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    FXCKGqxw1008 Trader
    Released in Hong Kong

    UBEX delayed the withdrawal on grounds of margin

    Both primary certification and advanced certification were passed, and the first withdrawal application was $1,200 and passed the review. Later the withdrawal was cancelled. I applied for full withdrawal for the second time, and asked how long it would take for the customer service review. The other party replied 2-6 hours. After a day, when I consulted again, I said that there was a problem with my identity verification and the account was frozen. I needed to pay 30%. The deposit can be thawed, and the deposit can be withdrawn. Continue to ask why I was not notified that there was a problem with my identity authentication when I withdrew for the first time, but they didn'tanswer directly where my identity authentication went wrong, and the customer service completely ignored me later. Now the principal in it can't be withdrawn at all, that is, if you don't pay the deposit, it won't be withdrawn ! !

    The following is the original
    初级认证,高级认证都审核通过,第一次提现申请1200美元,审核通过。后来取消了提现。 第二次提现申请了全额,问客服审核需要多久,对方回答说2-6小时,结果过了一天,再次咨询的时候, 说我的身份认证有问题,账户被冻结,需要交30%的保证金才可以解冻,解冻才可以提现。 继续追问为什么第一次提现的时候没有说我身份认证有问题,也不正面回答我身份认证到到底哪里 出现了问题,到后面客服完全不搭理人。 现在里面的本金完全提不出来,也就是不交保证金就不给提!!!
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