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    FXRMProf6916 Trader
    Released in United States

    Just count losses!!! Unable to withdraw

    I deposited 115,000 USD in Pepperstone and traded normally. At first, I lost some. But later, I profited over 140,000 USD. After that, I lost thousands of dollars. In the end, I profited 139,653.94 USD in total. But when I wanna withdraw funds, I was only allowed to withdraw 113,171.13 USD. They just take loss-making orders into account. I asked the customer service but they just said this decision was made by the company without an explanation. And their attitudes were so bad. Later, I called their company in Australia in which their answer was so ridiculous. They said I manipulated the market with 115,000 USD, so the profit should be deducted. I asked them, how can I manipulate their prices when I trade according to their rules and prices. But they didn’t change their decision which is unreasonable.
    I keep emailing and calling them. But they said they don’t need to explain it anymore and I should accept the decision which hurts me a lot. Do you think it makes sense? You have lost your credibility

    The following is the original
    我在Pepperstone平台上入金 115000USD,然后正常地进行交易。剛开始时有些亏损,中途有些单盈利了約140000多USD,后面又有些单亏损了几千USD 最后盈利是139653.94USD。到我要出金的时候,平台只允许我出113171.13USD。盈利的单全部不給予计算,只计算我亏损的单。 问他们客服只回答,这是公司决定不给予合理原因和理由,而且回复态度极为恶劣。后来 我给他们在澳洲公司打电话查询,得到的回复更为天方夜谭,说我用115000USD 操控市场格价。所以要扣除所有盈利部份,期间我问他们平台的客服,我按照他们给我的买卖价和规则去做交易如何可以操控他们的格价,他们又无法解释。我按照他们公司的格价和规则去进行交易,但得到的只是 只计算亏损的单,盈利的单他们不会允许出金。极度不合理。 一直發电邮不回复打电话得到的只是 不清楚公司决定只收到公司说不需要解释更强调客户只能接受。 一家只计算亏损,只要有盈利就说你操控市场做市的平台实在另人心痛。要求他们给证据和解释要不就不回复 或只回复是公司决定不需要证据和解释。这样的平台合理吗?如此大的平台这样的信用,试问有客户可以接受吗?
    Unable to withdraw



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