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    Unable to withdraw ITE GLOBAL
    Unable withdraw

    My funds 406000 make withdraw not clear at my bank account

    Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw EasyTrade

    The first you can't withdraw money then they will delete your account even though the table has money in it.they also created many other scam company careful with pich

    FXDUVkyk1211 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Ponzi Scam + bad attitudes toward customers

    I withdrawn 405USD from my account, it passed two months and I still haven’t received my money. At first, I politely asked the customer service and the person in charge for about 10 times to fasten the withdrawal time, they replied me with their typical customer service script with no action taken. The person in charge said if I wish to fasten my withdrawn process, I must introduce new customer into USGFX, this is a Ponzi scam, the whole USGFX is a scam. they cheated my 405USD

    FXOGAdvk3412 Published in Malaysia
    Scam Sunton Capital
    it’s a scam

    it’s not real trading, those all fake charts, can’t even use stop loss/cut loss manually. they made us loss at one time, even unusual minus. the ones who didn’t trade in that day (unusual minus day) still can’t withdrawl all the desposit.

    reyhan Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw 24option
    Scammed by 24Option, OptionsXO, Plus Option, Xtrade,etc

    Hi my name is Sithabiso Mhlakoana from South Africa. In 2017 I was scammed by different brokers of a lot of money totalling to more than $8000. Most of the funds were paid online through my bank card. I do have proof of payments for all transactions including some of our conversations with them as I was trying to demand my money back. In some instances I was making some profits after trading, but when I wanted to make withdrawals they would refuse to process them until they block any means

    FXAOEodx0316 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw WARLOCK MARKET
    Unable to Withdraw

    After I initiated withdrawal they immediately deducted it from MT5 account and asked me to pay 20% tax. Also they claimed my deposit was approximately 60k more than real profit.I asked them to deduct it and transfer the rest, response was they can't deduct it. I Later I asked them to cancel it, answer was the same: they can't.it is scam for sure

    FXUUFuta6129 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw WorldFirst
    Fraud platform

    I though it was a foreign exchange platform but my account was locked when I withdrew. It asked me to pay $5000 as the margin but I could only contact it on line. I’m not sure about whether I could get the margin back.

    Published in Taiwan
    Scam Ring Financial
    No customer service

    They have no customer service and closed all the social media. They cheated users and did not reply me from August 30, 2021. Because they asked for taxes and told me to wait for the review before withdrawal, my finally money lost.

    RFLS Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Skilling
    Skilling was a scammer

    You could not withdraw on Skilling. It asked you to deposit due to many reasons. Fraud platform.

    FXQEVchb9683 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BESSEME
    I was cheated by friends on the Internet

    We knew on the chatting network and took calls. The scammer talked about investment to convince you with his personal information including name and occupation such as bank staff. He pretended to be a professional person. I met a woman from Xiamen called Zhang Yunjie. She said she was a lesbian and wanted to found a girlfriend. She held a company which was of customers from Taiwan and Singapore. She invited every user to deposit Boshang and helped them make profits with her trading signal. She promised profits but provided fake MT4 website. I argued with her about the fraud website she sent me. She said people from countries except England could only download it from that website. I did not point out her lie. I opened an account and did transaction for a few days. She told me to verify my identity and I did as she required. Then she persuaded me to deposit every day. I found the platform was a scam without regulation number several days later. There was no server address of it on official MT4/5.

    FXIRTgus4713 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Fraud platform cheated my of 200,000

    I was invited by friends on mobile phone and the professor said the market turned negative soon. He led us to invest in foreign exchange and I did as he told me. But I could not withdraw after I deposited 200,000.

    Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw MBG Markets
    The platform ran away. Unable to withdraw

    The online customer service and manager ran away. All the contact information was invalid.

    FXCYUnpo8721 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Sunray Forex
    Unable to withdraw

    Help. The withdrawal was difficult and required taxes, which was not mentioned before.

    FXUAUvju8144 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw TD Market

    Hi, I’m a senior trading practitioner. An executive called He Guangtao from Tianding gave me a real account of 30276.44, in which there was a previous withdrawal record. I gained $7345.00 in 2 months. The previous oral agreement stated that I could get 50% of the net profit. So I waited for a week of profit sharing. But he blocked my wechat account and took all the profits away, which disappointed me terribly. He was the shareholder of the Tiending as the photo showed. I would expose all his social account such as douyin account, Tencent's video, weibo and friend circle of wechat to catch him.

    FXGOIhrv2412 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Fake CXM TRADING
    Li Haobo from Hong Kong set the fraud platform which did not approve withdrawal

    He cheated users in the name of investment. Li Haobo from Hong Kong set the fraud platform (Ximeng) which led user to deposit with scams and did not approve withdrawal. He did not face it. I deposited almost NT $470000 and could not withdraw. I called the police and hoped to get the scammer caught soon for getting back my money. Beware and do not be cheated again. They should be punished for their scams.

    FXQCTdbv6441 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw 安东环球
    , a scammer

    Overlord clause, unable to withdraw. You can withdraw $20 before, but later it rose to $50.

    FXSNEdlx7738 Published in China
    Resolved OTM Trade
    It induced you to deposit and blocked the investment in the name of money laundering. Unable to withdraw.

    It induced you to deposit and blocked the investment in the name of money laundering, then asked for depositing to unlock the account. Unable to withdraw.

    FXMAWxfr5361 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw EasyTrade
    Unable to withdraw

    Do not invest this platform. It was a scam. At first, they pretended to make profits with the $100000 of profits per order. I could withdraw the money and trust it. So I deposited more on it and withdrew it when I need. But the broker said the system went wrong and they were repairing it. I had to wait for the withdrawal. Although there was money in my account, it was under pending. The consultant told me to wait because it took a long time to communicate. But I waited for 1 month and still could not withdraw my money in mt4, while in other countries the withdrawal was normal. I applied for transferring the money to another account. But they did not approve it due to many reasons. Do not be cheated again. I lost more than $13000 on it. I never regret it.

    FXQKEgsx2661 Published in Vietnam
    Others GTC
    Fraud platform. Scam.

    It led me to deposit and convinced me of it. Please return my money quickly.

    FXGPDapu2515 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw CF
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw. It required certificate but rejected withdrawal for other reasons.

    FXCCXsfb1196 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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