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    TCC Toppan > Forex UK, Hong Kong office registered address is empty !!

    TCC Top Forex (www.topcapitalcorporations.com) UK office registration address is empty , no one to work, Hong Kong company registered address and MT4 software registration address is also empty ! And whether it is the British company of TCC Top Forex Promotion or the Hong Kong registered company, it was established at the end of 2017, but it has publicized its history of the company for nearly four years... According to the TCC Top Foreign Exchange official website Address, find the past and find it in WEWORK. Huiyou said that WEWORK is actually just a joint office space. Huiyou went to the WEWORK office area and chatted with the staff inside the office in the name of renting the office. It was found that TCC Top Forex used this office address to register the company, and no staff members were working here. In addition, Huiyou saw a Hong Kong registered address on the "about" of TCC's MT4 trading software for foreign exchange: Flat E 3/F, Po Cheong Building, 148-154 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong ( Room E3, Area F, Po Cheung Building, 148-154 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon Tong, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. According to this address, Huiyou visited the site and went out from the B1 exit from the subway station in Sham Shui Po. They found that all the clothes and trousers were made in the vicinity. The friends went to the Baochang Building and found that they were all in the 1990s. House.

    The following is the original
    TCC拓普外汇(www.topcapitalcorporations.com)英国办公注册地址是空壳,没有一个人上班,香港公司注册地址和MT4软件注册地址也是空壳!并且无论是TCC拓普外汇宣传的英国公司还是香港注册公司,都是在2017年底才建立,却对投资者宣传其有近四年的公司历史…… 汇友根据TCC拓普外汇官网上公布的地址,找过去发现是在WEWORK。汇友称WEWORK其实只是一个联合办公空间。汇友上到WEWORK办公区,以想租办公室的名义跟里面的工作人员聊了聊,发现原来TCC拓普外汇就是用这个办公地址注册了公司,并没有工作人员在此上班。 另外,汇友在TCC拓普外汇的MT4交易软件的“关于”上,看到一个香港注册地址:Flat E 3/F, Po Cheong Building, 148-154 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong(香港深水埗区九龙塘尾南昌街148-154号宝昌大楼F区E3室)。 根据这个地址,汇友实地探访,从深水埗的地铁站来下后从B1出口出来,发现附近全部都是做衣服跟裤子配件的,汇友走到宝昌大楼上去,发现都是90年代的民宅。



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