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    Unable to withdraw Antforex

    Because of the wrong name of the bank card, I had to pay the same amount of deposit to withdraw the funds. But I still can't withdraw after the pament and I had to pay 50% to withdraw the full amount.

    FXGJSgpx2541 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Apptrader
    Unable to withdraw

    I've been trying to withdraw since November. They tell me that I have to send documentation to verify the account. So far I understand. I sent all the required documentation and then they tell me that I have to wait for an agent to contact me in order to withdraw what I have with them, until now no one has contacted me and when I have conversations through their website I They say that I have to wait for a long time.

    FXBXTbup0588 Published in Andorra
    Others YUNHE
    Block my account suddenly

    I don’t know why the account was disabled yesterday, and it just disappeared without receiving the notification.

    FXRTQktw7159 Published in China
    Scam MOGAFX
    Bottomless Scam

    The salesperson in USG and MOGA scams. Unable to withdraw since July 10 last year, otherwise your capital should be deducted. I think of a way to withdraw money and consume the principal as a commission. I lost more than four thousand U.S. dollars, just leass than $700 left. But I still can't withdraw funds. I can't get my money without putting in thousands of funds into MOGAFX. They treat us like jackasses

    FXLAGvfn4733 Published in China
    Scam ZONGXIN

    Lecturer Tian Zhenhua uses this platform to manipulate index. people who can only deposit money cannot withdraw money. You'll see what I'm saying if you download a formal platform and compare.

    FXHENdxv2861 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BAQuote
    Large price differences

    The slippage is so large here, making you can't profit/

    FXRLCjpv6895 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw MOLE
    Unable to Withdraw

    Without regulation. It is impossible to withdraw money and they refuse to withdraw money. The spread is much larger than other regulatory platforms.

    FXTCYwmw7887 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Vantage FX
    Unable to withdraw

    Difficult to withdraw funds. Don't know when they will handle it

    FXOOTiun5855 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw GUOTAI
    Unable to withdraw

    It's been half a year, I can't withdraw money for the so-called upgrade

    FXECHavr1892 Published in China
    Scam hiifx
    I should expose the fraud

    I showed the information of the fraud in order that you can avoid being cheated by him.The process of the scam is so dramatic, he used many different identities to induce others to invest and made other people reach the point of no return. The so-called teacher in the stock group focuses on customers who made a loss and recommend shares, futures or other investments to you. That’s a scam. The teacher has many different QQ in the name of analysis teacher, investment consultant of future, businessman or top operator. Let you profit, then let you lose money again and again.Torment you by inch. And you will lose all the money in the end without noticing the scam.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw T2TRADE
    Withdrawal Issues

    Hello, with t2trade I started in July 2020, I currently have a real account with a significant capital, but from November to here they do not respond, in December they assigned me a "new agent" justifying that the covid had disabled the previous one, then they left me alone for a while, and when I requested to withdraw, they only received the form and to date they have not answered or told me anything about the process, I have already been waiting for 15 days and they have not responded by mail or phone ... when they made me invest they told me that the withdrawals they were immediate ... and look with what they come out, I don't know what to do ... because it is an important capital ..... I would like to ask a question to whoever can answer me, my capital currently appears in my account, that is account or cabinet as they call it, but 15 days ago they did not respond, in the case of the scam, does that capital appear anyway? or is there still hope

    FXLDYgwv4795 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw HSBC
    Unable to Witdhraw

    I think I have been deceived cuz I was asked to finish the payment of the three-way funds to get the withdrawal immediately, but I was asked to wait 12 hours after the payment was completed. Is there any solution

    FXHNMlry3159 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED
    Fraud Company

    I tried three times before and the withdrawal was 1000.100.110. Can not withdraw funds. The results were all rejected. Later, I used a personal check to remit 120 to me. I won't play anymore. First, I can't withdraw funds after I withdrew 5000 yuan. I was told that my turnover is not enough so I have to continue playing.

    FXNTUgva5353 Published in United States
    Others IQ Option
    A system controlled by Ai cheating and a world fraud scheme.

    A system controlled by Ai cheating and a world fraud scheme.

    FXPJBjyo6207 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Holly International Financial
    Holly International Financial, a clone one

    Open an account and give you 888. It seems to be a win-win cooperation. But you have to pay the commission before the withdrawal can be made. After the commission is paid, the payment cannot be withdrawn, and the VIP channel fee is required to be withdrawn, but the fact is that the payment cannot be made

    FXGGXbwj2670 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FURION GLOBAL
    Will not process my withdrawal

    I cannot get any help. My money is frozen in my MT5 account and no one will help me. I’ve requested the money 2 days ago & still nothing

    FXEMLfcw1800 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Uee International Limited
    The female fraud from Hong Kong recommended a fraud platform

    A Hong Kong female liar who claims to live in Repulse Bay Regency Garden recommended a trading platform called Bakkt. She helped me recharge 20,000 USDT with excuses, and kept asking me to recharge 100,000 USD to this platform. I did not recharge. This platform suddenly disappeared less than a month after I opened an account. In addition, she also recommends a trading platform called HCO. I have topped up $15,600 on this platform. On the platform, the account number is 2001203283000129860. There is only less than $9,000 left after I lost. After the trading platform suddenly disappeared, she told me to change the platform to UEE. I applied for a withdrawal, but there was no response. The following is a photo of a female liar. YCall the police.

    FXKDPdnp4141 Published in Canada
    Others Libertex
    This is a scam

    what this application really does is that the person has to invest his money to obtain income. In addition, it has misleading advertising that shows that just by registering you can already obtain income.

    FXCQKfuq0840 Published in Costa Rica
    Unable to withdraw ORBEX
    Unable to Withdraw. Stay away from ORBEX

    The balance in the account is always forbidden to withdraw for various reasons. Don’t be fooled

    FXSLTdss7274 Published in China
    Others KENFORD
    Unable to access to the web

    There is also some money in my account. No customer service

    FXGDKeop2765 Published in South Korea
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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