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    Unable to withdraw TR
    TR platform been close down

    TR platform been close down but my money still in there can’t contact I ask for my money no any reply mail

    FXOJDmdc5707 Published in Thailand
    Others OANDA
    I am so confused

    Today I sold at 1.35821 and the stop loss was at 1.35930. It seems that the price has been rising. Until the highest point of the day, the price was 1.35928, which consumed a stop loss, so I was confused, why the price has not reached the point I set, but it is at my stop loss.

    FXCWGnfq0819 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw FXPRO
    My withdrawal failed

    I made a profit of 500 dollars by casually operating. And I applied for the withdrawal, but I was told that I had violated the rules, and the platform was black!

    FXYBVgpt9919 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw hiifx
    Unable to withdraw

    Keep asking me to add money while I can't witdhraw funds after profiting. Fraud broker

    股票 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OANDA
    Unable to withdraw

    I've applied for withdrawal for half a year but the money still can't arrive. The company absconded.

    股票 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Euronext

    At first I chatted with your friends and said that I was rich and opened my heart.At first, ask you to invest 100 dollars and try to invest and say that the funds are too small to put a lot of money to play with you. At first, I just wanted learn something. I didn't think so much. Later I found out that it was a lie. At first, I took 100usd and passed, but later, I didn't get 1 cent. Say a lot of weird things At first, you should download the money and investigate the background of the system I went to the system customer service and asked why I couldn't withdraw the money. What about the system renovation, but I couldn't contact the customer service the next day. Let me go to the welfare customer service, and the situation is the same as the others. I said a bunch of weird things, and a bunch of excuses were that I couldn't withdraw the money. The money was also frozen. I asked a lot, knowing that I couldn’t make it up, so I blocked my mobile phone number from contacting them... I lost 170,000 RMB.

    FXYCUinn9775 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Unable to withdraw

    They have been encouraging newbies to deposit money. I dpeosited US$10,000 and have US$888 benefits. If you make a profit, you will have to pay 25% of the personal income tax. After you have paid it, you have to pay a security deposit of 20%. Now you have to pay a reserved risk deposit of 20%. It’s really endless. If you can’t withdraw money, you have to pay

    FXLARlth4440 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ALP GLOBAL
    Deduct profits. Only principal has been allowed to be withdrawn. And they deduct you handling fees! Fraud broker

    Open an account and trade in ALP GLOBAL. This kind of platform is unreliable

    FXOXEahd5781 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw a-conversio
    Taxes should be deducted when you are going to withdraw funds

    This thing happened at the end of April. I invested USoil and profited with their introduction of an agent. When I wanna withdraw my funds, the company said my profit of 300,000 has been deducted by the tax bureau and can not be transferred. But as far as I know, the tax can be deducted from the account balance. However, the company blocked my principal, too. I keep asking them bu there is no satisfying answer.

    FXDUPjkx1269 Published in Hong Kong
    Others Globalix
    Scam alert.

    Multiple clients of Globalix alleged that Globalix did not let them withdraw from their accounts and that Globalix is a thief.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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