope that WikiFX can help me deal with.The commission has been cleared and profit deducted.

    The following is the original
    本人举报百利汇FXPRIMUS品牌不给出金本人和客户,账户MT4:3503673-3503671-3503619-这三个账户盈利全部被扣,包括代理佣金也全部被扣,现在代理后台已经被封登录不上,平台喊我签说我违规交易才给我出本金,但我说要报警就给我出了本金,盈利和佣金全不被扣完清0,发邮件说我账户多IP交易影响他们平台的客户交易,我想说我不睡觉还影响到全地球人休息?现在外汇天眼维权和打算去警方备案,百利汇FXPRIMUS品牌外汇平台侮辱中国投资者的智商,连续用小聪明坑害许多投资者,下面一一上传证据。 一:侮辱中国投资者的智商,只要投资者账户亏损和资金小就账户资金提取自由,账户盈利了或佣金多了就会耍套路给你账户取消取款功能不给你提取资金。 对于盈利多的账户直接在停盘时间点差变大,然后平台直接给你全部平仓,导致盈利亏损过半,然后直接说你多IP交易影响,同样的借口说你多IP交易影响别的客户交易,属于违规交易,然后盈利扣除你的,然后不给你做交易了,账户也直接封掉你的让你出本金,然后又刷套路想出本金没有那么简单,必须签协议说自己是违规交易才给你出本金,下面是直接平仓给你发个邮件和扣除盈利图 二:平台根据投资者盈利大小说你违规交易,小盈利账户会邮件通知你说你的交易影响了他们平台客户的交易,我很想骂一句:我不睡觉难道影响到全地球的人睡不着?这么扯淡的借口,下面就有投资者盈利被扣除看下图 三:就是做了百利汇的代理的话,代理交易手数过多本来返佣一手4.5美金,看你赚钱了平台直接给你将到2.5美金一手,但看你交易量大还是赚钱就直接给你将到一美金一手返佣,然后半个月不给你返佣说你的客户违规交易直接把你所有的佣金清0,代理后台一封,最后一毛钱都没有了 百利汇这波操作手法真的是空手套白狼,消费者只能亏钱,赚钱的不要想能出一分钱,希望外汇天眼平台可以帮我处理下,佣金已经清0,盈利也被扣除
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