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    Win your trust by building realtionship with u. And then this guy disappeared. I hope people who saw him contact me.

    The fraud claimed himself to be a manager of investment department in HSBC Bank. And he got news but he can't operate it by himself. So he neede help. And I can profit some, too. I trusted him, but later, I was unable to withdraw.

    FXGYWvka2676 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Narsq
    Withdrawal is very slow

    I sent the withdrawal application on 2-3 March amount 8,500 USD but it has been rejected for 2 times after reviewed in next day, cannot withdraw. Then I try to send new withdrawal application on Thursday 4 March amount 3,000 USD and I’ve been still waiting for administrator review for 3 days.

    FXCTTokf1199 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    Unable to withdraw. Cheat u to transfer money

    XSpot cheated me of 100,000.

    FXDEMrkm1493 Published in China
    Resolved OINVEST
    Unable to withdraw

    Deposit 100,000. The customer service said my bank card info was wrong. And I need to pay 15% of my account balnce to unfreeze my account.

    FXEHGvis1730 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Ding Sheng
    The victim of Ding Sheng exposed Ding Sheng

    Unable to withdraw since two months ago. I've paid the commission but the contact dissappeared. If u meet the same situation as me. You can't leave these frauds and brokers alone. We should report them by media with 0 tolerance. The so-called famous analyst, Xiaohan Chen, is a fraud. And I will keep reporting about him. You'll see. You will be punished one day. You can click this URL to know more about this fraud broker. http://www.wikifx.com/tw_zh-tw/newsdetail/202103026084115783.html

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    They still ask for my money when I am unable to withdraw.

    Th teacher Ma seems to collude with the customer service. I can't iwthdra funds unless paying the commissions. But even if I paid, I still can't get the witdrawal.

    FXJEBoyh3799 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Withdrawal made since Nov 2020, but USGFX refuse to release my funds.

    BIGGESTSCAM EVER. PERIOD.ALL sorta gimmicks with watches, phones etc to entice you todeposit, but once in, your money is NEVER coming out. Customer service gives all sort of stupid answers that are simply cut and paste, with the same template used week after week.

    Ares33 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Jinlong

    im Paulina I’m from South America and I want to tell my story how I was scammer from a “China Boy” that I met in TINDER with the “Company” JinLong (https://www.jinltech.com/en/) and with the trading platform MT4. (https://www.metatrader4.com/en)On January 11th, 2021, I met a guy in Tinder Overseas, supposedly he is a Chinese man, who lives in Boston with his Uncle. I looked for information about the platforms and nothing "strange" came out, so I started sending money through Binance. First as little as $ 300, but then I deposit more than $ 12,000.Jie, every day he would tell me the exact time to trade, "taking profit" of up to $ 1,900.Everything was going well, until every day the pressure that the Chinese man put on me to deposit more and more money was unbearable. So I decided to contact JinLong customer service to get the money out of my 3 accounts ... this is where it all fell apart.I did everything they told me to do and they told me they would take between 1 to 5 business days. I told them that I did not accept it, because when I transferred money it was all in a matter of minutes. They told me that if I wanted the process faster, I could pay more money again, so this time I began to be very suspicious

    FXVOKple8705 Published in Chile
    Unable to withdraw Onoka

    I invested $55,000 into Onokaforex, i profited and when it was time to withdraw, they denied me withdrawal because they want me to pay a tax fee which i later realized that it is part of the scam.

    FXKUEfha4116 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    Couldn't withdraw

    I registered with DS investment Limited and deposited 45,000 in total and I supposedly profited under their guidance. When I applied for a withdrawal, I was required of individual income tax which i paid then i was fined for scalping, saying that i tried to withdraw as soon as i started noticing profits but my account was 2 months old and i never for once asked to withdraw until now. I also paid this but then the customer service wasn't replying me anymore. These are professional scam artists at their best.

    FXPTKods6226 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw
    Counterfeit EDDID killing pig black platform,Beware of scams

    Please be careful. They will find people to enter on major social platforms, and they will lie to you. Planning a node to win stably. Start with a small recharge and make a profit. After you make a large recharge, they will find excuses to say that you will win if you recharge more. What kind of activities are you going to do? Welfare deceives you to recharge is a means of scammers. When you want to withdraw money, you will find various operations that violate the rules and ask you to pay a fine. Just not let you withdraw money. Be careful of this scammer. The contact tool is to use WhatsApp to remember the phone number at the top of the picture. Don’t be fooled (anything that can’t be downloaded normally on the Apple store is a fake platform). Beware of scams.

    啵啵 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    Slow Withdrawal

    My application is pending, I've waited for six days. Why does it take so much time?

    FXNSXndd5364 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Auu Global Limited
    Auu global is Scammers

    This Plateform is fully scammed please stay away they scammed me with 19000 dollar i am from Pakistan This Girl is fully scammed

    FXQOImit6724 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. The customer service lied with no sincerity. Keep asking for money.

    FXYPBcie9810 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw EDDID
    Fraud Company?

    At first freeze your account and ask for money step by step. Now can't withdraw

    FXIEHvfk3369 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw LEBWAY
    Unable to withdraw

    Delay withdrawals with various reasons. At first, 10% tax and then money laudering margin. If you don't pay this money, you will be warned and can't log in.

    FXGJTblj2721 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved Eddid Bullion
    Unable to withdraw on Eddid Bullion

    It's said that the iwthdrawal could arrive in 1-3 working days. But I haven't got my money. A fraud company?

    FXIEHvfk3369 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Spring
    Unable to withdraw

    22.7% has been required as tax. I paid 30,000 yuan but there is no news.

    FXSKBhfi7519 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw

    They asked I deposit $150 to start trading which would take 7 days, time to withdraw they asked for $400 to clear the funds and now they say I need to deposit $850 to get my earnings. They don’t want me to withdraw my funds until I pay this $850

    FXHMEdvq2960 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    A hateful broker

    No news since January. I have asked the customer service tens of times. But the answer they gave equals to no answer! Such as push to process, pay attention to your case, give your priority and so on. You can't withdra funds for over a month. It oesn't make sense

    FXAYMtgm0219 Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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