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    Quotex isn’t regulated. Fraud broker. Unable to withdraw!

    A girl added my WeChat and then I was invited to a group chat where teachers analyzed the market and gave recommendations. I followed their advice some times and profited a little. Later, the teacher said the stock market was in a bearish mood and asked us to invest in Quotex where we could profit stably. And he promised that we could earn over 50% per month if we followed his instructions strictly. So many people said yes in the group chat and opened accounts. So I transferred all my funds to this broker, 920,000 in total. But I lost money here. The teacher just gave adverse recommendations. I hope this exposure can help u guys!

    The following is the original
    我被一个女孩加威信,随后被拉进一个Quotex群,群里有教师解说大盘,分析大盘走势,每天早上还会有早评收评发到群里,偶尔还会引荐一两只股.票给到咱们,我也跟着买了一两次,整体来说都小赚一点。后来老师就在群里说,现在讲究分散投.资,股市行情不好又只能做单方向,单一的做股.票很容易亏钱。说主张咱们把股市里面的资金拿出一部分来跟着他做 Quotex不仅交易灵敏,而且收.益很高,这样不管大盘涨跌都能安稳的获,利,还说只要跟着他做,严格执行他的操作,每个月的收.益最少都在百分之50以上。当时群里纷纷响应,都说要跟着教师做,很多人都去开通了账户。教师给我说现在形势好,让把股市里面的资金全部转到这个平台,趁着旺势,打捞一笔,等股市起来的时候,再带着把资金转到股市持续挣钱。尝到甜头的他们又一次听信了他的鬼话,把股市里面的92万全部转入了该平台,一心的想跟着他发家致富,没想到,就在他们把资金转入进来之后的几天,每次跟着教师操作都是亏损,每次教师的喊单都是反的,尤其是最终一次操作,每天都看到跟着教师重仓买入的单子在跌,而教师一直自傲满满的让他们继续持有,后来就全部亏完了。截止到今日, Quotex依旧在运作哄人,希望这篇文章能帮助到正在阅读的诸位!



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